It's Time for Your Hump Day Hump!!!

And now… Its time for Your Hump Day Hump!!!! This is from the upcoming Changeling Press release, How Not to Date a Centaur… a special NC 17 snippit just for you! *g*
Kiara woke to the soft sounds of morning sex.
She remembered what that sounded like thought it seemed it had been an eternity since she was indulged.
So she closed her eyes and imagined what was going on.
Oh yeah, she could see the blond Zeethan throwing back his head as he was mounted and ridden hard by his mate.
He was the vocal one but was also the one who got fucked the night before. That meant he was probably a demanding bottom while the darker Xaylu was a commanding top.
She let out a small moan as her hands slid between her legs. She was till only wearing the blanket so it was easy to get to her hungry pussy and press against its swelling heat.
She stroked herself softly, felling her clit began to tingle under its protective cowl. Some women could not take direct stimulation there, but she was not one of them. The longer the better. In fact, her ex was a man who could truly eat a pussy right. They broke up because he was an asshole, but his oral skills had been beyond compare. She missed having someone eat her out for hours and bring her screaming every time.
It felt a little strange to be masturbating to the sound of two strange males, but she decided her body was going to get its comforts where it could and who was she to deny it. Sex meant she was a alive and a great climax would give her the energy and confidence to face this world of centaurs…
Oh yeah. Centaurs.
How did centaurs fuck?
She had to see.
Kiara pulled the blankets down and peered over the edge. What she saw tore her breath away.
Zeethan was standing tall, his hands griping the straps to the strange harness she saw the night before.
His head was now, his body shuddering as Xaylu covered him. And cover him, he did, His hands were braced at the top of the platform, his forelegs were on Zeethan’s back near his spine, and his hind legs were braced as he fucked into him hard.
His mouth was tugging at Zeethan’s ears as the blond centaur looked up at him and snarled. Xaylu bent and took his mouth in a kiss, one of his hands dropping to cup Zeethan’s chin to hold him in place.
Their hair was flowing around them, their hose like bodies shuddering, and the sounds they were making…
Kiara slid her fingers down lower, sliding two of them into her wet pussy as she bit down on the blanket to keep from making noise.
They were hot together, the strange combination of hose and man touching some part deep within her mind and turning her on like never before.
Her legs spread wider as she tried to keep her eye on the action, but her hips were thrusting up and she was so horny.
Her nipples were hard peaks, abraded but the thick weave of the blanket so she thrust her breasts up against it, adding anther layer to her pleasure.
She had three fingers pumping away inside herself, her thumb rubbing her clit while her wrist burned for the strain, but she could not stop. She needed to get of in the worst way possible and these tow her making her so needy.
She bit down on the blanket harder, muffling her moans as her breath rasped in her chest.
Her fee hand slid up the her chest to pinch and pull her breasts, giving special attention to her nipples as she felt her moisture soak her hand.
She was going to come and come hard.
Now Xaylu was pulling back, murmuring something to Zeethan who slid his hand down the holding straps and his front legs bent, arching his ass end up high.
Kiara caught a glimpse of his pink swollen opening, dripping with clear fluid as his tail lifted high and to the left, exposing himself for his mate.
“Yes,” Xaylu murmured, going to his knees behind his mate, his hand cupping his rump as she lowed his face to his ass.
The long tinge that lased at his lover’s opening made both Zeethan and Kiara moan, then he was moving further, flicking his lover with his tongue where his cock had just been.
And Zeethan was going wild, tagging at the straps, calling out Xaylu’s name, shaking like he was being electrocuted.
“Fuck me now!” he was demanding. “Get you cock back in me, Xaylu. Now! I need it—need you. Now!”
With a laugh, Xaylu rose up, his hands gripping his lovers as his horse body covered him once more. He dropped his head forward and nipped at his neck as he arched a little and then his thick cock was skidding in hard.
“Yes!’ Zeethan hissed, his body bucking until Xaylu’s teeth clamed on his neck.
He stilled but groaned desperately as Xaylu began to pound him hard.
Kiara felt her clit burn and her inner walls gripped at her fingers as she began to lose control.
She knew he was making nose, she couldn’t help it, and the sight of them were too much. She closed her eyes, tossed her head back and let out a small shrill scream as her climax tore through her. Throwing back her head, Kiara let out a small shirk as she felt her inner walls clench around her fingers.
Her inner walls clenched rhythmically around her fingers as a pleasure that was nearly pain washed over her.
Ht left her seating beneath the blankets, her hand drenched in fluid as she petted herself softly, bringing herself down as a golden lassitude settled over her.
Panting she fall back into the pillows, her eyes closing as she struggled to get her breathing under control. She fought the post orgasmic lassitude to open her eyes and blink as a pars of glowing orbs, one red and one green started back at her.
Her face reddened in embarrassment.
“Morning?” she offered and nearly swallowed her tongue as she recognized lust and desire renewed in both sets of eyes.
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