Had a family emergency last week that prevented me form posting the hump. But I am here to make up for that lack now! g* A Stephanie Burke Classic! *g*
Alphabetical Order
He said that he was going to love me alphabetically.
I had known him for years and it was quite a shock to learn that he felt that way about me, for you see, I had always attracted to him.
I was surprised to see him standing at my desk before the long holiday weekend, but I was even more surprised by what he said.
“I have wanted you forever,” he purred, eyes at half-mast.  “The time has come for us to stop playing games.  I know that you want me too.  It’s time that we both take what we want.”  He lapped at his lower lip slowly, letting me see his tongue play the fullness there, then he was gone.
I had the rest of the day to think about what he said.  It was hard to concentrate on my work.  I wondered what he had meant by his words.  What did he plan to do?  And then I got the fax.
“I’m going to love you alphabetically, from A to Z.  There is nothing to stop us and no one will know.  A is for adoration.”
There was no name, but I knew whom it was from.
I grabbed my briefcase and left early for home.  Anticipation caused my blood to thicken and my mouth to go dry.  Nerves caused a strange fluttering in my stomach and my hands to lightly tremble.  I don’t know how I managed it, but I drove home without incident, not noticing the heat of the traffic, and headed straight for my shower.
I really wanted this, wanted him.  Had I not, I would have put him in his place with a few choice words before firing him.  But the fact that I was in the shower preparing myself for his visit was an acknowledgment of sorts.  It calmed the butterflies in my stomach and I began to enjoy the preparations that I usually reserved for readying myself for a lover.
I felt the steam of the hot water entering my pores and inhaled the light musk smell of my body wash.
It reminded me of the scents of wild desire, of demanding sex, of male skin.  The sensuous feel of the rich lather on my sponge caused my nipples to harden into straining peaks as I gently washed my breasts.  The thought of his hands there, or perhaps his mouth, caused me to shiver and moan at my own lust-filled thoughts.  The sound echoed off of the slippery shower walls and increased the sensuous atmosphere in my shower stall.
I ran the sponge over the soft roundness of my thighs and imagined his lips following a trail of fire to my most secret self, of a slim masculine waist trapped between their subtle strength, of the rocking pounding motions of his body as they thrust savagely into me, and of the feel of sweat dampened skin ridding high between those thighs.
I closed my eyes and another low moan, my moan, filled the moist walls with the sounds of desire, unfulfilled.
With a shudder, I turned off the shower and began to oil my damp body.  I owe the softness of my skin to baby oil, and I use lit liberally.  As the warm oil glided across my heated skin, I could only wonder what adoration I would be subjected to.  I stood in my bathroom and flet the heated oil awaken my nerve endings as it slowly ran down my body, leaving my skin glistening and soft.  I trailed a stream of the fragrant stuff over my breasts, watching it roll downward between them, coating my stomach, dipping into my navel, and sliding through the thin patch of trimmed hair that shielded my feminine lips form view.
After lovingly massaging the oil into every pour, I bent low to rub my legs, relishing the softness of my skin, readying them for a lovers caress, his grip, his tongue, and anything else he wanted to rub along their length.
That task completed, I looked into my mirror and nodded at what I saw.  Not perfect, but damn perfect for me, and apparently him as well.
No sooner had I donned my robe, the doorbell rang.
Feigning a calmness that I didn’t feel, I walked down the stairs and opened the front door, not letting on that the sound of the bell caused my heart to jump and a flash of liquid desire to rush through my body.
He walked in, hair still damp from a shower of his own, long black hair tied in a tail, carrying a small sports bag.  I was only able to stare wide-eyed and trembling as he stalked through my front door like an animal hot on the scent of its prey.
Like a charmed creature, my eyes followed his movements, noting the sensual walk and how his pants hugged his buns.
Without a word, he closed the door with a flick of his wrist, grasped my hand, and led me to the living room.
A large wall of windows that offers a spectacular view of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor dominates my living room.  It was just before sunset and it was to those very windows that he led me.  The room was awash with purples and pinks of sundown as he slowly pulled the tie to my robe.
“I adore your body,” he whispered to me as my robe slithered open to my nakedness, which was now being kissed by the twilight colors.  “I adore your boldness,” he murmured as the robe slid from my shoulders to pool at my bare feet.
I stood there proudly, as befitting my nature, and buzzing with anticipation as I wondered what he would do next, or if I even wanted to guess.
