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Biker Broad
For Abner, kiss your wife
It was too hot on the beach.  In fact, it was so hot that he hated to move from his shaded spot to do anything!  The only good thing about having a spot on the beach was the fact that nobody could intrude on your privacy.  Damn, it was too hot!
That’s when he saw her.  At first he thought that she was some figment of his imagination, a heat-induced mirage in leather, but after blinking several times, he decided that he wasn’t seeing things and that she was definitely real!
Long dark auburn hair, the color of autumn sunsets, hung low on her back, the ends just striking her bottom.  As he watched, she lifted the flaming mass away from her neck and closed her eyes as a warm breeze caressed the damp skin there.
As she turned, he realized that the pants she was wearing were actually a pair of tasseled brown leather chaps.  He felt a tightening in his groin as he saw the rough edge of the tight leg gear end a few inches below a pair of ass cupping blue denim cut offs.  As she bent forward, he felt his mouth dry as two small slivers of pale flesh played peak-a-boo with his attentive eyes.  His day was starting to look up!
His breath caught when she again turned and presented him with her near perfect profile as she pulled her jacket from her body.  She sighed and arched her back, presenting him with the sight of two well-rounded full breasts with … perky nipples?  Yes, she wasn’t wearing a bra beneath her tiny white tank top and the sweat from her body plastered the thin cotton to her like a second skin.
Tossing the jacket aside, she slowly lifted one hand – a hand with long dangerous blood red nails – and absently brushed the glistening skin of her concave stomach.  Her hands went to the ties of the thick leather waistband that held up the chaps.
With the ease of a stripper, she loosed the small ties and sighed loudly as they gave up their grip on her narrow waist.  A small red band of skin was exposed as the waistband fell away, reminiscent of the small red welt that a smartly applied belt would leave on the soft tender flesh of a bottom.  His fantasies began to take flight.
He watched, her own personal voyeur, as she bent low from the waist to unfasten the silver buckles on her brown boots – bright shiny buckles.  The thumb ring on her finger glinted in the sun, drawing his attention to her long slim fingers.  She had piano player fingers!  Fingers that would know how to wrap around a man, know how to stroke just right, how to tease…  But his attention was again drawn by the way she delicately balanced on one foot and kicked her boot off.
She was like a living flesh-colored flamingo, graceful and prideful as she removed first one boot, then the other.  She wore a thick pair of white socks that bunched around her ankles, making her legs seem all the more shapely and delicate.
He sat forward in his chair, a captive audience of one, his hands gripping the armrests so tightly that his nails bit into the wood.
She threw her hands above her head, rising up on her toes to do so, and became a small goddess, reaching for the sun.
She lowered her arms, and in a slow lazy manner, eased the leathers from her body.
Sheer perfection!  She was the stuff of dark fantasies, boyhood nocturnal emissions, and the lies spun in locker rooms.  Her legs were long and sleek, delicately muscled, and did she ever fill out those minuscule shorts!
Flipping her hair over her shoulder, she again bent low to ease her socks from her small delicate feet.
He leaned forward in his chair and again was rewarded, but this time by the sight of those shorts rising up to the crack of her ass, proving that she wore nothing underneath and that he was a blessed man.  Would she bend further, perhaps rewarding his diligence with a glimpse of her hidden secrets?  But instead, her eyes widened like a doe caught in headlights.  Her eyes, a startling shade of green, glittered, her eyebrows drew together as her gaze centered on him.
So there he was, caught with an erection the size of a small tree tenting out the material of his pants, and all he could do was stare back.  He wasn’t embarrassed.  Hell, the size of his hard-on was impressive.  He just wished that she had removed a bit more before discovering him sitting there, enjoying the show.  Should he pull out his wallet and offer her a dollar and an inviting grin?  Should he apologize for observing her in such a state of … undress?  He did neither.
“This is a private beach,” he said in his best disgruntled homeowner’s voice.  “You are trespassing.”
“So what are you going to do about it?” she asked, her voice low and deep.
“I could come over there and paddle your backside, little girl,” he responded, a grin suddenly finding its way onto his lips.
How he would love to lay her across his lad and take a few swats at that perfect ass, to warm the twin cheeks of her peach-shaped bottom, to mark her as his in a way that would remind her for days to whom she belonged.
“Are you man enough to do it right?” she responded, the light of interest filling her face.  Her full lips parted as a small pink tongue flicked out to moisten and tease.  She leered at the bulge in his shorts before slowly rising to her full height.
