It's the Return of the Hump Day Hump!!!

It’s Time for the Return of the HUmp Day Hump! LOL It’s been a long time coming, and I am so sorry about that, but I am getting it back in order! *g* But lookit what I got? Karen Fox did an amazing job! So….
This unedited hump brought to you by me… who is so sick and tired of snow, by Changeling Press who lets me get away with crazy ideas… and by the characters … who made me rewrite this book three times to get it right! LOL Meet Rin and Ta!
Serendipity slid her RV into part and removed the keys, setting her coach to run on one of the generators she cobbled to the back.
Serendipity was no extremist wanting to live off the grid, but with gas prices the way they were and her mobile home becoming more and more expensive to maintain every year, she and a friend had designed and created three small but very powerful generators to weld to the back of her van. They were run on propane but also had some of the most sophisticated solar cells attached. When her solar charge on all three would run down, then the propane gas engine would keep in, maintaining heat and electricity in her home.
The designs were experimental and she was having a blast testing them for her friends, but this would put them to the test. In her travels, she had never had the generators revert to gas as each one of the twenty solar batteries carried with it a minimal of twenty hours of power if she used every electric appliance in her RV, longer if she were conservative. So she should be able to wait this storm out in relative comfort. Reassured that she wouldn’t freeze and by the steady streams of heat that poured in form the heating vents, she turned and made her way to her visitor.
He had not moved during the… three hours, she decided looking down at her watch, since she had hit him. She didn’t really know if this was a good or a bad thing.
She moved closer and noted that yes; the red markings were still around his neck and his wrists. She had not imagined them in her fear that she had accidently killed the man.
She flicked on the bedside light, hoping to see more when she realized he wasn’t as naked as she thought.
Good lord,” she muttered. “They had him in booties and gloves, that poor man…”
It had to be at least negative ten degrees on the mountain with a wind chill that took in to at least negative thirty and he was running away from something in noting but bug white furry boots.
They were cute boots, she noted, looking them over. They were like big furry mukluks she seen in an Inuit catalog and had always wanted but could never afford.
She moved closer, not wanting shoes in her bed, and that’s when she noted he wasn’t exactly naked either.
There was some kid of fur bikini? Wow… yes there was a mass of ling fluffy looking white fur at his crotch. How had she missed that?
Never the less, she was comforted that she wouldn’t get a face full of stranger dick when she went to lift his leg and pull…
They were not coming off.
She held his weight leg in one hand and stared down at the fur that seemed to be… growing out of his fucking leg. What the hell?
Some small art of her wanted to know if he had those cute little black cat pads, like the ones the cuddly little kittens have, on the bottom of his feet. While the greater part of her brain, the smarter part that tended to get her out of trouble — like deleting internet scams and no dating strange guys who stalk her at conventions– began to scream that there was Danger Serendipity Collins! Danger Serendipity Collins! And it was screaming in a damn near accurate impersonation of Robbie the Robot.
People, unless they were suffering form some kind if inbred mountain back woods Appellation Mountain… Deliverance type of mutations did not have long luxurious fur growing down from their calves to their toes… even if they were nice calves—and the fur made really nice boots. And the fact that she was thinking about clothing accessories when she had a mutant mountain man with bondage marks and a fur bikini in her bed told her that maybe she had hit her head when she lost control of her RV and was lying in a ditch somewhere slowly freezing to death or…. or somehow her life just got a hella lot more interesting and probably not in a good way.
They had to be some kind of costuming.
She tugged again, harder, and this time got a whine and a kick for her troubles.
“Hey!” she shouted as he struggled to pull his leg back. “Hold still so I can get this boot off…”
But the boots were not coming off and he was beginning to make more agitated sounds.
She locked her hands in the fur tight and gave a hard yank and the squeal that rolled from his throat was something like she would imagine a scalded cat sounded like.
She dropped his let and spin around to see those odd starburst purple and gold eyes staring at her in shocked confusion, his moth hanging open, his chest heaving as he shot her an unbelieving look.
Only… his gums… they were as black tiny curly hors that were showing on top of his head and was that… there were – fangs? Yup, he was sporting a nice set of fangs and a rather nice set of satyr horns on top of his friggin head.
How the fuck had she missed that.
“Ouch,” he muttered and then some loud ear piercing sound filed the cabin. It took Serendipity a moment to realize that the sound was her screams.