“I adore the way you look at me,” he whispered as he stood before me, dropping his bag to the floor.  He pulled his shirt over his head, exposing the massive wall of muscle that was his chest, which tapered to a perfect V, and was covered with a light down of body hair as black as sin.
His arms were bulging with muscles and perfectly framed his beautiful chest.  A twinge of gold caught my eye and I could only gape at the small gold ring that pierced his left nipple.  Strangely, it aroused me to the point that I had to fight for breath and a small jolt of lust shot through my body like lightning.
“All of me,” he added as he unbuttoned his pants under my amazed gaze, “is for you.”
It was obvious that the picture of me in my nude glory affected him.  The evidence was straining to break free from it’s cloth confinement.
I stepped forward to help with its escape, but he shook his head no and I stood still.  As thrilling as it was for me to have him watch me nude, I wanted to see him in his natural state.  The piercing was a surprise and I impatiently wondered what else he had kept hidden from me, from the office, from the world.
I was not to wait long, for he ripped away the thong that held back his hair and kicked his shoes from his feet.  He took a step closer as he slowly lowered the zipper of those tailored pleated pants.  Again I caught my breath as the civilized gabardine slid down to reveal legs corded with muscles and abs that screamed to be nibbled and licked.  The light dusting of hair looked as soft as the long mane of hair upon his head.  It was a startling contrast, that soft down of hair on the whipcord steel of his muscles.
Only one barrier remained as he circled me quietly, as if recording my every feature, my every expression, in his mind.
“I adore the way you touch me,” he whispered from behind, into my right ear, sending a shiver down my spine.
“But I haven’t…” I managed in a voice raspy with desire.
“In my dreams,” he whispered in my left ear causing a similar reaction.
His hot moist breath caused me to shudder as it graced my sensitive ears.  The scent of him was better than anything that I could name.  The ends of his long hair brushed my shoulders and back, the cool dampness raising goosebumps as it glided over my skin.
He grasped my hands from behind, the shock of his fiery touch almost causing my knees to buckle.
“Touch me,” he commanded as he guided my hands over his sides to snag those tiny black briefs and together we edged them down.
I could not resist running my hands over those hard thighs, his hair tickling my palms and making my fingers itch to feel more.  His soft growl made me eager to turn and see the treasures that I had revealed.
His hands, those hard yet gentle hands, cupped my hips and pulled me back into the throbbing hardness of him.  Before my thoughts could register the sensations that were flowing through my body at his slightest touch, those burning hands slid around my waist to cradle my breasts.
My breath hissed from between my teeth and my head fell back to rest on his strong shoulder.  I felt a rush of desire so strong that it bordered on pain and caused my knees to buckle.  My fingers dug into the muscles of his thighs as his hands began to knead and pull at my erect nipples causing them to harden further.
“I adore the way you feel.” he rasped in my ear.  “The way you smell,” he ran his lips down the side of my neck.  “The way you taste,” he growled before he clamped his teeth down on the tender skin where shoulder and neck meet, sinking his teeth in sharply.  As I gasped, he lapped away the pleasure pain with a rough tongue, making my body arch further into his hands as he kneaded me firmly.
This was madness!  My head swirled with the feelings that he evoked within my body.  One hand left the beautiful agony that he had made of my breasts to travel a straight path to the crisp hair that guarded my innermost secrets.  His fingers tangled there, tugging slightly as his other hand began to pluck at my turgid nipple.
“I adore your heat,” he gasped as his fingers found my wetness caressed my hidden lips, stroked my hardened nub, the essence of my very being.
With a strangled cry, I turned to face him.  I had to touch him!  I had to feel his hard penis in my hands.  I needed to bury my face in his chest and inhale his smell.  I had to taste that banquet of male flesh and lick that damn nipple ring that had taunted me from across the room.
He took my mouth in a savage kiss, his tongue penetrating then mastering mine.  I whimpered as he devoured my mouth and moved his punishing kisses to my neck.
As these kisses dropped lower, he fell to his knees and the breast that he made throb were drawn into his hot greedy mouth.  I cried out at the wonderful sensation, my hands tangled into that long dark hair that I had longed to touch for so long.
But he pulled against my desperate grasp and his mouth traveled lower to nibble at my navel and lave the quivering flesh of my stomach.  Lower he licked, and then he paused to press his face into my stomach for a tender embrace, before he moved his mouth lower.