We have a player!  He smiled as he realized that her nipples had grown hard and pushed against the confines of the half shirt as she listened to his words.  Her breathing increased a bit with her excitement as she dared him with her eyes to make good on his threat.
“Bad little girls need discipline,” he purred as he gestured her over.  “But if you want to be a good girl, you have to come to me.”
She tilted her head for a moment as she considered his body, the size of his erection, the span of his chest, the golden skin stretched over well-honed muscles.  He certainly looked strong enough to deliver on his promises.  She took a tentative step forward, relishing the feel of the warm sand against her bare feet.
Let the games begin!
She walked, stalked across the sands towards him, confident in what she was and sure of what she wanted.  Her eyes were locked onto his face as she moved closer, reading the approval in his eyes.
When she stopped in front of him, he nodded.
“Good girl.”  He rose to his feet and found that she was just a bit shorter than he was, perfect for a missionary, but even better for some severe handling.
“So what are you going to do now?” she asked.  She lifted the hair from her neck and thrust out her chest, preening for his pleasure.
“I’m going to take you into the house and see to you properly,” he replied.  He gestured her to move ahead of him.
“You are not going to hurt me?” she asked, as her lips again parted, this time to let her small white teeth tug at her bottom one.  She ran one finger over his bare chest, down between his pecs, before pushing just the tip over his washboard abs and into the waistband if his shorts.
“Only if you ask me politely.”  He gripped her wrist and lifted that wandering hand to his lips.  Once there, he gently captured her index finger and sucked it deeply into his hot mouth, his eyes challenging hers, his tongue bathing that wandering digit.
“Please?” she breathed, her pupils dilating at his actions as Goosebumps broke out on her skin.
“Go into the house,” he replied, waiting to see what she would do.
Slowly, she pulled her finger from his mouth, moaning at the suction that he applied.  Could he, would he, apply that same force to other parts of her body – more sensitive parts?
“Yes sir,” she all but purred.  She turned away from him, swaying her hips enticingly as she walked up the gritty wood steps that led to the sliding glass door that protected his sanctuary.
He followed closely behind her, watching her ass sway with her movements as she climbed and entered his dwelling.  Her slow roll mesmerized him, called to him, begged him to lay claim to the flesh that called him like a siren.  Once she disappeared inside, he took a deep breath to calm himself a bit.
He didn’t want to rush this pleasure, not yet anyway.  There were things that he had always wanted to do, and now he had the chance to do them.  He paused to look out over the beach once again.  He still hated it, but now he was beginning to enjoy the perks that came with it.  With one last glance, he entered the cool darkness of his house and walked into the gates of paradise.
Her eyes glowed in the dim light of the room with curiosity and desire as she wondered what he would do first.  He didn’t disappoint.
“Undress,” he ordered as he entered the one room cabin and headed straight for the massive bed against the far wall.  “And do it slow.”
She watched as he took a seat on the edge of the bed, ignoring his own need for immediate gratification to make this scene last a bit longer.  He crossed his arms over his chest and waited.
She did not disappoint.
With a teasing grin, she reached up and grasped the edge of her shirt.  With a toss of her long red hair, she turned her back to him as she lifted it.
The delicate small of her back was arched sensuously as the shirt eased up.  Her skin glowed, dewy and soft, as she whipped the shirt over her head, her hair immediately falling to cover the exposed skin.  She peered at him over her shoulder, her eyes taking in his calm face as she looked for his reaction.  He gave little away.
“Now the shorts,” he demanded.
Inside his chest, blood began to pump rapidly, filling the small veins of his cock, a pleasurable expansion that he relished, for it was one unexplainable delight that never failed to bring him joy.  His face remained impassive, but his heart was racing as he watched this beautiful erotic creature follow his every command.  Never before had he felt such power, such control, and he would use it all to bring her to screaming orgasms, to make her shout his name and leave all sense of propriety behind.
He heard the snap as she loosed the waistband, saw the tight material loosen as she sighed in true delight.
She looked cautiously at him again before easing the tight denim down her rounded thighs.
He watched patiently as they slid down, brushing against the sensitive backs of her knees before dropping to her ankles.
There she stood, a naked sea nymph, hidden from his view by only her long strands of rich auburn hair.  But even that was exciting to view, as the hair just stopped at the curve of her hips, drawing his hungry gaze to the round fullness of her bottom.
