It's Time for the Hump Day Hump!!!!

It’s time for your Hump Day Hump….
This one is from the WIP Angel Falls: Sunspots. Its the beginning of… The Date! LOL The part of Winston will be forever played by Cherrod Cheeky-Monkey Cook…. Man, don’t get him started… Winston, not Cherrod… LOL
“Hello Beautiful,”
Winston’s golden eyes gleamed at Bryan as he stepped inside the nurse’s home for the first time.
He didn’t know what to expect, maybe paintings of the Serengeti or huge African masks and wooden figures that depicted gods and goddesses of the past—but what he got was something completely different.
“It looks like Better Homes and Cosmopolitan Living had a bastard child and birthed it in your livingroom.
He paled a bit as the words flew uninhibited out of his mouth, but relaxed as Winston’s loud laughter filled what could have become an uncomfortable silence.
“Oh I needed that, handsome,” Winston chuckled, wiping tears from the corners of his eyes as he stared down at him. “You know how to start a date off right.”
“I didn’t mean to insult—“
“None taken,” Winston continued to chuckle as he closed the door on the outside world and ushered Bryan deeper into his home. “I love plants and I crave modern unanimities,” he explained. “Not all of Africa is wild jungles, dry deserts, and poor long breasted women and their starving children covered in flies.”
“I know that,” Bryan flushed red-hot as he realized he had been unconsciously thinking those very thoughts.
“You were, but its okay,” Winston moved closer to him, his gait as graceful as ever. “You American’s have been conditioned to think that thought the wonders of media and charity driven commercials. Don’t sweat it. I know you are no bigot.”
“Not making a very good first impression, am I?” he relaxed as Winston’s kind smile got his heart pumping a little faster than normal.
“You made your first impression when you put yourself out and in the way of danger for your friends,” Winston answered, reaching out and brushing a hand down the center of his chest, stopping just above his embarrassing pudge. “That is the man I see when I look at you.”
He offered Bryan another bight smile and the poor man realized that all that rapidly pumping blood was finding a nice tight home right in his crotch.
He cleared his throat nervously and took a step back, looking around the room again.
Winston’s house was a huge three story Hudson Bay design of stone and brick. The picture window that dominated the front of the house was filled will all sorts of tropical plants and flowering vines. It was a hectic kaleidoscope of greens, yellows, purples, and oranges with a shy white blossom poking out here and there.
There was a fireplace in the far wall flanked by a set of deeply comfortable looking leather chairs covered in white furry throws. Completely filled bookcases ran the length of another wall and around a wall-mounted steampunk looking clock sculpture, complete with working gears and cogs. Before that sat a low modern looking leather and steal couch surrounded by a collection of massive looking pillows and a low glass and steal coffee table.
Huge potted plants and waist high taper candles filled in blank spaces and surrounded a curtained doorway that presumably led to a set of stairs that led up or to a hallway.
“You do have a beautiful home.” He turned his eyes back to Winston, taking in what his date for the evening was wearing.
Winston noticed the observation and spread his arms out to the side, inviting the visual examination. On his feet was a pair of those odd shoes, the ones that men where when you can’t tell if they are dress shoes or some kind of athletic wear. His were in shades of tan and deep brown with cream trim. His jeans were tight in the thigh and loose in the calf, boot cut… and his ass… The denim strained to hold those perfect muscular orbs without being pornographic. Bryan didn’t know how Winston managed to pull off that look, but he was defiantly not complaining. His t-shirt was tight. It fit him, but it was tight, showing off every bulge of muscle and tense sinew in his broad upper body. His head, was always, was buffed to bald perfection and his fingers itched to run along the smooth looking scalp, knowing that the skin there would be soft to the touch.
He looked down into Winston’s amused eyes and felt his blush return. “Y—you look good,” he stammered, trying not to look away and scuff his toes into the brilliantly shiny wooden floor.
“You look hot, stud muffin,” Winston purred, circling him like a stalking cat, no pun intended, but the man moved like a feline on the prowl.
He tugged at his slightly overly black large t-shirt, the white logo reading ‘You’ve read my shirt, that’s enough social interaction for the day’, and puffed up his chest a little more.
He was a tiny bit scared and still confused as to what Winston saw in him, but damn it, the man picked him for a reason. Remembering that made him stand a bit taller.
Not liking the way his jeans made him feel, Bryan opted for a neat pair of cargo pants with many zipable pockets. They were comfortable and somewhat figure slimming and gave definition to his thighs and calves, the best parts of his body in his estimation.
Oh his feet were his sturdy black Chucks, classic and stylish.
He had gotten his hair trimmed so that the curls he usually fought against as being too girly were tamed and in control. He didn’t look too shabby, he thought but… but now Winston was staring at him. Silently he awaited the verdict and chuckled softly when Winston purred.
“But you cut your hair,” he pouted a little. “I shall miss the curls until they grow back.”
“It grows back fast,” he assured him, before gesturing to the door. They had to get moving before Winston noticed the growing bulge in his cargos that the close scrutiny of the shape shifter had given him. He didn’t want to appear to be some sort of horny teenager unable to control himself– “So, are you ready or…” he looked Winston over as his words trailed off.
“I am ready,” he walked over to one of the leather recliners and plucked up a messenger bag. “You promised to feed me so where are we going? There are only tow restaurants in this town and since the theater is here in Angel Falls, I am sure it has got to be one of the two if we are going to make the retrospective in time.”
“Good deduction, Watson,” he teased, “but I am not taking you to a restaurant. I am taking you home with me.”
“Ohh,” Winston moved in closer, his eyes glinting like molten gold. “But we haven’t even had our first date.”
“I—“ Damn fair skin, Bryan mused as the red in his face returned with a vengeance, “I made you dinner. I hope that’s okay?”
“Oh food prepared by these two hands,” Winston reached out and took his hands, enveloping them in his own huge paws. “I am honored.”
“I hope so,” he finally relaxed enough to smile. The usual teasing was not in his voice so Bryan knew that he was being serious.
“I already am,” Winston, promised before opening the door and gesturing for Bryan to exit. “And later, I’ll give you a tour of my home.”
Bryan exited the house and nearly drifted to the van. Winston was already a perfect date and from this point on, things could only keep looking up.