First I felt his breath, warm and moist.  Then his voice reached my ears.
“B is for brutal.  I’m going to love you, brutally.”
His mouth invaded my feminine core.  He nipped, he sucked, he licked, and my pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears.  My fingernails dug into the flesh of his shoulders as my knees buckled.  His arms caught me and lowered me to the carpeted floor.  Flashes, electric flashes, shot through my legs to the very heart of me.  I whimpered as tried to pull away.  It was too much too fast!  I had no control!
“C is for climax,” he growled before taking the seed of my desire into his mouth and he suckled, hard, all the while flicking and filtering with the tip of his tongue.
Like a flash fire, ecstasy drenched my body.  Charges of electricity centered on the nub of flesh that he expertly worked between his lips.  My inner muscles began to clench and spasm and still he suckled.  My body trembled and arched under his masterful tongue and obeyed his every command.  I threw back my head and shouted my pleasure to the very heavens as waves of hot release poured over me.  Finally this great explosion eased into small aftershocks, but still he gently bathed me with his tongue until they ceased.
Slowly he climbed up my body like some fierce wild eyed jungle cat, his lips drenched with my dew, his hair trailing fire as it brushed against my still trembling body.  He pressed his face close to mine and I could breath in his essence intermingled with mine.
“D is for devastation,” he purred just before he slammed his full length into me.
A shock of passion so hot filled me, my body bucked beneath his.  This change from tender lover to demanding master happened so swiftly, I barely had time to take it in!  His staff was so long and thick that there was barely an inch between us.  I could feel his devastating thrusts throughout my entire body.  A strangled cry was trapped in my throat as he lifted my legs over his shoulders and slid even deeper inside me.  I was throbbing, convulsing around him, and I wanted more.
His hammering thrusts took my breath and I clutched at his shoulders, his hair, trying to move him faster, harder, and deeper.  Then it happened.  A tingling heat coursed down my legs and shot to my toes.  The burning in my womanhood increased to almost painful levels.  I could only shake my head from side to side as a low throb settled in my nether regions.  The world tilted as my inner walls grabbed at him.  He groaned as they continued to milk him.  Like some great wild beast, he threw back his head and roared his release to the world.
The sight and sound of it sent me off again on my own enchanted journey.  This magnificent creature riding between my thighs trying to devastate me, was the devastated one.
He slowly lowered my legs and eased down beside me, pulling me to rest on his damp, heaving chest.
Recovering my breath, I lay there and toyed with his nipple ring rolling the warm metal between my fingers.  His gentle laugh caused me to look up at him.  Small locks of ebony hair stuck to his damp forehead and a light flush highlighted his dark skin.
“What is E for?” I cautiously asked.
His recovery was almost instant!
“E is for erogenous zones,” he replied as he took my hand and pressed it firmly against his pierced nipple.  At his prompting, I flicked the little gold ring and reveled in his gasp of renewed pleasure.  Soon I was tugging and rolling the ring and he urged me to do more.  Tentatively, I straddled his damp body and bent my head to that little golden treat.
“Yes!” he hissed as I flicked the tip of my tongue over his nipple.  He threw his head back exposing his neck as I took that loop of gold between my teeth and lightly pulled.
Desperately his hands sought my head to pull me closer to the stinging pleasure that I was giving him.  Those fingers massaged and coaxed me into licking away his slight pain before I began to trail my nails over his washboard stomach.  I wanted to see him beneath me, being dominated by me.  I wanted to make him beg.
I reversed my position on his chest so that I could see the massive tumescence that had brought me to such high peaks.  And there, surrounded by a thin down of baby fine hair, was my joystick.  He was long and thick and I could wrap both of my hands around him and still not fully cover his length.  He gasped and I wondered how he was able to fit all of himself inside of me.  The skin was the softest that I have ever felt.  It was hot and sticky with our combined essence, a startling contrast to the hardness that it encased.  Even as I watched, it seemed to throb and grow still another inch.  Unable to help myself, I lowered my head and took him into my mouth, gently cupping his sack in my hand.
His body bucked under mine before his strong hands gripped my hips and pulled me back into his waiting mouth.  I squealed as I felt him again exploring my sensitive depts.  Then I suckled him in earnest as he took my throbbing pleasure pearl between those soft lips and pulled.  We worked each other into a frenzy and again I cried out as one sure finger entered me to torment me from inside.
“F is for fuck!” he cried before he pulled free from my hungry mouth, rose up behind me and slammed himself home.
