It's Your Totally Inappropriate NC 17 M/M Hump Day Hump!!!

It’s Time For You Hump Day Hump… for which I totally blame Cynthia Sax!!! Unedited bit of In The Company of Strangers coming from Changeling Press… Totally NC17 M/M Slashy Goodness… I apologize in Advance… he’s a bunny rabbit…. Don’t judge me! WAAAA!!!! LOL
“Why?” he managed as Tissor continued to stroke his hair, amused by the way he pushed up into the caress.
“I can answer these one at a time,” his hand moved down to stroke the human’s neck, noting that the water that flowed from his body was scented with mush and spice, it was an exotic scent that went straight to his phallus.
“You were kind to me,” He offered him a smile, showing his sharp fangs as a sign of pleasure. The human trembled more under his hand. “I watched as you disarmed the machines they would have used to experiment on my person. You brought me water and protected me as best you could. I was grateful.”
The reached down with his free hand and gave his human’s rump a little tap. It really was a pinchable rump.
“You are here,” he continued softly, because I didn’t want to replay your kindness with death when I blew up the facility in where I was held.”
“Bl- blew—“
“It up, yes.” Tissor nodded. “I grew weary of their games and decided it was long past time for me to return home. My ancestor was correct. The people on your planet—the humans—are not totally correct in their way of thinking.”
“Y—ou blew—“
“Up the facility and the land it sat on for a radius of about seven of your miles.”
“I was merciful,” Tissor narrowed his yellow eyes at him. “I could have destroyed the state in the US known as Colorado. But as the scientists there were the ones trying to harm me and did not see fit to share my existence with the rest of the planet, I decided to only destroy those who wronged me. You were not one of those humans.”
His pet stared at him before he dropped his head again, groaning softly.
His phallus was red looking, swollen and leaking a clear fluid. His face was flushed and his whole body tinted red. His pale skin shimmered under the dim lights of his sex chamber and Tissor found himself proud that he had chosen such a consort for himself.
“You are mine,” Tissor leaned forward to hiss in his consort’s face. The human had better get an understanding of his role now before he’s be forced to punish him. “The rest of them are of no consequence.” He tightened his fist in his consort’s hair and pulled his head back. “The sooner you accept this, the better your new life will be.”
The human whimpered, his face growing redder as his words were accepted.
“Now, by what name are you called?”
The human was shuddering more now, the stimulation almost too much for his body to take. This pleased Tissor greatly, his consort was sensitive. He was taking to the stretching machine well. Now it was time to acclimate his mind.
“C—Cosimo—“ he stammered, almost looking ashamed to admit his own name.
“Cosimo,” he purred the name softly. “Yes, I like it. It is exotic. Cosimo—You may call me Tissor. Do you know what I am doing to you, Cosimo?” he asked softly and the human shook his head.
“I am stretching out your anal orifice, Cosimo,” his whole body shivered at the spoke words. “I am stretching you out and inducing a fluid into your body that will have you slick and ready for me whenever I desire. Do you know what this means?”
“I-I—“ he stammered, his face hot with the blood flooded there.
“It means that when I am ready for my consort, I will bend you over and—what is the word you human’s use? Yes, I will fuck you hard until I spill my fluids… deep within your body.”
‘Oh God!” His human, Cosimo whimpered before his body spasmed, his anal muscles clenching around the probe, his purple swollen cock spraying out his fluids along the platform beneath him.
Then the human fell flat, his grip on Cosimi’s head the only thing holding his body upright.
“Beautiful,” he whispered, easing his head down, petting his hair once again. “I can’t wait to make you do that again and again until I’m satisfied.”