And now, a Shark Week Rant!!! *g*

OMG I hate SHARK WEEK! Need pain meds or rum… or a lot of chocolate! But I had to go out and do shopping. Do you know how hard it is not to smack people with shopping carts when they act stupid dring SHARK WEEK? ARGH! I ran from this annoying chick in Family Dollar where I was just there to get soap! Soap, I tells you! And her voice was that whiney smokey stripper with a third grade education…

 not knocking strippers– most of them are pretty cool, but this chick! ARGH! Her voice and her mullet and her BRIGTH FRIGGIN BLUE EYESHADOW that matched nothing ran me into the back of the store where I found a nice deal on Mr. Clean with Febreze, but was five bucks more than I intended to spend. She went on about her boyfriend who kicked her out and made her catch the bus at 3 in the am and how everyone is jealous of her skanky ass… no lie when I saw white trash meets hot ghetto mess– and how she was on the bus stop in the middle of the night… ARGH! Pant! Pant! pant! This rant brought to you by Shark Week, mother natures way of saying your big girl panties aren’t big enough and giving men an excuse to work overtime since puberty… if they know what’s good for them!!! *g*

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  1. Steph, not sure if u will remember me, its been about ten yrs since I’ve been in contact with any author. I was one of the origional members of The tangents group on yahoo… got in the way, BUT I have rescently decided to take back my life…& to start I’m reading again 🙂 I was wondering where I can purchase your books? I’m rereading all my ebooks but want to continue on with the series…..I’m rediscovering the joys of escaping in a book…sweet oblivion lol thanks Slowbirdi

    1. Buy links for all of Flash’s books are on the individual book pages. You can also look her up by name at most online ebook retailers — Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance eBooks.
      ~ Renee

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