The Holy Dark

Wanna meet Kaylla and Dark? They are the first in a three book series coming soon from from Beautiful Trouble Publishing! *g*
the holy dark TEXT 2 copy
Dark could smell her.
Kaylla was turned on by his closeness and there was nothing that she could do to hide that fact.
He inhaled the richness of

her scent, the full musky siren song of her arousal and fought back the need to press his own hard cock against her ass and sink his teeth into her neck.
He blinked to bring himself back under control and forced his hands to keep working on their as-signed task.
Now was not the time for such matters. He had to move with some sense of urgency here. There were undead at the door and the conclave would be meeting again in days. He had no means of otherwise contact-ing them and they had to know the theories that Kaylla had come up with. He had a feeling that they would be key in coming up with a solution to the undead prob-lem. For now he had to get her bound and get her arm attached. After they completed their assigned tasks, he could let his instincts take over.
After years of waiting, he finally had come into contact with the female who was his true mate. That she was not a shifter meant nothing.
His nose could not lie. From the moment he marked her to find her after the undead attack, there had been something in the back of his mind urging him to take her.
Her scent, the way she reacted to him, her cour-age and convictions, they all appealed to the more primal side of his nature. Now that he was close enough to scent her with his more human brain, he knew what he’d found.
She belonged to him. She was his to protect, his to take, his to put ahead of all others. His instincts never lied.
She was his. She just didn’t know it yet