It's your rated R Hump Day Hump!!!!

It’s your rated R M/M Hump Day Hump…coming fron Changeling Press Soon… In the Company of Strangers! *g*
I still blame Cynthia Sax! LOL
He had just blown his wad with a rabbit.
Okay, Tissor wasn’t exactly your average bunny rabbit and that was for sure. But that was the closest approximation his jellied brain could come up with.
The—Tissor was tall, standing nearly seven feet of muscled humanoid flesh. This was not the cute little—well rather large rabbit the boys from NASSA brought back along with Mars rocks and dirt samples.
Unbeknownst to the general public, the US in cooperation with Russia had long since launched a collection probe to Mars. It returned a year ago bringing some interesting traces of water in some odd rocks, a few microscopic organizes they nearly missed, and a huge white lop eared rabbit with glowing red eyes.
But the rabbit in the lab, as large as it was, still looked like a rabbit.
This being smirking down at him and calling him consort only resembled that helpless rabbit because of the bar and stripe pattern on its ears. Now those ears hung down a massive brown chest and covered nipples the color of cherries, just like those piercing eyes.
He was still stroking his head with three fingered hands, three fingers and an opposable thumb, the backs of which were covered in thick white fur.
Cosimo knew what the fur felt like because he had spent many an hour sneaking in the labs and soothing the rabbit after the scientists attempted to draw samples from it.
Cosimo hated to see anything that smacked of abuse done to women, children, and small animals. His percolation to loudly protest any new experiments they tried nearly got him fired more than once. It was only because the rabbit responded to the scary security guard that kept him in his position. He was also responsible for knocking over, unplugging, or scrambling a lot of the oblivious military scientists equipment and computers which delayed their final vote of vivisection to the rabbit that seemed to shoot mild heating bean from his eyes at anyone else who got near. The beans did nothing more than blister the skin, but the soft scientists found the mild irritation almost not worth the cost of keeping the Mars Rabbit alive.
But now was not the time for personal reflection. Now his ass was still being pumped by the apparently flexible probe that was still in his ass.
Usually after a good climax he was too sensitive for much more ass or genital play. Most often the extra stimulation just plain hurt. But Tissor, whatever he had done to him, seemed to have forced his body to skip the recovery phase. His cock was filling so fast with blood that he was growing dizzier and his ass was clenching round the probe, so hungry it was trying to take more.
“Con—consort?” he managed and the hands fisted in his hair once more, jerking his head up as Tissor took a seat on the padded platform. Cosimo was able to get a look at his lower body then, noting the fur that started below his knees and covered his feet. Tissor looked like an extremely rugged looking man in costume feet, hands, and ears. His unfurred skin was a rich earth brown and his body was tight.
Cosimo never hid the fact that he was a sucker for muscled male flesh and this man—this alien—was hitting all of his buttons.
He hand a sleek main of that soft looking fur for hair that curled enticingly around his head, his long fluffy ears framing his face as he tilted his head to the side and stared at him.
“My consort, Cosimo.” He repeated, going back to stroking his hair again. “You belong to me. We are traveling to my home where you will be formally presented.”
“And—and that would be?” Damn it, it was getting harder to think. His body was reacting to the probe and its evil stimulating fluids and soon he would he nothing more than a hungry hole waiting to be filled. He wanted some answered before that happened. Strangely enough being uprooted from his planet of origin was not scarring him when frankly he should be freaking out right about now. But he was more concerned about his future and present more so than his past. Call it the survivor in him, but he could not bring himself to care about the lab right now.
“Lapadomin—but you would call it Mars,” his upper lip was slightly cleft, not much, but enough to make anyone paying attention do a double take. He licked his full bottom lip with a bright red tongue before he bared his sharp teeth in what Cosimo was going to consider a smile. If he wanted to kill him, he would have done so by bow and would not be hinting at sexual servitude in the future.
“But—“ he protested. “The probes—“
“Landed in the desert lands,” Tissor chuckled. “They were many seta—uh… miles?” he tilted his side, his eyes closed for a moment as he lost himself in thought. “Yes, miles. Many miles from any civilized land. We often gathered around your devise and marveled at its inefficiency and clumsiness. How it managed to travel so far was the subject of mad speculation and discussion.”
“But it caught you.”
“No,” he shook his head, his long ears flapping. “I allowed myself to be caught to win a bet,” he offered him a smile.
“A bet?”
“Yes, I bet my contemporaries that I could travel to your planet and prove that though you creatures had advanced, you would still be barbarians. And I was proven right.”