I spread my thighs further apart as he loomed over me, humping me with powerful strokes.  His hands pulled my hips higher and I instinctively lowered my chest to give him more access.  I moaned as his thrusts set my nerve endings on fire.  The sounds of our impassioned cries swirled around the room.  We had lost control.  I begged and pleaded with him for more.  I ignored the carpet burning my knees and relished the feel of his sac slapping against my bottom.  I was lifter higher and higher until in one moment of perfect stillness, I exploded through the sun and plunged back to earth.  I did not hear his roar of fulfillment, but I felt it deep within my being.
“F is good,” I gasped as he pulled me to his side and surrounded me with his masculine heat.
“I am glad that you approve,” his deep voice rumbled in my ear.
And so it continued throughout the night.  G was for G spot, which he found and manipulated with his fingers until I cried out for release.
H was for hot.  Hot like the melted wax from the scented candles that he produced from his bag, which we dripped all over each other and cooled with the gentle brush of lips and tongues.
I was for the ice that we slipped into hidden creases and let the heat from our bodies slowly melt.
J was for jelly.  His favorite was strawberry.  I was his bread and was thoroughly coated before he lovingly licked every drop from my weeping core.
K was for kinky.  I tied him up on my bed and tormented him with light teasing scratches until he begged for mercy.
L was for licks.  He gave me a tongue bath from toes to ears.  I returned the favor.
M was for massage.  He rubbed my body with baby oil, smoothing out the kinks that our straining bodies had caused.
N was for nibble.  He nipped at my body from every angle and of course, I couldn’t resist nipping him back.
O was for orgasm.  He gave me so many that I passed out.
P was for pussy.  He gave me detailed instructions complete with demonstrations on how to keep mine happy when he wasn’t around.
Q was for quickie.  We had one on the kitchen counter with him standing and one of my legs wrapped around his neck.
R was for rest.  He let me take a nap with him, he lying inside of me while I covered him like a blanket.  He stayed firm and hard through the whole rest-period and awoke even more eager than before.
S was for slave.  I snapped my whip and made him crawl across the floor to me on his knees.  He was commanded to satisfy me with his mouth before I made him lie perfectly still while I rode him to a finish.
T was for tease.  He got even by tying my hands above me to my headboard while he stroked me to madness with a peacock feather.
U was for under.  He took me from behind on my balcony, both of us standing under the star lit skies.  And V was for vocal.  He made me ask for every motion of his body.  He asked for my approval when he moved just right.  In return, he was very vocal about how I made him feel.  I hope the neighbors enjoyed the show.
W was for water.  Later in the shower, he held me against him while he held himself inside me and brought me to release with the hand held showerhead.
X was for … well, XXX rated.  We watched a movie that he brought with him and tried to duplicate evey position, no matter how difficult.  I came at least three times.
Y was for yield.  He held me in a straddled position while he pounded into me as if he could never get enough.  I begged him to stop, I begged him to continue.  And then yield became yes.  Yes, I loved what you do to me.  Yes, I never want this to end.  Yes.  I would like to orgasm right now.  Yes, yes, yes!
And Z?  Z was for zipper.  It was the last sound that I heard before I gave in to the exhaustion that had swamped my body.  After tenderly placing me into my bed, I heard him pull up his zipper and quietly leave.
The next day I slept, rising only to see to necessary business.  My mind felt detached, my body ached with the memory of his caresses.  I floated in a haze of physical contentment that I have never reached before in my life.  I was sore, yes, but it was a good ache, a delicious ache.  I felt a hurt that reminded that I was a woman and could deal with anything that this life had to offer.
Tuesday when I walked into my office, he was there; long hair pulled back into a neat tail, linen pants pleated and shirt perfectly starched.  He was all business as he handed me my coffee and my mail.  In no way did he let on that I had engaged in hot steamy sex with him, my male secretary.  In fact, by the way he acted, one would assume that we had never even seen each other outside of the office.
That was, until around noon when I received a strange fax.  It made my breath catch and my heart race.  I reclined back in my chair and tried not to stare hungrily at him through the dividing glass window.  With a few written words, my concentration was shot, my nerves stretched raw, but my body became liquid heat in preparation for his possession.
It read, “I am going to love you numerically.  One, solo, auto.  I’m going to watch you touch yourself until you come for me, and than I will do the same for you.”
Looks like I’m in for another interesting weekend.