It's Time for Your Hump Day Hump!!!!

ts time for Your Hump Day Hump! This excerpt is from The Holy Dark brought to you by me and the fine people of Beautiful Trouble Publishing! Meet Kayla, scientist extraordinair… and the shape shifter Dark *g* “Stay back!” Kaylla bellowed, looking around for anything to defend herself. “You just wait until my dog gets

The Holy Dark

Wanna meet Kaylla and Dark? They are the first in a three book series coming soon from from Beautiful Trouble Publishing! *g*   Dark could smell her. Kaylla was turned on by his closeness and there was nothing that she could do to hide that fact. He inhaled the richness of her scent, the full musky siren

A HAlloween Tale Drops Today!!!!

OHHH! Look it! Being naughty in back in season! LOL I got called deliciously twisted for this one! You have been warned! LOL Rated R for being written by a twisted and deviant min d… I give you, A Halloween Tale! One more step, just one more. The dark was an oppressive, living thing.