Hump day Hump! Teasing nc 17

here we are, part to  of Pirate vs Ninja! I am such a tease! LOL Who is keeping score?
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Jay stared down at the woman who had come so beautifully on his tongue.
She was hot.
There was no doubt about that. With her brown eyes and blond hair, she was a unique specimen in the dive that he frequented.
Amidst the dunks and the whores, she stood out like a disco ball.
And when had drunkenly stumbled up to her and made his half assed comment, she looked him up and down before giving him a grin that had his dick saluting.
He was going to play off his rudeness at first, but damn it, he had just completed a job. He had earned this little break.
He and the crew of the As You Wish had just taken on a Russian ship filled with yellow cake uranium. Yellow cake in its incomplete state was harmless, But with the right additives, it was the perfect fuel for Nuclear Bombs. And Yellow cake in the right hands could mean big bucks for the person who brought it in.
And Jay was that person.
The Russian ship was not expecting the mirror shielding or the advanced radar jammers that had made sneaking up on the weapon bound ship a treat.
Boarding it after he blasted a whole the size of a Buick in the hull was even easier. The crew reacted generously for having over fifty men armed with laser targeting armor piecing, tumbling razor claw bullets pointed in their direction. Or it could have been the manned rail guns that had locked on to the engines and their own cache of bombs.
Transfer of the yellow cake was smooth, the contact with the investors went smoothly, and he was up over twenty million after he paid his crew. Getting drunk was the natural thing to do.
And then this little vixen fell into his hands.
Life was perfect.
He was staring down at her with her legs spread and those perfect tits just bounding there.
And then she did something that mad him grip the tip and base of his dick to stop him from spewing all over that perfect little body.
“Fuck me.”
“Damn,” he moaned, closing his eyes for a second before he backed off to look for a condom. Not that he thought she got around or anything, but fuck, a man couldn’t be too careful.
But she moved, she shifted and before he could blink, she was holding a small black packet in her hands.
“”You want some of this?” She parted her legs and ran on finger over her clit before sliding it into her pussy.
“What do you think?” he asked, rolling his eyes and drooling at the same time. It was damn hard to try and play it cook when his little head was doing its best to take over and give her a pearl necklace the likes of which she had never received.
“Then wrap it,” she snapped and hurled the package at him.
He caught it instinctively but damn, she had an arm on her! She sent he packing whizzing like a weapon and it almost hurt when he caught it.
But she had handed him the key to burying himself inside her pussy so who was he to argue?
It took seconds to peel the wrapping off and slide the thin sheath down his dick.
But then she was on her knees, crawling to him before he even knew she had moved. The bitch was fast.
“Nice,” she putted and he felt his spine tingle as her small hand wrapped around his dick.
Her hands weren’t soft but they were not too hard either. And the way she was licking her lips.
“Can you hold out?” she asked, and before he could answer the hot cavern of her mouth was covering his head.
“Damn, girl!” he gasped, his hands burying themselves in her hair as she began to get some tongue action working. He could feel it even over the thin condom and suddenly he realized how blessed he really was.
One of her hands dropped low to cup his balls and give them a little tug that made his ties curl.
He felt his head drop back on his shoulders and a loud growl rolled up from his throat as he shifted his hips a little.
“Oh yeah,” she pulled off long enough to say. “Fuck my face.”
“Did I tell you I love you?” he damn near whimpered before she moved forward and she coughed once before swallowing him down until her hand fisted at his base stopped her.
She giggled and the vibrations made his eyes cross.
He pulled back and thrust forward, sinking into that silken wet heat. And damn if she wasn’t begging for more.
So he moved until he got a good rhythm, felling amused as the spit ran from her mouth and the loud slurping noised filled the room. He could feel his ass clench as he moved forward and ease as he pulled back, throughly enjoying this pick up.
The girl was talented and she was hot, and she was all for him.
He ran his hands over her scalp, soothing and encouraging without giving into his need to grip her head and fuck her face like there was no tomorrow.
Instead, he trailed his hands over her face, his thumbs caressing her ears and smiling as she began to hum.
“God, I haven’t felt anything like that in years,” he muttered, bending over her to observe her ass swinging form side to side as she got into her work.
And a ass like that deserved some attention.
He reached down and gave each rounded cheek a squeeze. The suction increased so he figured that she really was enjoying that. So he began to kneed and run and slide his fingers down her crack.
“Peachy ass,” he joked, running a ringer over her asshole and grinning as she slowed for a moment before beginning again with far more enthusiasm than before.
He was not stupid enough o even stick a finger there. He was unsure of her reaction and he would rater not have his dick bitten off, but he ringed it and made it twitch.
He was just getting into fingering her when she pulled back with a pop.
He sat up and stared down at her grinning face, her lips red and swollen from her feasting his dick, her eyes glittering like diamonds.
Then she leered.
“Are you sure its going to fit?”
Oh yeah, he was defiantly in love.