Hard NC 17 Hump, coming right up!

Ready to put the Hump in Hump day? Warining! HARD NC17! Serious BDSM, Tentacles, M/F… he puts the DOM in DOminance…. just saying… From the Upcoming Changeling Press Release… Perfect Sense….
I love going walkies with master.
It is one of the few ways I get to see the sun. I spend so much time indoors—
But I am not complaining. Being His pet is better than being His breeder or being used for His more dangerous appetites.
There were tales about the other, the watcher who caught His attention- the people in the serving halls still speak of his screams, his torments, his cries of pain and ecstasy when he was caught, of how he was shared about with Master’s favorites. I don’t think I could bear that, to be so ill-used, but I know my place.
I am His pain slut. The other is for fear and the chase. Thought there is always an element of fear when He uses me, I know I will not be harmed badly enough for Him to have to seek a replacement so soon. I am disposable but He seems content to hold me in his thrall for the moment. What is my life when His kind seems ageless? I know I merely hold His fancy for the time he spends here and when He wishes to move on I will be executed so no other can claim they possess what He once held in His home or I will be turned over to become a breeder and bear more of His already numerous children.
The other could be cut at any moment, when his flavor is no longer appealing to Him, and he knows it. The other lives in constant fear and He prefers it that way. Master says fear adds the perfect spice to the other’s flavor, that it is addictive to the young hunters He trains and serves as a grand reward. The other will be at the mercies of his flavor and Master’s whims for a long time.
That being said, Master is the most dominate male in this region and He knows it, loves relishing the fear His very presence causes and enjoys flaunting His privilege. He wants us, his playthings, to always reflect this. So when we go walkines, there is usually a reason—to gloat or to bring another to ruin.
This day, Mater dressed me like I was a show of his power and what He could claim and dominate with little effort.
My breasts hung hot and bare between the straps of the leather harness that twisted and wrapped around my body. It formed triangles around them that held then high and full, on display for any to see was we passed by.
“Lovely,” Master spoke to me as if I were a scared animal, which in truth, I actually was in his eyes. I could not control my trembling and he smiled knowingly as he slapped my breasts, chuckling as they quivered and shook and my nipples grew impossibly hard. He leaned forward and—
“Master,” I groaned and had to fight to keep my hands at my sides where he placed them unfettered. He sucked my nipple deep into His hot mouth, His tongue dancing along its hardened peak sending tremors down my spine while His teeth nipped at the sensitive skin around it. “Please—“
He tensed at my voice and then I held in a scream as His teeth clamped down hard.
I dropped my head back as my pussy throbbed and wetness flowed freely. Master knew that my body reacted to His rougher caresses, my body making its pleasure known in a liquid rush that painted my thighs shiny. I locked my trembling knees and endured silently. He had not given me permission to make a sound. His punishment would not have me forgetting any time soon as my nipple throbbed and burned.
“Very good,” he praised as he backed off, licking at the bite marks surrounding my nipple. Master did not break the skin this time. He didn’t want me marked too badly. “And I have a present for my very good girl.”
He produced a small brass colored clamp that a pair of crystal bells attached.
My breath caught at their beauty. I had seen them before, gifted to highly placed mistresses and pleasure slaves. I had never though to receive such a valuable gift.
I looked down as he tenderly pinched my still throbbing but very much reddened nipple between two fingers, rolling and pulling at the hard peak. I bit my lips as my knees began to shake. I so wanted to moan at this gentle treatment, but I managed to keep my lips sealed. Instead I stood there and watched as he pressed the little clamps open.
Oh God, the thing had barbed teeth. They looked like wicked metallic mouths that were going to savage my breasts. I whimpered softly and Master shot me a glare, but allowed my trespass to go by unpunished. Yet he glared at me as he gripped my breasts, forcing the nipple to distend.
The clap snapped down on my tender flesh with a hard bite that had me biting my lip as I struggled to hold in my still. White-hot pain flared trough my breast and down my back and for a moment pain was all I knew. But as I stood there, quivering before him, the pain began to transmute from a screaming inferno to a warm throb that left me panting and my empty pussy clenching helplessly. As much as I wanted those crystal bells, the teeth on those damn clamps hurt and the pain left me feeling so empty, so hungry. I felt tears well up in my eyes as He rose up to his fullest height and stare down at me.
