Hump day Hump! WOOT! *g*

This one is from a book called Frost Bitten. *g* It’s one half of a hump…. if you want the second part, just let me know and I’ll send it out! *g* I am going full tilt on about three projects and won’t be around a lot this week, but I am still here! *g*
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Frost Bitten
Damn, she knew how to touch him right!
The feel of her hot hands, those caressing fingers, sent fever hot tremors through his body.
He sighed as a wet tongue followed the trail of those fingers, across the tightly corded muscles of his stomach to the trail of hair that started just above his navel.
“Yes,” he muttered as he felt her tongue travel through his hair to lap at the base of his cock, making the eleven inches rock hard and pulse at her skilled touch.
She drug her tongue along the shaft, leaving a moist wet trail that her fingers firmly massaged into his skin as her hand fisted around his length.
The first puff of air on the hooded head caused streams of precum to roll out of his slit to be eagerly lapped up and savored.
As soon as his body registered this delicious sensation, his whole head was engulfed in the wettest hottest mouth that he had ever encountered.
“Gods,” he gasped as the skilled tongue began to run around his glans, to ease into the silken hood of his uncut cock, to tease the sensitive head inside.
“Mmm,” She purred as she began to suck.
He shuddered at her actions.  It was a pleasure bordering on pain!  She raked her nails across his back, combining the burning with the cool caress of her touch.
Again and again she raked her nails, tearing and rending…
Wait!  This wasn’t right!
He tired to move, but suddenly, his hands were slammed against a wall, strong hard hands holding him in place.
He opened his mouth to protest such treatment, but a blinding pain so sharp struck his body that it left him mute and gasping for breath.
He opened his eyes and saw….
The same chamber, the same stone wall, the same manacles holding him in place.
“That was fun,” a female hissed from behind, in his ear and then he remembered in stunning clarity.
He was not in the bed of some pleasurer, he was being held captive in this hot place.  And he wasn’t experiencing joy at a skilled woman’s hands, he was experiencing the after effects of the drugs she had forced into him.
It wasn’t all a dream; it was reality.  And it wasn’t over yet.