Flash Fiction! WOOT!

I was supposed to have this story out yesterday… but I fell asleep! LOL Sorry. *g*
Flash Fiction by Flash
“All things are ready, if our mind be so.” – William Shakespeare
“What the hell—“
Alice sat up from where. the universe had tossed her on her ass.
She was just rereading an old favorite when she fell asleep—
“You ‘re late.”
She ran her fingers over her face in an attempt to wipe away the massive illusion that stood blinking up at her. Carrying a huge pocket watch, the furry interloper into reality impatiently tapped a foot.
“I am—what?”
“You are late,” he repeated. “For a very important date.”
“You are a rabbit.”
“And you’re genius. Get with the program, toots,” he tucked his watch away and glared at her.
“You,” a disembodied voice called out to her. “Who are you?”
She looked to her left and saw a large green caterpillar smoking a blunt… staring at her.
“You are a bug,” she shook her head. “And I am not high enough for this.”
He gave her a baleful look before offering her the joint.
But it was when the smiling set of fangs appeared on an invisible cat that she reached for her gun.