Its time for you R rated Hump Day Hump!

This one coming soon from Changeling Press… meet Kiara, from How Not to Date a Centaur! WOOT! “Good Lord, I’m gonna die!” The wind stole her words and her breath as Kiara gripped the steering line and the toggle, desperately trying to control her descent. This was what she got for buying into some bargain

Hump Day Supplemental…

A little bit from the NC17 M/M In the Company of Strangers, Darn you Cynthia Sax and all the Bunnies! LOL In the Company of Strangers There was a pole up his ass. Of all the ways he could have chosen to wake, this was not one of them. The beeping of the machines

It's Time for Your Hump Day Hump!!!

And now… Its time for Your Hump Day Hump!!!! This is from the upcoming Changeling Press release, How Not to Date a Centaur… a special NC 17 snippit just for you! *g* Kiara woke to the soft sounds of morning sex. She remembered what that sounded like thought it seemed it had been an eternity

It's Your Totally Inappropriate NC 17 M/M Hump Day Hump!!!

It’s Time For You Hump Day Hump… for which I totally blame Cynthia Sax!!! Unedited bit of In The Company of Strangers coming from Changeling Press… Totally NC17 M/M Slashy Goodness… I apologize in Advance… he’s a bunny rabbit…. Don’t judge me! WAAAA!!!! LOL “Why?” he managed as Tissor continued to stroke his hair, amused by

Its time for your Hump Day Hump!

This one coming to you from Changeling Press, its a little tidbit I like to call, Snake! *g* “Finish your cup and go see Snake,” she said over hershoulder as she made her way to some new customers bellying up to the bar, as it were. “She is way better than the historical

It's time for your HUMP DAY HUMP! WOOT!

Coming soon from Changeling Press, I give you a NC 17 offering…From the wold of Angel Falls, I give you… Snake! *g* She was crawling between his legs. One moment Ethan was dead sleep and the next she was there. He always had a dream woman and if he was one to put

It's the Hump Day Hump! WOOT

Its time for your Hump Day Hump! WOOT! Here’s an interesting little NC 17 M/F excerpt to warm the cockles of your heart… well, it should heat up something! LOL Fresh from Changeling Press, I give you the antics of everyone’s favorite Holiday winged menace… Cupid… and hes gone… weird! Book Summary Cupid only