Sunspots (Angel Falls 3)

Cover - Sunspots (Angel Falls 3)Title: Sunspot
Series: Angel Falls #3
Genre: , ,
Pages: 121
Release Date: 2015
Published by: Changeling Press

Bryan Adams finally has a date with the man of his dreams. Sure, Winston Macapthy, RN, is the descendant of a sun god and a caracal shifter to boot, but finally the geeks are going to come out on top.

But if Bryan's less-than-perfect physique doesn't put off the handsome shifter, then kidnapping, torture, and running for their lives might.

Or it may just be another perfect weekend... perfect for the small Maryland town of Angel Falls.

Publisher's Note: Sunspots (Angel Falls 3), Second Edition comprises and contains the books originally released as Sunspots Part 1 and Part 2.

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"Well, hello, beautiful." Bryan Adams lurched in his seat, nearly spilling the cup of French Roast Amber had just poured for him as the low voice purred into his right ear. He stared at the few splashes that landed on his saucer before looking up at -- perfection.

"H-hello," he stammered, feeling his face flush bright red as he forced himself to focus on his dream man. "Winston."

"Bryan." The man's golden gaze roamed over his body, and it took the greatest of efforts not to tug at his slightly too tight T-shirt to ensure his flubber wasn't showing.

"How are you?" he managed to say. There was something special about Winston Macapthy that made his loins shiver -- yes, shiver, although he wasn't sure how that was possible. And the longer Winston stood there staring at him, the more he had to worry about his crotch than his stomach.

"Better, now that I see you, baby."

Winston was in rare form today and as delicious as ever. Today he was in his nurse blues and the rich, royal color made his skin tone regal. His bald head was perfectly shaped, his muscular shoulders obvious beneath the trappings of his medical profession. His voice was the same low, gravelly sound that gave Bryan goose bumps. And again, Winston was flirting with him.

It had to be a game to Winston. Beautiful, gay, muscular men didn't just flirt with every nerdy fan-boy they saw. It must be a reflex with him, Bryan supposed, a flirting habit he'd had for years.

"So," Winston went on, taking a seat beside him at the counter. "How have you been?"

"Seeing my whole world view has been shifted in these past few months, even after living in a town like Angel Falls, I'm amazingly sane." This he could talk about, the adventure they'd all shared in rescuing Klintic and reuniting him with his lover, Angel. That was common ground and shared danger. This he couldn't mess up by opening his mouth and saying something dorky.

"Oh, world views have a habit of doing that." Winston chuckled as Amber strode up and offered him a huge smile and a hug.

"Howdy, stranger," she said. "How are you doing this fine day?"

"Better now that I got to see lover boy." He reached out and brushed a finger over Bryan's shoulder.

"Oh." Amber grinned. "Is it like that?"

"Oh, yeah," he purred, giving Bryan's shoulder a squeeze. "And there are only a few things that can make it better."

"Really?" Amber wiped her hands on a dishrag before moving behind the breakfast counter. "What can make this day glorious for you?"

The Planet Quest Cafe was in full swing this early fall morning, and the place was filled with people preparing for work. Amber was dressed in her usual captain's uniform and Lila, in her first officer's uniform, was taking orders at one of the booths. Snake the Younger was with her man, Ethan, eating pancakes by the window, and the usual town folks were enjoying the last lingering warmth of summer. A few busybodies had their ears turned toward Bryan and Winston. Bryan felt disaster approaching. He lifted his cup to his mouth, hoping to stave it off.

"Well, now that you asked..." Winston winked at her. "I need a cup of herbal tea, a raspberry lemon scone, and a date with lover boy."

"Wh-ugh --" Bryan coughed up the coffee he was choking on. "What?"

"You heard me, tall, dark and geeky. I want to go out with you."

Bryan froze, eyes wide. "Me?"

Amber laughed. "I can help with the tea and the scone. For everything else, you're on your own." She ambled away, grinning like a loon as Bryan struggled to regain his breath.

"Are you serious?" Bryan had to ask. This was beyond anything he had ever expected.

"As a massive myocardial infarction, sweet cheeks." Winston leaned closer, his golden eyes gleaming as he stared into Bryan's amazed ones.


"You." Winston leaned so close his mint-scented breath wafted over Bryan's face.

"Really?" he had to ask again. Bryan's mind was racing like a hamster in a wheel. Things like this didn't happen to overweight, geeky guys.

"Self-esteem issues much?" Winston chuckled. "Or are you hard of hearing? I want you, you tall stack of muscley-armed geekiness, to pick me up at my place and take me someplace special in this tiny little town. And then after..." He licked his full bottom lip, his tongue a deep pink in contrast to his dark skin. "Well, we'll see."

Themes: Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures, Gay, Magic, Second Editions, Shapeshifters