It's time for your Hump Day Hump…

  How about a blast from the past? Here is The Sleeping Dragon… one of the first books I released with Changeling Press… Sleeping Dragon Chapter One Let Sleeping Dragons Lie Feet braced apart, arms extended to their maximum length, he stood and waited. There was nothing in his mind; his world was a

Friday Flash Fiction!!!!

Flash Fiction Fridays at Changeling Press… I give you… THe Tentacle Monster! LOL Flash Fiction Fridays 3/14/2014 “So scared –”it whimpered, huddling against the blanket. “ “Shhh,” I made soothed as I handed a tentacles a cup of tea. It was surrounded by pearlized limbs– he shined like an old jewel in the moon light.

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! NO, ITS NOT TIME TO HIDE FROM THE IN-LAWS! It’s time for the Mistletoe Meltdown! Click Here To See Fabulous Prizes!!! You can hit this link CLICK ME! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!  move on to the next blog, or you can stay and play a bit before you move on. If

Hard NC 17 Hump, coming right up!

Ready to put the Hump in Hump day? Warining! HARD NC17! Serious BDSM, Tentacles, M/F… he puts the DOM in DOminance…. just saying… From the Upcoming Changeling Press Release… Perfect Sense…. I love going walkies with master. It is one of the few ways I get to see the sun. I spend so much

It's Time for the Hump Day Hump!!!!

It’s time for your Hump Day Hump…. This one is from the WIP Angel Falls: Sunspots. Its the beginning of… The Date! LOL The part of Winston will be forever played by Cherrod Cheeky-Monkey Cook…. Man, don’t get him started… Winston, not Cherrod… LOL “Hello Beautiful,” Winston’s golden eyes gleamed at Bryan as he stepped inside