Lust heated his eyes as he examined her, causing her to shiver slightly in sensual fear.
“Come here,” he ordered softly, strong command in his tone.
“Yes sir,” she breathed as she lifted two handfuls of hair over her shoulders to provide some cover.
She turned quickly, as if she had to do this before she changed her mind, and took one tentative step forward.
“Stop,” he cried after that first movement.  “I want to examine my very bad girl from afar.  Is that your real hair color, or are you a cheat too?”
“It’s real,” she answered, her eyes dropping away from his gaze for a moment.
He said nothing, for his eyes were busy devouring the sight of her in her naked splendor.  She was Eve in the garden, Venus being born, the porn slut that he jerked off to.  She was his idea of perfection.
Her red hair parted slightly as it rested over her breasts, not hiding them, but emphasizing their charms.  The full plump orbs held stiffened berry-colored nipples – nipples just perfect for sucking – and bounced slightly as she pulled to a stop.  The muscles of her stomach were tight and small, her navel a sexy indention that begged to be licked.  His eyes traveled lower to…  He had to suck in a deep breath or lose it right there.
Her nether curls were the same rich red as the hair on her head, highlighted with golden streaks as if she had spent some time lying naked in the sun.  The rich color made her skin seem creamy and soft, and made his mind wonder.  What would she look like with her legs spread for his enjoyment?  Would her curls frame her moist delicate flesh, complementing the subtle feminine lips and the pleasure button that would throb for the touch of his fingers and his lips?
“Come,” he ordered a bit breathlessly as he pulled his thoughts together.  Those were pleasures that he would experience later.  For now, he wanted to feel that tight hot body writhing against his lap as his hands heated that perfect peach ass of hers.
She began gliding towards him again, her breasts swaying lightly with her steps, her hair parting and reveling more of her delicate treasures to his feasting eyes.
“Do you know why I must punish you?” he asked quietly.  She stopped a few inches away from him.  He could feel the heat from her skin, smell the spicy feminine scent of her arousal, see her trembling breaths and her chest rising and falling with her excitement.
“Because I was a bad girl,” she breathlessly replied.
“That’s right.  And bad girls need a spanking to teach them the error of their ways.”
She whimpered with excitement and a clear drop of her liquid desire trailed down her thigh.
“Bad and inpatient,” he chided, although the sight of the proof of her great desire for him almost made him end the game right there.  But playing was too much fun.
“I’m sorry,” she panted.  She began to rub her thighs together, trying in vain to ease the growing ache there.  “I can’t help it.”
“Cant help it?” he replied in mock alarm.  “Come closer and let me see.”
She whimpered as she took that final step, closed that final inch that separated them.  She felt his strength encompasses her, and she felt safe and excited at the same time.
“Closer child,” he ordered.  “Right across my lap.”
Shuddering with desire, she complied and seated herself across his hard thighs.
“So obedient for such a naughty little girl,” he mused as she settled herself comfortably.  The softness of her skin was amazing, as was the sexual heat wafting from her body.  He could feel the small tremors that shook her as she raised great liquid eyes to his.  She was primed and ready for action and he had yet to lay a finger on her.
“Yes,” she whimpered as she wiggled on his lap.  He could feel her moisture against his thigh.
“So impatient,” he purred as he brought his hands up.  But instead of touching her as she wished, he used one finger to brush the long strand of hair behind her back, exposing her slim shoulders and full breasts to his view.
“And you tried so very hard to hide these beauties from me.  That only increased the amount of your punishment, my dear.”
Her whole body quivered with increased passion as his words registered.
“But first, I need to see why you can’t help yourself.  Spread your legs.”
She paused for a moment, as if considering his words, then spread her thighs a few inched apart.  She bit back a moan as the fabric of his shorts gave way to his lightly furred thighs, and she felt the powerful muscles there shift to accommodate her movements.
“So very obedient now,” he purred as that single finger trailed lightly down her shoulder to her breast.  He paused to circle her diamond hard nipple, drawing a ragged groan from her lips as she licked them to ease the sudden dryness.
“So soft and yet so hard,” he whispered.  He bent low to drop small kisses against her shoulder, his tongue easing out to lazily taste her flesh.  The salty sweet taste made his body clench.  He closed his eyes and savored her unique flavor.
“Please,” she whimpered as she felt another warm gush of liquid delight drench his shorts.  “I need…”
“Poor baby,” he whispered.  His lips trailed downward, lapping at her skin.  “Want me to check it for you?”
