Rise by Sin (Sympathy For the Devil 3)

Cover - Rise by Sin (Sympathy For the Devil 3)Title: Rise by Sin
Series: Sympathy For the Devil #3
Pages: 99
Release Date: 2018
Published by: Changeling Press

Python is more than just a pretty face, more than the quiet guitar god from the band Abadon. In another time, in another place, he was pure Sin. While taking a break, the god of the moon stumbled onto the person who made his whole life complete.

Orion Bane was not like the other boys. In fact he was born a she, but he never let that get in the way of a good time. When his flirtations with the sexy redhead led to a heated night of passion, Orion was sure he had met the man of his dreams... but he never expected that man to be a god.

Nowhere in the stars was it written that these two should meet, but when lust meets understanding, love could happen, if Orion is brave enough to Rise by Sin...

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"Oh, for the love of prostate abuse and little fluffy kitties, make it stop!" Apollon threw himself rather dramatically onto the sofa in the communal living room as the sounds of disgustingly spectacular, backbreaking, bed-wrecking sex filled the air. "Did we have to pay a deposit on the mattress? 'Cause if they fuck it up, I'm not paying for it."

"I thought they were moving back to Charle's place after Hash threw a bucket of water on them," Sin grumbled as he determinedly rose to his feet. His snake, the as-of- yet unnamed snake, wrapped itself around his arms almost as if it needed the comfort, like the screams and yowls coming from Abadon's bedroom were striking terror in its cold little heart.

"They left," Hash, who was in the middle of unbinding his long black braids, muttered. "They apologized for being loud, reminded me that good sex is a building block in a solid foundation of a relationship, and rolled out to get kinky at Charle's place. His walls are insulated." He looked down at the waist-length mass of wavy hair in his lap and wrinkled his nose as he carefully untangled a lock of hair with a wooden rat-tail comb. "Then they came back to get more clothes for Abadon and that happened."

"Make it stop," Apollon whimpered, rolling to his stomach and covering his head with his hands. "I didn't do anything to deserve this."

"You encouraged their joining," Sin pointed out, adjusting his grip on the snake so that it mostly rested across his broad shoulders, its head curving to rest at the base of his neck. "So some of the blame can be laid at your feet."

Apollon lifted his head, his silvery eyes glinting at his friend in pained amusement as he whispered in his unnaturally deep voice, "You said laid."

Sin, better known as Python, awesome guitarist for the band Abadon, frowned at his long-time friend and fellow nearly forgotten god. "You're not funny."

"Yes, I am!" Apollon, also known as Enk -- god of mischief, creation, and water -- sat up in feigned indignation. "I am the funniest person you know. My sense of humor is legendary. I have been known to bring smiles to the..."

The screams from the next room filled the air.

"You like that, don't you? You dirty little cock-slut!"

They all froze at the unique sound of Charle Lexington, ace reporter for Rolling Stone magazine, dominating their friend and band leader Abadon, once known as Nergal, god of war and destruction.

"Fuck yes!" The lead singer's distinctive and loud voice, a voice that once boomed out orders to fighters on battlefields, mewled in delight.

"And I'm out." Hash was on his feet, hair flying around him as he all but leaped into his Chuck Taylors and fled the scene. "I am so out..."

Apollon was right behind him, trying to hold in his snickers as he shadowed his friend, leaving Sin standing there in shocked dismay.

"Hmm... I thought he would be the one to top," he explained to his snake as he too quit the room while a loud series of smacks and screams rolled through the closed bedroom door.

Shrugging, Python ran his hands through his bright red locks and made for the exit as well. There was a bar downstairs. He had no idea where the others went, but he deserved a drink.

"Daddy!" Abadon bellowed, and Python winced.

Maybe three or four drinks. After this, he deserved to get a little tipsy.

* * *

Sin made it to the lobby before he realized that maybe he should have put more thought into his escape plans. With the breaking news of Abadon and his public declaration of love just two days before, their hotel had been swamped with paparazzi, protestors, counter-protestors, and screaming Locust fans. They had changed hotels twice, but the third time seemed to be the charm as there were no surprise people waiting for them in their suite. But that didn't mean they weren't waiting for them outside.

As he peered around the corner, he saw a crowd of no less than fifty people waiting, along with reporters and protestors.

Sighing, he made his way into the nearest bathroom, wondering where Hash and Apollon had disappeared to.

He sent out a quick flash of magic to ensure that he was alone before he pulled the flat bull-head pendant free of his T-shirt.

"Sorry, Snake," he whispered to his constant companion. "I know I promised you a day in the sun, but that will have to be for later."

Closing his eyes, he felt the pull of his powers as he called upon the transformative energy of the moon. Within seconds his signature bright red head of waist-length curls was muted down into a deep rich bloodred and straightened until it lay flat and heavy against his skull. His brown eyes deepened until they were nearly black, and his skin darkened into a deep tan. Snake, his ever-faithful companion, shivered and flattened and melded into his being until the large albino python was a very detailed and elaborate full-body tattoo. Her head now rested high on his shoulder while the rest of his colorful tattoos faded out of existence save for the crescent moon-shaped tattoo in the center of his chest.

He petted the snake's head once, feeling her wriggle in his skin with pleasure, before he turned to face the mirror.

While still a pretty large man at six feet five inches, he was no longer recognizable as the lead guitarist and rock god Python. Now he was merely Sin, eccentric intellectual who happened to love snakes.

He held out one hand, and in a flash a pair of squared black-framed glasses appeared. Smiling, he slipped them on and nodded at his overall look.

He resembled himself again.

Being the rock star was fun, and the worship he pulled from being in the spotlight was amazing, but sometimes he just wanted to lose himself in a stack of books with a hot cup of tea and his companion snake.

But he was in this thing for survival. If he wanted to live he had to maintain a steady flow of worship to prevent him from fading like so many of his comrades from days past...

Themes: Dark Desire, Gay, Multicultural & Interracial, Rock Star Romance