Back from Philcon!

Back form Philcon My Lovelies! WOO HOO! I had a blast!
My New Jersey Adventure started on Thursday, on the way to author PJ Schnyder’s( house. Author D Renee Bagby ( and I were tooling along, eating Swedish Fish (okay, I kept the fish and floated her sour patch kids) when we hit it! Not a car or a bus or even oncoming traffic! In Delaware, just before PA, we hit gridlock! YIKES! Traffic that was previously tooling along happily without a care int he world, suddenly came to an almost accident inducing screeching halt!
After an hour of sitting and going no where, PJ called to check on us and we discovered that a tractor trailer had overturned on 94 North.
After watching various haz-mat trucks and airplane parts (I am not exaggerating, I thing we saw a whole plane in pieces) we got the unique experience of being poorly directed off on an on ramp (truly my dream come true drive, right up there with driving up the ramp on a moving trailer a-la Knight Rider), and we were detoured through various Delaware Villages until the natives led us back to 95 N.
Then we missed out exit by 20 miles. OYE! LOL
But PJ directed us and we made it to her house to be greeted by the most amazing thing ever! An Asin Model who has enormous Ta-ta’s that are rendered small next to her even larger intellect! LOL PJ Schnyder has the most amazing brain ever! And she does MMA, Mixed Marshal Arts, as well. And she is beautiful! All of that in a compact five foot package! Ah! Perfect for exploitation! ROTFLMAO
But PJ comes with a huge scary baby of a guard dog who is going to be popping up in books from me and Renee for years to come! LOL Kaiser is awesome!
PJ has all of that…but wait! There’s more! She cooks! YummM! We got Thai Curry and rice with golden omelets the first day there! Sniffle! I think I feel a tear welling up! An she said the magic words, “I’m going to pack us all bento boxes for the con! Or would you rather have Mini Meatloafs?” I swear I think I turned into a puddle on her carpeted floor. And then she made me into a gooey slavish lump of nothing by saying ‘Waffles for breakfast, sour dough waffles.” Never have I heard such sweet words! It was right about then that Renee and I decided that PJ was going to be our new wife, whether she wanted it or not, and came up with a comprehensive time share plan. We share alternate Wednesdays and toss a coin on leap year! LOL
After the feeding frenzy, lets face it, when I don;t have to cook and the food is good, frenzy city, I began the torture… I mean the fitting of the costumes! *g*
I shanghaied my friends into being in the masquerade at Philcon this year. I know, share ther firstratona nd misery… I mean fun! WOO HOO! And I only sewed my thumb twice! LOL But they were stupid enough… I mean, nice enough to agree to let me costume them up right.
Get this.. the theme. Steam Punk Dolls on a rampage! Ah, the killing, the mayhem, the bloodshed, the odd weapons…the way to combine grace and beauty with violence and revenge, the liberation of the robotic babes from the hands of the evil mastermind bent on forcing them to his sadistic will… Or it cold be interpetd as such. Actually, I had extra curtains and a fixation on Gewn Staffani’s Wind it Up! LOL Either way, there were steam punk Victorian outfits complete with spine baring cinchers, cute mini vic hats, lots of lets, awesome sleeves, and matching hand bags! LOL If you are going to get a new outfit, hat and bag must me included, so said my Grandmother! *g*
Fitting was done, I fell asleep on the Wonder Dog who was nice enough to risk the wrath of momma to hop up on the couch and be my body pillow. Good Doggy! Of course I am not sure of when I fell asleep o how his rump became my pillow…but the point is he was nice enough to volunteer. I went to bed. I am old. I got woken up for some interesting photography and a bra and panty part, but I was soon back to bed, hugging a borrowed stuffed rice ball (onigeri). See? PJ has everything! LOL
The next three days were filled with running to panels, ducking stalkers, and me throwing PJ and Renee to the wolves and under buses. They were Boobs and Legs and everyone loved them, not only for the obvious boobs and legs, but for their keen wit and intelligence.
There was very little sleep involved, but this is a nice tired filled with satisfaction of a job well done and not frustration of what could have been done better.
And we rocked the Masquerade! Author Robert C. Roman Jr ( was nice enough to be our mad scientist and murder victim and the Wind Up Dolls worked it with dance and humor, and showing off origional concepts. PJ was a hunter doll complete with futursictic 1930’s ray gun technology, Renee was the origional Steam Punk Gansta… (OSPG?) and I got to be the Lady doll. With the right make-up and lighting, we were scary and freaky, and cute all at the same time! LOL
And then there were the panels on diversity, tolerance, alternative lifestyles, anime, and Killing GOd In Front of CHildren! Oy! Golden Compass anyone? LOL And then there was the meeting of new people, of story and info exchange, and of just plain having fun! God, I love Philcon!
There are mini tales that I will get to later, but Renee and I made it back safely and our shared wife even gave us some of the most beautiful Thailand dancing dolls that I have ever seen. Grace and beauty…all of the things that I aspire to one day have, right there in a precious porcelain doll. *g*
And then I made it home and looked at my house…and that is a story for Court TV! ROTFLMAO
Flash, home and sleepy and playing catch up!

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