“Yes, please,” she responded.  Her head dropped back, hair spilling across her back and draping over the arm he raised to support her.
“Soon,” he responded.  His head dropped lower, so that his tongue could slowly encircle her nipple, relish the feel of its peak against the skin of his tongue.
She whimpered and suddenly her hands were in his hair, pulling him lower, trying to force him to take that hard treat into his mouth.
But he resisted.  “You are asking for it,” he said quietly as he felt a tingling begin to take hold of his body.  He felt the tip of his cock begin to leak with his juices, before he again clamped an iron grip on his control.
“Yes!” she nearly cried as his head rolled back and forward across her neck, any modesty wiped away by the force he was building inside of her with a slight touch and a few words.
Then suddenly, his hands spread her thighs further, his finger grazed the sensitive skin of her upper thigh, teasing, running through the clear proof of her want, her need.
“You are so ready for me,” he purred as he took her nipple gently between his teeth, his tongue flicking out at the tight bud.
“Yes!” she sobbed.  Her thighs clamped down, trapping his hand, trying to force him into her wet heat.
With a chuckle he complied and buried his long digits into her creamy flesh.
“Oh!” she shuddered as she felt his strong fingers brush lightly over her flesh, parting her curls and seeking her tightly drawn clit.  “Yes, please.”
He was amazed at the wetness that he felt, at the drawing heat!  She was an inferno and the mere thought of sinking his cock into that raging fire brought a moan to his lips.  Her soft hair parted to reveal the swollen nubbin of her desire, the seat of her passion, and he relished the scream that erupted from her throat.
But he pulled back.  “Not yet, my dear.  You need to take your punishment like a big girl before you can take your pleasure.”
Swiftly, just as his words registered, she was flipped over onto her stomach, her abdomen resting again the wet spot she put on his shorts, her hair dragging the floor, obscuring her view, her bottom lifted invitingly.
With one hand resting against the small of her back, his other caressed the rounded globes of her flesh, warming them, preparing them for the treatment that she desired and that he longed to give.
She whimpered in sexual fear and longing as she felt his hard hands moving over her soft flesh.  His thigh muscles clenched as he moved, teasing her mound, making her wiggle closer to his masculine hardness as she struggled to part the hair obscuring her eyes.
“You are such a bad girl,” he teased.  He smoothed her skin and admired the perfect shape of her bottom.
He fought to control his tremors as his mind began to melt down.  He had the perfect woman, his perfect woman, spread out across his lap like some sensual blanket, waiting for the heat that his hands would deliver.  His hard-on raged against his shorts, begging to be set free, but he had to finish what he had stared.  He glanced down at her wiggling flesh and closed his eyes for a moment.  His dream was about to become reality.
“Are you ready?” he whispered as he pulled his hand back to deliver the first stinging blow.
She whimpered and stiffened a moment before his hand fell with a satisfying thwack.
“Oh!” she cried, her body arching into the slight pain.  She wiggled her bottom enticingly for more.
He shuddered as he looked down to where his hand rested.  Her flesh began to glow a little pink where his hand had landed, adding a rosy color to her upturned cheeks.
He raised his hand again and let it fall, his blood rushing as his hand connected with her jiggling flesh.
“Yes…  Oh please,” she whimpered as she rose up to meet his next blow.
“Bad girl,” he growled, lust making his voice deep and tight.  “Enjoying your punishment.”
He raised his hand and let it fall again, relishing the heat that began to rise from her ass, the little squeals that she made as his hand landed, the sensual wiggle of her bare body against his lap.
Again and again his hand dropped, turning her bottom into a rose-colored pillow, making her juices run, her voice whimper with passion.
He felt the fire in his blood center in his crotch as she squealed and begged for more.  He began to sweat, a light sheen making his body glow as her body arched for his every touch.
Then, just as suddenly, he lifted her, righting her on his lap.  One arm went immediately around her back to support her while he forced her thighs open with his other hand.
“Are you ready now?’ he growled, his palms shaking as he teased her inner thighs.  “Are you ready for me?”
“Yes!” she hissed.  She blinked back tears of painful desire from her face.  She wanted him to ease the heat, to pound her flesh, to take her tripping beyond the light fantastic!  Almost frantically, she pulled at his hair, forcing his face close, coating his skin with kisses and licks.  She was going up in flames, but oh, what a lovely way to burn!
“Not yet,” he teased.  He stood on his feet and dumped her to the bed.  “Not until I have a little taste.”
