You Like Me! You Really Do!

The Silver Chalice Award, Keeper of the Flame
PEARL Award Nominee, Things that go Bump in the Night
RT Magazine Best Erotica of the Year nominee, Lucavarious
TRS 2005 nominee Best Erotica Novel, Taboo
2006 Ecartaromance Reviewers choice award nominee, Pink
Golden Rose award, Keeper of the Flame
ARe Award Dragon’s Weir 2008
PEARL Award Nominee, Hidden Passions Vol 1 nominee
Praise for Stephanie Burke’s Works
Praise for Taboo
Five Stars! “This is not the first book I have read by Ms. Burke, nor will it be the last. She has a knack for adding both humorous and poignant moments to her stories that never fails to keep me totally enthralled. Taboo is a wonderful story that I highly recommend to readers who enjoy stories of the paranormal.”
— Susan White, Just Erotic Romance Reviews
“Taboo should definitely come with a warning label. This book is so hot it’s a miracle the pages don’t catch fire. The ending is totally unexpected and a complete surprise, I highly recommend that readers give this book a try.”
— Angel Brewer, The Romance Studio
Praise for Pink
“4 Angels! How Ms. Burke comes up with these stories that continue to demolish the edge of reason I don’t know but I pray her inspiration will remain endless. If the saying “Laughter is the best medicine” holds true then Pink is the only prescription you’ll ever need.”
— Rachelle, Fallen Angel Reviews
“5 Flags! If I’ve ever read anything funnier, I can’t remember it. From the first page to the last, I was thoroughly entertained. Not only does Ms. Burke create likeable characters, she makes it fun getting to know them while keeping the sexual heat sizzling!”
— Kerin, Euro Reviews
“4 Stars! Laugh out loud moments start from page one and last until the very end. With a wild cast of characters including a pixie named Pink, who spreads lust with a wave of his wings, and a hardcore journalist who needs a little loving, this story was absolute magic.”
— Kimberly, ecataRomance Sensual Reviews
Praise for Welcome to Prefect City
“If you like your humor off-the-wall and over-the-top, you’ll enjoy this book. Short and quick, Welcome to Prefect City seems designed to be read on those hot summer days when you just want a quick escape from everyday life.”
— Jeanine Berry, In the Library Reviews
“The sheer absurdity of the events the heroine faced were hilarious and often made me laugh out loud. I absolutely loved Welcome to Prefect City and recommend it to anyone who likes paranormal comedies to enjoy this book as well.”
— Miaka, The Romance Studio
Praise for A Man Called Lust
“Ms. Burke has given us yet another great story to sink our teeth and imaginations into. The world she has created is full of magic and love. If you have never read a Stephanie Burke book, then I suggest you grab this one, you won’t be sorry that you did. “
— Donna, Fallen Angel Reviews
“A unique adult fairy tale. Set in a wondrous, magical world filled with sexy, intriguing beings, this fast-paced story succeeds in offering a lively, sensual read.”
— Belle Dessler, The Romance Studio
Praise for ‘Til It Bleeds
“You can always count on Stephanie Burke to write a story that’s out of the box, a fact that’s more than evident when you read her latest story…. Ms. Burke delivers a well-written story that takes over your senses.”
4 Nymphs! — Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs
Til It Bleeds by Stephanie Burke is a dark, little, lust-filled, action adventure sure to whet the pallets of those liking the darker side of love. Ms. Burke creates a world so rich in texture I feel surrounded and submerged in it. I look forward to more forays into this enchanting, if dangerously dark world.”
4.5 Stars!– Keely S., EcataSensual Reviews
“Fast paced with plenty of demon killing action followed by lots of male on male action, this book really covers ground.”
4 Tombstones! — Shona, Bitten by Books
Praise for When Irish Eyes Are Dying
“…a funny, sassy yarn full of toe curling sex, action packed suspense and her special brand of tongue in cheek humor that keeps readers coming back for more…an ensemble cast that is equal parts spoof and homage to the campy fun of PI television shows that have seen new light at the box office.”
— The Road to Romance
“…a group of handsome, but not always clever, male models who solve crimes with Shelby, their handler… Burke has written a very clever spoof that is filled with great humor and loads of sex appeal. If you are looking for more than just tab a in slot b erotic suspense, Shelby’s Angels is a must read.
— Coffee Time Romance
Praise for Sometimes I’m Not
“This book takes the reader on a hilariously riotous romp from catty expressions to personal grooming blunders. Ms. Burke has written a wonderfully entertaining story that I wholeheartedly enjoyed for the wit and laughter all the way through it. I enthusiastically recommend this book.”
— Five Cups from Sheryl, Coffee Time Romance
“Filled with humor, torrid sex, and a dab of danger. If you’re looking for a quick read that’s cute and hilarious, then grab a copy of Sometimes I’m Not today.”
— Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today
Praise for Savage
“Hilarious in the extreme, Savage is peppered with a stable of mouth-watering men, a bunch of bantering and a host of hot and sensual interludes.”
— Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews
“With hilarious hijinks and riotous abandon, three men set the designer world on fire and bring about the ruin of someone totally evil. Nothing is sacred with these men, well almost nothing, but I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Ms. Burke has written a book that not only provides comical entertainment but also sinfully hot sex. Highly amusing, this book is a definite must read for its witty banter and the glorious sexy scenes.”
— Sheryl, eCataRomance reviews
Praise for Desire Island
Desire Island certainly knows how to capture the reader and hold until the last page. These three talented ladies deliver some scrumptious tales that will delight beyond anyone’s imagination. Steaming hot, sexy, and downright fun, these are stories not to be missed in this trio of delights.”
— Linda L., The Romance Studio

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  1. hey I’d really like a copy of Dragon Weir, Dragonish – Book 2, I really love this book and Dragon Star, Dragonish book 1 but I’m currently having trouble with my computer, so i’ve lost the Ebook of Dragon Weir, Dragonish – Book 2, is there anyway i can get a copy of it?

  2. I recently lost my copies of the Dragosish series. Is there a way for me to get the two books Dragon Star and Dragon Weir.
    If you are able to write a third book I would love to have that one too!!

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