Happy New Year and a Facebook War

Hello Everyone! How have you all been doing? I’ve been very well… in my Fred Rodgers voice.
It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood now.
TO catch everyone up, I have a pain management specialists now to help ease the pain in my back. Let me tell you, this Nail Patella Syndrome is a monster. I have Hyper Extension Mobility Syndrome too… which means that I am double jointed and prone to arthritis in my joints cause they hyper extend in strange places. As my doctor pointed out, “You are a middle aged woman, Stephanie. You are not supposed to be able to move like that.” So I have been in drug therapy… a course of steroids that dehydrated me… (and no roid rage either. I wanted to be able to at least brag that I was going to turn into Lady Hulk and start tossing cars around… but nope) and I mean I could feel the moisture leave my brain, some pain killers and an antidepressant. No, that doesn’t mean I am going to sit in a corner and cry about my life while cutting myself and reading Vicorian Death Poetry… well, maybe I will read the Victorian Death Poetry….

Yet in these ears, till hearing dies,
One set slow bell will seem to toll
The passing of the sweetest soul
That ever look’d with human eyes.

I hear it now, and o’er and o’er,
Eternal greetings to the dead;
And “Ave, Ave, Ave,” said,
“Adieu, adieu,” for evermore


That is some well written mourning. But alas, the antidepressants have a wonderful side effect that you would not know unless someone told you. They help with pain and nerve damage… and they can give you some kick-ass crazy dreams. Remind me to tell you about the spider that had me leaping out of bed and my teenaged son running to the rescue. Good thing I put on a t-shirt cause usually I sleep nude at home. Can you say embarrassment to the ninth? Well, dodged that bullet! LOL

But I am almost normal now… whatever normal is… and besides my back still being on fire, I am right as rain. I even found out I am up for Best Paranormal/Fantasy novel at LRC for How Not to Date a Fae! WOOT Red Heads rule!!!

And now the stupid stuff…

I am being cyber bullied by some nameless Facebook Asshole and now I am blocked for 24 hours from being on my page. I know, right? Guess what over? If you guessed The Hump Day Hump then you would not be wrong. But guess what picture? No, not any of the gay and lesbian embraces. Not the bondage and simulated sex photos I slip in every now and again. Nope, the upset is over butts. That’s right, not sloppy post sex butts, or butts presented in a porno fashion ready for a close up… just plan gallery worthy butts. The same butts that are sometimes used in ads for perfume to athletic gear.

Yup, it started last week when someone, after four years of doing the Hump Day Hump on Wednesdays, posted a complaint about a woman’s butt. I mean it was a beautiful photo, her back to the viewfinder, hands in her hair…. it was museum quality work. Not sexual, just rather pretty. And the Bitch marked it as offensive. Facebook investigated and then did nothing. I guess they though it was rather like art too. I ranted hared and then I let it go. Then this past Wednesday, my cyber bully started again. He or She tagged every Black booty I posted. Every one. When I pointed out that they were hitting only the Black asses, they decided to post some White ones too. So I went back and checked my settings, ensuring that I was set to friends only. The last update must of flipped some of my settings cause it was set to public. I set it to private again and let it go. Then the Son of a Bitch started going through past albums and tagging pictures of butts. My past albums? Really? So I reported the asshole to Facebook… I mean this is classic bullying and I received the usual we have received your complaint letter. Ten minuets later, I was shut out for 24 hours.

Now if this is not a classic case of someone using the system to intimidate and force their morals on others, I have no idea what else is. And Facebook, oh they are still silent on the issue. Does this mean they are siding with my bully? If that is the case they have to go through their posts and find every bare butt baby, every woman walking naked on the beach, every toddling bare butt toddler, every comic drawing of a bare butt, every piece of art work my masters that includes a bare butt and take them down.

At first I was amused by this bully, confused that you have nothing better to do with your life than to stalk asses on my facebook page and give me grief. Now I am peeved. I am about to start Ass-Gate, people. And if my plan works out, it may stop bullies like the ass who is following me around reporting things, to back the fuck off.

It is so sad when adults must act like three year olds throwing temper tantrums. And there are a few thoughts about this crap that I am getting that really disturb me. More than a few people think its another author who is out to get me. I have had that happen before, but I ignore it for the most part. I know that there is enough room for everyone’s voice out there and that as authors we should be helping not hindering. Then there is the school of thought that says the person is a bored fundamentalist who is looking for the next proverbial Giant to slay as opposed to their David. Has merit, but most people just delete a photo or unfriend someone if they keep getting stuff they don’t like. I have done this with a few people. Not that I don’t like them anymore, I just couldn’t deal with their personal vendetta…. kind of like, You, I would give the shirt off my back if needed, but your personal views suck and it is not my place to argue with you about them, so I’m leaving and I’ll see you on the flip side. ┬áNope, my asshole wants to stick around and ban asses. Going so far as digging thought my old photo albums to ban even more asses. Tell me this bullying is not a personal.

So I am about to go to war against cyber bullying and start Ass-Gate with Facebook. It will probably go nowhere, but it will make me feel better, like i am actually doing something. And for my contractor who hides in the system and tries to give black eyes with policy and their animosity… Next Wednesday’s Hump is all about Beauty. Bring it asshole. I’m won’t stop now!