LOL Snippit of How Not to Date a Bear… Too! LOL

Sorry, I had to post this. I was laughing when I was typing so I had to share! LOL
“Unnnn—that feels so good…”
Theodore Bazanov, Keeper of Heritage and second in command of the Great Bear Clan if Manitoba shifted his ass just soo and groaned in pleasure he could not hide.
His whole body shuddered as it hit the perfect stop.  He squeezed his eyes closed and prayed he wouldn’t be too sore after, but this hardness, this thick mass… it was too good to stop.  Almost there… almost there… almost–
“Ohh, look at what we have here—“
The lascivious tone made Theo’s eyes open with a snap, bringing him back to a sudden and angering awareness.
Snarling, he turned from the tree he was using to try and reach that infuriating itch in the small of his back, to glare at the-
What the hell?
It was female, that much he could make out.
But she—um… She had bright red hair that glowed in swirls and curls around her head, giving her an almost bloody halo in the noonday sun. Her skin was a strange orange tan color, the shade of some old leathers he once owned… usually a tone not found on healthy human skin. Her eyes were a vibrant unnatural blue that seemed to have laser intensity.
Something in him recoiled at the sight of her; his flight or fight instincts taking a definite turn for fight.  For the first time in his life since he reached adulthood, Theo felt like prey and his bear didn’t like it one bit.