“Such pretty eyes,” he praised. “I love them when they cry for me. Are you going to cry for me some more, my pretty little bitch?”
He reached out and plucked the bells, making them swing painfully on my abused nipple. I wanted to pull back but instinct had me throbbing my chest forward for more. Master grinned as he swatted my beast mush as he had before, but this time, the shock of pleasured pain was followed by the delicate tinkling of the bells. They made the sweetest sound. Somehow that sound soothed me as much as Master’s words
“Such a good little girl,” he praised again. “And if you are really good while we are out, I may give you the other one.” He slapped my thigh and I parted my legs slightly. “Would you like it right here?” he crooned kindly, his fingers slipping over my wet swollen clit before his fingers drifted lower to pinch at the lips of my labia. “Perhaps here, but you have to be really good to get it here.” He smirked before steal entered his voice. “You want it here, yes?” It was like he dared me to respond, to protest. The clap seemed to tighten around my nipple and I was at a loss to speak. What could I say that would not get me into trouble? Wither way he would do what he wanted. If I nodded or showed that I wanted this terrible gift he would call me a vain selfish spoiled thing and possibly pierce me there as he threatened to in the past. If I reacted negatively, he would probably places several of the wicked clamps on my labia and my clit while be fucked me raw without granting me the mental and physical release of a climax.
So I did nothing, I stood in my place, chest heaving, bells tinkling, and my arousal sending my aroused secretions to drip to the floor between my spread legs.
“Smart little bitch,” master praised before he drew back his and —
I whimpered at the white-hot explosion of pain and pleasure as he lightly slapped my pussy. Oh God, I think I may have had a small orgasm at the strike, but I kept silent ad on my feet was waves of heat flashed through my body. My pussy clenched once or twice and then relaxed as my hunger grew. It was by no means enough to give me the full glorious orgasm that Master could deliver, but he was a shamed reminder of what I had become. I wanted to weep for my sorry self and at the same time, I wanted to challenge him, to make him give me more, as was my right.
My mind spun, wanting to enter into the haze subspace where it didn’t matter what he did to me because everything would be pleasure, but I could not eve have that escape. Master demanded more of me and I had to me cognizant to respond.
So I stood there, tears welling in my eyes and I waited, trembling knees and breath tearing in my throat, soundless, I waited.
He turned back to the table where the rest of my outfit lay and picked up the next piece I was to wear.
I tilted my head, as I looked it over, not understanding what I was seeing. But as he attached it to the leather breast enhancer, I realized the red leather straps were the bottom of this harness.
“Spread,” He demanded, swatting the inside of my thigh, making me widen my stance on my shaky legs.
A thick red strap connected to the harness between my breasts and Master jerked it taunt before running his hands over the bared skin of my stomach and hips.
The leather was ungiving and hard but I held my place, waiting to see what he was going to do next.
I didn’t have to wait long. He reached to his table and pulled out the familiar wide butt plug he used to split my ass wide.
I began to shake at the sight of it. That wide black plug meant that master was going to torment me before I was allowed to come and my traitorous body writhed in joy. I had been so conditioned to be what he wanted that my ass was already twitching, eager to be filled.
“You like this, nasty little thing,” he purred, laughing as he reached for a jar of the lubricant he preferred and dropped the plug in. “Look at you, straining forward, eager for out walk and play time.”
He had not changed his mind about the walk it seemed, yet there was still something he was not telling me. It disturbed me but my body was slowly taking over. What use did I have for thought when master was going to gift me with enough pleasure to make me scream. He only pulled out that butt plug if I was a very good girl… or he had fresh torments in mind.
As I stood there, he reached for another strap. With his nails raking gently over my dark skin, my nerves reacting to this stimulation, he leaned in close.
“Yes,” he purred. “Such a naughty little nasty bitch should be kept all safe and bound. You like being bound, don’t you? You like knowing that I will protect you in this way?”
This strap went around my waist and bucked firmly over the single strap that hung from between my breasts, holding it steadily in place.
