Since it's 12/12/12….

I decided to send out 12 excepts from past favorites and upcoming books! *g* Are you ready? Here we go! LOL
Up first, how about a little Jack Frost from Santa’s Slay, coming soon from Changeling Press
“Mr. Winston,” Jack purred, staring at his newest toy. It had been years since he’d approached a job with such anticipation. “You’ve been a naugh

ty, naughty boy.”
“Who are you?” Peter Winston, aged thirty-nine, of African descent, stared up at him with huge, liquid, brown eyes. Jack wanted to see them overflow with tears.
“I am, at present, your keeper.”
“I don’t need a keeper.”
“Then consider me your executioner.”
That made those large eyes grow even wider. Jokul smiled as he inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of fear and growing desperation tinged by a budding desire. So the files were not false.
“You are a curious man.” Jack walked deeper into the room, flicking the riding crop against his thigh, watching as the sound made the naked man jump. “And curiosity can get you killed.”
“I demand –”
“Demand?” Jokul grinned, showing his sharpened teeth fully. “You don’t have the right to demand anything of me. Now, what I can demand of you…”
“You have no right to hold me!” Peter was shouting now, Jokul noted, his cock stiffening as his humiliation grew.
“Oh, I think I have the right.” With a flourish, he threw out his right hand and, in a flash of cold wind, the papers Peter had signed in the hospital flowed into the room. Dropping his crop, which floated in the air behind him, Jack gathered the papers and began flipping through them. “Here we are.”
He walked over to Peter and held the page over his face so he could read. “Says here that I have social, medical, and financial control over you, and these papers were signed and witnessed by two upstanding officers of the law and a very competent doctor at University.”
“That can’t be legal,” Peter breathed.
“You were not coerced into signing.”
“I was not myself!” Peter bellowed. “You and your freaky cold smoke…”
“Did nothing but calm you. My freaky cold smoke only affected the people in the room. There was no magical malfeasance used against you, Mr. Winston.”
“You threatened a hospital filled with people.”
“Only if you didn’t cooperate with my husband ruse, Mr. Winston. And you are a reporter too. Didn’t anyone ever teach you to pay attention to the words you use?” With a wave, the papers disappeared, and Jokul stared down into shocked brown eyes. “I own you.”
He smiled again as the brown-skinned man mentally chewed over his words. “I screwed myself, didn’t I?”
And he was as honest as his file had stated.
“The moment you began digging into North Pole Industries, your fate was sealed.”
“So.” He sounded resigned to his fate. “They are mafia.”
“Oh, no, Mr. Winston,” Jokul took great delight in informing him. “We are much, much worse than that.”
“Do you believe in the supernatural, Mr. Winston? Because you are about to get a crash course in the Elfish.”ttp://