Instantly her hands went to her breasts, offering them up for his greedy mouth, but he shook his head.
“Too common.  Offer me something that will quench my thirst.”
Slowly she parted her thighs, looking up at him from a tangled mass of red hair.
“More,” he panted as his hands went to the waistband of his shorts, loosening it, making her eyes follow as he slowly caressed the bulge that stood out in front.
Whimpering, she parted her legs further, her hands tugging at her nipples, her face flushed in lust.
“Now show me where you would like your first kiss?”
She exploded.  She threw back her head, and with a primal scream, erupted into streaming convulsions of pleasure.  Her thighs shot out wide and her head arched back on the bed, exposing the long length of her neck, and tremors began to shake her body.
“Damn, I’m good,” he purred as he watched her twitch and writhe on the bed.
Unable to help himself, he dropped his shorts to his ankles and easily stepped out of them as he walked closer to the bed.  His eyes almost teared as he watched the erotic creature that lay before him, a feast for his very senses.
Her breathing began to slow as he placed his knees on the bed, the small dip in the mattress from his weight shifting her body a little.
“Where?” he asked, knowing that this was a critical time for her.  If he could hit all the right buttons, he could possibly made her blow off again even before he slammed his full length into her hungry little slit.
“Here,” she managed to gasp, still under the divine pressure of her first climax, but if his expression was any indication, it was the first of many to come.
With trembling hands, she reached down, moaning as her fingers caressed the flesh of her stomach, trailing gently down her nave, her red nails contrasting sharply with her tanned skin, to brush the mound of her feminine shield.
“Yes, baby,” he purred.  “Show me!”
With a small scream, her fingers delved below, parting her slick swollen lips to expose her throbbing bud of need.
“There?” he asked.  He ran one finger lightly over her moist flesh.
“Yes!” she sobbed as her body arched into his touch.
“So pretty,” he purred.  He began gentle exploration.  “So damn pretty.”
She groaned and tossed her head back, her lashes covering the glittering green orbs of her eyes as her body responded to his masterful touch.  She was his to do with as he willed; she was his plaything, and she was loving every minute of his dominance.
“I want to taste,” he purred as he brought his fingers, glistening with her dew, to his lips and slowly lapped her essence.
She quivered, her fingers still holding herself open to his gaze, but pressing inward, giving her a feeling of fullness, making the anticipation of the real thing all the more intense.
“None of that” he purred.  He pulled her fingers back and lifted them towards his face.  She grunted as he sucked those digits into the deep cavern of his mouth, savoring her flavor straight from her fingers.  “You taste like a woman should, hot and musky, and sweet.”
His words caused another liquid gush of pleasure to rush from her body, dampening the sheets beneath her.
With a grin, he dropped his head, blowing cool air across her exposed skin.  His tongue lapped at the fluid that dribbled from her opening.
“Hot and fresh,” he breathed as his tongue made forays across her delicate skin.
She moaned and her hips arched into his mouth, waiting for a deeper pleasure, a more forceful kiss.  And he did not wait too long to deliver!
Growling his pleasure, he pushed his face in close to her, butting his nose into her wet fur, his mouth sucking at her swollen lips.
“Yes,” she moaned.  Her hands dropped down to pull at his hair, caressing his scalp and urging him closer to her want.
He was happy to oblige.  With loud slurps and grunts, he began to feast in earnest, her small cries driving him onward in her quest for oral delight.  His face was coated with her essence, his nose filled with the smell of her, yet he wanted more!
Easing one caressing hand away from her thigh, he lightly massaged the line of her bottom, before plunging his finger in her receptive heat, searching for that inner button that would drive her wild!
She screamed and arched as if struck by lightening, then cried out again as his suckling lips latched onto her clit.
She closed her eyes, unable to keep them open in the face of his mastery of her body!  She felt her walls clamp down on his finger as she tossed her head from side to side.  Soon that finger was joined by another, and then another until she felt stretched, but not full.
He began a curious tapping, a searing caress tight at her inner spot, and she felt herself being swallowed by the flames.
“Yeah!” he said as he felt her climax explode, felt her muscles drag at his finger greedily, felt her body tumble into delight.
Quickly, he slid his fingers out of her, absently sucking them between his lips as he watched her body quake and her eyelids flutter.
“Please?” she begged, forcing her eyes open, still feeling a need clawing at her.  “Now!”
