It's time for your HUMP DAY HUMP! WOOT!

Coming soon from Changeling Press, I give you a NC 17 offering…From the wold of Angel Falls, I give you… Snake! *g*
She was crawling between his legs.
One moment Ethan was dead sleep and the next she was there.
He always had a dream woman and if he was one to put stock in blind faith, he would say that she was his angel or his soul mate. But in reality, he felt that she was the composite of all the women he had ever found delectable, the perfect amalgamation of all the wonderful qualities he had been searching for.
Her body was ripe and lush, her breasts full with their dusky colored nipples. Her hair was a long flowing cascade of black silk that slid around tanned shoulders like a glossy cape.
Her reddened lips were full and plump and all those things that made a man think of blowjobs and soul stealing kisses. He could never see her face mush to his dismay, but he knew she would be beautiful in his eyes. Ever since she had showed up in his first wet dream that had him screaming out his release and soiling his sheets in way more jiz than a twelve-year-old boy should be able to reproduce, every woman he had slept with in reality had paled in comparison. Sure, he enjoyed sex and geeks like him were some of the most innovative and imaginative sexual partners he had ever had, but there was nothing like his dream woman. Even masturbation was better when he thought of her and her exotic ways
It had been years since she had shown up in his dreams and he had figured he had finally got over his adolescent fantasizing. But there she was now, crawling across a floor of daisies, her face still buried in shadows, but her intent was clear. She wanted dick, his dick, and she wanted it now.
“Mine,” she whispered in her midnight velvet voice and Ethan found himself frozen in place.
With the lithe moves of a feline, she moved between his legs, her hands going to his sleep pants and ripping the material form his body in a swipe of long red nails.
Then her head was in his lap. Her hands hefting his dick out of her way as she began to lap at his balls.
“Fuck,” he moaned as he took one of the tender orbs in his mouth, sucking it softly, tonguing the loose skin. “Yeah,”
He looked up at him, her black eyes burning as the cool silken slide of her hair teased his inner thighs.
“Perfect,” he panted, reaching down to lift her hair letting it flow through his fingers to rest against his heated skin. “You are so perfect.”
She smiled as she released his ball after a hard suck that had him closing his eyes and hissing between his teeth. But he was quick to open them as she began to lath the skin of his lonely ball with that slick long tongue. Watching her was like watching live porn, she was so hot.
She must have garnered his thoughts from his face because she moved on to began to lap at the base of his cock, her hands holding it pressed against his stomach as she moved.
“You are shaven here,” she arched one eyebrow. “I thought only women do that.”
“Heat,” he managed as he watched her tongue encircle the base of his dick. How did she do that so well? “Um, traveling in heat,” he managed to get out. “Makes—God, it makes clean up easier.”
“So smart,” she nodded. “I approve.” Then she tightened her fist around his cock, not stroking, just firmly holding him as she began to explore. The thick vein that an up the base o his cock was tasted and tested, pulling moans form his lips and precum from his slit. His cock was pulled down so she could eye the plum colored head before slicking up the silvery trails of fluid that flowed like a faucet. He was so turned on, so hot, so swollen that his dick felt like it was going to burst.
And her soft hands—she was petting him, caressing his flesh as if he were some exotic pet.
“You have a lot to offer,” she muttered as she lowered her mouth, her lops parting as she sucked the head of his dick in with a small moan.
“Fuck,” he gasped, his hips arcing as she sucked hard, using her teeth to give him an edge of pain to his pleasure.
Her small hands reached up to grip his nipples, pinching him hard, sending pain shooting down his chest and making his cock throb.
“Fuck, more!”