Hump Day Hump NC 17 and a solo act….

This is from a WIP entitled How Not to Date a Fae.
I like the hero already! *g*
How Not to Date a Fae

“I want you now!”
Ario moaned softly as the words sang by Martian Gore seemed to pierce his very soul.
He was hot, so hot and the moans and the sexually explicit droning beat coming from his stereo didn’t help matters any.
Muscles tightened and bulged from his deliberately slow movements. One fist was clenched tightly in his white cotton sheet, ripping it form his moorings on the side of his bed. The other hand gripped his dick hard, pumping at it almost violently as the words of the song flowed over his sweating body.
“I want you now!”
He moaned, his head flying back, his shoulder length black hair flying back to frame his face in ebony locks of silk. Sweat leant his body a golden aura that was picked up and reflected in the light of the five candles that lit his darkened bedroom, creating a spot light for a one man show that no one would ever see.
Or so he thought.
“I want you now.”
He squeezed hi eyes shut as his arousal and his loneliness seemed to fill his chest. He concentrated on one and pushed the other away, his fist beating ever more rapidly at his hot throbbing dick.
Yes, throbbing. That was the only way to describe the incessant swelling between his legs, the pulsing shaft of cock that had been in an unusual state of arousal all damn day.
Nothing he did would make his dick behave, not the cold showers, not the hard back breaking labor, not the thought of all he left behind to venture here into the wilds. Nothing worked so he was forced to resort to once of his most hated and beloved activities.
Do you know what it means to be left this way? When everyone’s gone, these feelings they stay! I want you now!”
God that man’s voice, Ario moaned, arching his back into his thrusts, fucking his fist harder than he would ever dare do to anyone else.
His heels dig into the bed as he slid his legs up, lying prone not giving him what he needed.
He needed to thrust to fuck, to slam into something and he needed it more than breath.
A sobbing cry left his lips as he rose up to his knees, his thighs spread wide as he pounded away at his dick.
Not enough, not enough, not enough, his mind chanted and he ran his free hand over his chest, pulling at his nipple rings, hissing as the small pain drive him closer to what he desired but not far enough to topple him over the edge.
“F—fuck,” he stammered his hand rolling down his chest, sparks igniting wherever his fingers passed, and down to tug and roll at his balls.
This made him sit back on his heels so intense was the bright shaft of pleasure, but it was not enough.
He tugged harder, almost angrily and this dick got harder, the precum flowed more furiously, and he was no closer to release.
Frustration built as the air was filled with the sounds of his moaning and the wet squelch of his fist and his dick.
He was almost sobbing as the tension and the pressure built and built with no release valve in sight. He was growing afraid that he would go mad before he ever obtained his elusive orgasm.
Tears rolled down his cheeks, mixing and falling with the sweat that freely fell from his body as his hand released his balls and then it struck.
Combined pain and pleasure, the ultimate agony mingled with the ultimate ecstasy. This eclectic sensation ran thought his body, bowing it as he lost all control and fell to the damp sheets below him. It curled him into a fetal position as he felt the built up fluids in his cock break free of their fleshly prison and send fiery bolts thought he head of his dick.
The screams that tore from his mouth were both rapturous and agonized as he sobbed out his body’s release.
“Do you know what it means to be left this way? When everyone’s gone, these feelings they stay. I want you now.”

As the last lyrics and the moans of the ending song filled the air, Ario stuffed his fist in his mouth, tasting the remains of his hard sought release in his hands even as he strived to stifle his sobs.
“No more,” he gasped between sobs as the sensitivity in his body began to decrease, as his nerves that were screaming out their abuse now subsided into the soreness that would plague the surface of his skin for days. “No more,”
Yet as he sobbed, he felt a sudden lightness of being, a wave of heat that was comforting as it was compassionate. It didn’t tae away his pain or the quickly fading pleasure, but it managed to cloud his mind, to clam his body so that his sobs soon disappeared as his was lost to a dark cocoon of sleep.
“No more,” a small voice promised as its owner leaned against the window. Eyes no larger than copper pennies gleamed with determination as tiny hands pressed against the glass.
Then quick as a flit, the tiny being was gone, its silvery gleam lost in the night sky, like so many dancing fireflies.
It had work to do. The decision had been made.

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