Without warning, he slammed his full length into her willing body, stretching the thin membranes of her walls, striking lighting with his hard stroke!
A primal sound of ecstasy exploded from her throat, her hips lurched up to meet his thrusts, her arms went around his shoulders to pull him closer.
“Abner!” she yelled, hard hot lightening filling her body.
He sighed as he felt himself sink into her molten heat!  It was better than any fantasy that he had ever imagined.  Her hot little body pressed up against his, begging for his hardness, for his command.  He dropped his elbows beside her head, gripping a fistful of her hair and pulling her eyes to meet his.
“Who am I?” he growled as he held still, forcing her body to lay quiet under his.
“Abner,” she gasped, tears rolling down her face as she arched her back to rub her hard nipples against the firmness of his chest.
He could feel her inner walls, slick and hot quivering around him, milking his cock, trying to force a reaction, but there was only one person in control here now.
“Who am I?” he asked again as he pushed deeper, to the hilt inside her, and flexed.
“Oh God!” she groaned, shaking in his grasp, her tongue licking at her dry lips.
“Not that good, baby,” he replied.  “Now tell me who I am!  Tell me!”
“My … my … my master!” she finally screamed, her sweat-sheened body begging for release, her eyes pleading for him to … move!
“Yes!” she shrilled as he pulled slowly back so that only his bulbous head remained inside her, taunting her for a moment, then quickly slammed home.  “Abner!”
It was a masculine ravishing, a dominating force that swept through her body, turning her defenses into mush and making her heart sing with joy.
He closed his eyes and pressed his tongue to the roof of his mouth, fighting to maintain control.
Her hot body quivered with each thrust, small screaming sounds exploded for her throat every time he bottomed out.  His body felt like it was encased in a velvet vice of molten steal!  He was losing himself in the pleasure, losing himself in the sensation of falling within her.  She arched up, meeting each of his thrusts with a hunger that he had not known existed.  And like him, she wanted more.
Releasing her hair, he reached back and brought her legs around his waist, making the fit even tighter, leaving not an inch of space between the two of them.
“Take it!” he cried as he tightened his stomach and slammed into her with all the pressure he could muster.  He groaned at the sight of his hardness breaching her, parting her, filling her.  “You want it, take it!”
“Yes!” she screamed as she dug her nails into his butt, leaving small crescents where she broke the skin.  “Give it to me!”
He grunted in both pain and pleasure as the fiery marks filled his mind with white-hot heat, making his body twitch and burn.
“Yes!” he answered, shifting his movements so that his hard penis caressed that internal spot that made her jump and cry.  “Give it to me!”
She whimpered, her head slammed backwards, her thighs clamped tightly around his waist as she felt the explosion approaching.
“I’m going to…”
“Come!”  He cried it, but she did it!
“Yes!” she screamed as she felt inner convulsions ripping through her body, clamping around his hard flesh, waves of fiery release circling from where they joined to encompass her whole body, stealing her breath, quickening her heart.
“Feels so good!” he grunted as he felt her body milking the first spirits of his release from his cock.  “So damn good!”
He felt his testicles tighten and pull away from his body, his shaft vibrate and quiver with completion.  He dropped his chest and buried his face in her neck as the first explosion began to rocket through his body.
He grunted as each spurt of his hot seed erupted in tingling blasts, his back arching as climatic waves flooded from his spine to his stomach, then on to his straining manhood.
“Kim!” he shouted as finally the tension built into a mind-blowing explosion!  He grunted again and again as he lurched, lost in a minefield of passion, lost in his release, lost within her.
He felt his body begin to soften inside of her gently quivering sheath, causing one last spasm to leak from his cock as he rested lightly against her, trying his best not to crush her beneath his weight.
“Oh baby,” she purred, struggling to catch her breath as she held him tighter to her cooling body, enjoying the last lingering aftershocks that leached the strength from both of their bodies.
“I still hate the beach,” he breathed into her shoulder, too tired to lift his head.
“Well, next time, we’ll go the to forest.  Will that make you happy, lover?” she asked.
He paused for a moment, then managed to lift his head to peer into her eyes.
“That depends.  Do you still have that leather Pocahontas outfit?  The leather one with all of those tassels?”
“Maybe,” she purred, her body quickening at the thoughts that popped into her head.
“I always wanted to tie you up in leather and have you under the stars.”
She paused for a moment.  “I’ll call the travel agent, you call your boss and take another two weeks off.”
“God, I love being married to you!” he laughed.