As the leather warmed, it felt as if Master indeed was wrapping me up tightly, protecting me in his own way, ensuring that only he would be the one to use me as he pleased.
“Turn around.”
The terse words had me spinning around automatically, but I didn’t move fast enough for him.
With a grunt, he gripped the rear of the harness where it rested against the my back and slammed me against the wall.
The bells tinkled madly and I began to tremble. He was going to punish me. He was going to hurt me. My heart began to race and a sob tor its way form my throat.
“Shh,” he soothed, almost mockingly. “Its what nasty little bitches like you want, yes?”
His hands ran thought my wild mass of curls on my head as he leaned in close, his breath caressing my face bore he began to lick up my tears as they feel over.
“You tremble so deliciously in my arms,” he moaned, pressing against my ass.
I could feel his hard cock pressing against the thin leather of his pants, all that separated him from me. I couldn’t help it. I thrust back at the familiar feel, shaking as I held back a moan and more tears flowed form my eyes. He was going to hurt me so bad… so good… so… it was all mixed up in my head. I didn’t know what he wanted! The game had just begun and I knew I was going to burn.
“Shh,” he nuzzled my face, chucking as my ass pushed into him again. “Yes, you know who owns you, don’t you little one?”
His hands gripped my hips and be began a slow grind against me.
I hissed as his hand fisted in my hair and he jerked my head back,
“But if you know what’s good for you, you dirty little thing, you will hold the fuck still.”
A sharp nick to my neck punctuated his words and I fell still, my hear racing, panging as he pulled my head back further.
My hunger roared thought me, my empty pussy flowed with arousal and yet I forced myself to hold still. I didn’t want to push him. In this position he may fuck me or he may whip me… I didn’t want to be whipped. Some part of my mind screamed for me to be good while the rest of my thoughts spun crazily. Sub space and its peace beckoned but I knew better than to give into its siren song. I had to stay still and be good.
“Nice,” he licked my face once more and I felt him groping beside in, heard the clink of the glass jar as he pulled the pug free.
He backed up enough to grip my cheeks with his hands and I jumped when I felt his tentacles flow over my backside.
He laughed as he spread me wider and they trailed over my trench and asshole, teasing the delicate flesh.
I held my breath as he did this, trying my best not to push back into the touch, praying that he would not split me open like this.
It felt so good and it was never enough and it made he scream and beg for my release that he would not give. And the effect lasted for days and I didn’t want that torment again, hands strapped to my side because I had displeased him, flat on my back while my pussy leaked all over the table and he sat in a chair and watched. He would watch as I cried as my slick lubricant covered me form waist to ankles, and I went crazy until I was a sobbing limp thing eager to be fucked in whatever hole he deemed worthy.
But it was not his deadly, delicious tentacles that filled me. Instead I felt the brush of the tapered end of the butt plug as it began to seat itself within the guardian muscles of my ass.
“Open for me,” he demanded and I did my best to relax in his grip. He was not releasing my hair and this exaggerated arch made it harder to relax the muscles of my ass. “You like this,” he coaxed as his tentacles wiggled the plug.
My ass burned and I choked back a sob as my muscles relaxed and he slowly began to push the plug inside.
I bit my lip, my eyes wide as I felt each inch as it slipped inside me. The tapered end began the stretch and my body wanted to push back into it. But I controlled my breathing and my body and panted as I felt my ass slowly stretch around the pug, greedily pulling it in until I was seated fully inside me, heavy, nerve burning, delicious… I wanted to get fucked so badly but it was not my decision to make. This was all for Master, my body was his –
I blinked as I felt myself slipping into sub space, but I managed to hold on as master smiled at me, his silver eyes glinting as he exposed his sharp teeth fully.
“Good girl.” He praised as he uttered a guttural word in his home language and the pug began to gently vibrate. ”And if I had the time, I would pull this plug out and pound your ass until I grew tired of it. But alas, we have places to be.”
He stepped back and I became aware of truly how cold the room was with his body head suddenly taken away.
My head dropped forward and my hands, hand that I had no idea were fisted, relaxed against the wall.
My ass burned around the vibrator, my empty pussy throbbed, and I wanted the oblivion of subspace so badly…