Here we go! Pirate vs Ninja, a love story told in love scenes… take three! Oh, its getting hot up in here~
Part the third…
God he was a mouthful.
Liza licked her lips, knowing that they would be red and swollen and twice as enticing to him now.
She had given him a visual scan upon their meeting, but he was definitely a grow-er, not a show-er.
And he smelled so good too, almost like leather with a hint of sea salt. She definitely wanted to taste his skin raw, but in this day and age of strange diseases cropping up, that wasn’t a good idea. And she had lapped at his balls. Thank God they were not sweaty and nasty.
All and all, he was groomed rather nicely. Some woman had done some work domesticating this one, and it was much appreciated.
Now she lay back and spread her legs, her pussy throbbing in anticipation of receiving a nice thick treat.
“Oh, it’ll fit,” he promised, his voice strained and husky. “And you’ll beg for more.”
“I hope so,” she muttered, squirming as she ran two fingers down to tease her clit. Her heart was racing and her breathing labored. He was damn good at foreplay. She just hoped he was up to the damn good fucking part of her evening.
He knee-walked up between her legs, the play of his muscles looking hypnotic in the dim light of the room, stroking his cock as he ran his eyes form her bobbing breasts down to her very wet pussy.
He dropped over her and again, his mouth invaded hers.  She moaned, and left off with the self-teasing to tug at his soft hair, to encourage more of his pillaging. This was great, a man who knew how to kiss, how to tease and explore her mouth while his hands left of their own stroking to caress her breasts.
“Are you ready,” he pulled back to breath, licking her bottom lip as he tugged at a hard nipple.
“Yeah,” she breathed, unwilling to speak any louder and break this intense moment.
“Guide me,” He reached up and detangled one of her hands from his curls, and gave her palm a lick before lowering it to his cock.
“God yes,” She closed her eyes and wrapped her fist around him, felling the rounded head with her thumb before tugging him forward. He slid his hips towards her and she pressed the head against her creamy slit.
“Fuck me now!” she all but growled, lifting her legs and wrapping them around his waist, locking him in place where she wanted him most.
“Fuck yeah!”
And then he was sliding forward, pressing past her labia and stretching her muscles with his thick heat.
“Yes!” she gasped, throwing her hips up as he slowly pressed deeper.
“So fucking…tight,” his speech was broken and sweat began to bead up on his skin, the musky smell of his sea and her wind, the combined smell of their sex, filling the room. “God, yeah!”
She was shining. That was the only name for he high-pitched noise that rolled up form her throat. She closed her eyes and threw her head back onto the mattress and moaned, as nerves she had forgotten existed burst into life.
“So good, so good, so good,” she was muttering, her hands now slipping across his back, her nails digging in for purchase as she felt his balls bump her ass, his hips pressing into the inside of her thighs.
He rested his forearms on the thin hotel mattress, his hands fisting her hair as he threw his head back and a low rumbling purr emerged from his throat.
God, he was so hot! With his lips parted, his perfect teeth clenched, his throat working as he tired to breath, God, this man was one hot piece of ass. She may have to keep him just to have this kind of sex again.
Then he pulled back, the drag of his cock against her walls puling hissed from her mouth as she clamped down tighter on him with both thighs and inner muscles.
“God, I love it when you clench,” he grunted, and slammed back in hard.
Thought flew form her mind and she gave into the spiraling ecstasy that was filling her.
He slammed into her harder and faster, and she felt a tension building low in her belly. Her slick juices were running, creating a loud clapping sound when he thrust hard, and that only wound her up tighter.
He was grunting with every thrust now and a rush of power flooded over Liza. She was doing this to him! She had him in her power. She had brought that dazed and nearly pained with pleasure look to his face and she relished every moment.
She thrust back against him, hard, demanding more, forcing a solid deep rhythm that he was powerless to stop.
This was all her! She was breaking the man! She was screaming as he changed angles, bending further over her so that his pubic hair caressed her clit with every move.
“Yes, yes, yes!” she was chanting, her knees shaking her pussy spasming, her clit burning in preparation for a mind exploding climax and…and… and….
The door crashed open. They both looked up, eyes wide in shock. And thought the falling debris and wood dust, almost in slow motion, waked in a woman dressed totally in black.
“Tonight, you die, Bitch!” she growled and dropped into a horse stance.
“Do you mind, Opal?” Liza snarled as her orgasm slipped away from her and rage began to take over. “I’m getting fucked and I liked it!”
“Then you are in the proper position, slut, for your trip to hell!”
She sprang forward, a cry on her lips and Liza’s great day just turned sour.