Message to Book Pirates

…And for the pirates that are here, picture this. How would you all feel if we walked into your homes and stole your bank account numbers and took five dollars. That’s not bad. Five dollars is more than some of us pay for coffee each week. But what if we gave that number to a few friends… and they gave that number to a few friends, and one of those friends posted it on the web stating that five bucks is not a lot of money and that you can afford it. Hell lunch costs for than five dollars right? Well, then your account number is now in the hands of thousands of people all wanting five bucks cause you can afford it, you have a good job and they are sure you won’t miss just one five, right? In fact, you should take it as a complement that we know you can easily make more money so its okay for us to admittedly steal just five.
Then ask yourselves how long before you are in the red? How soon will you have to ease back on your working because you have to spend all your time tracking down people who steal your money and tell you that you should like it and accept it and that its not hurting anyone? Never mind that you world hard all your life to get where you are at and that your family, your bills, your life is now suffering for you lack of funds. It doesn’t really hurt you cause its just five bucks, right?
Stephanie Burke