It's your NC17 rated M/M Hump Day Hump!!!

Okay ladies and gent’s! It’s Your HUMP DAY HUMP!!! This one also unedited from Broken Wings book 1..coming soon from Changeling Press! *g* NC17 M/M smexiness! *g*
“I am not a whore,” he grumbled, staring down at the glossy blue head. Klintic’s solid black eyes seemed amused as he stared up at him.
“No, not a whore. Never that. You are too intelligent to take that rout. But if you were of my realm

, you would be an esoteric bard, crafting tales of passion and desire, brining whole kingdoms low with the power of your voice and your imagination. You were made for the finer things, darling man. You were not meant to toil.”
“I was a foot ball player, Klintic. It’s a violent sport. I only stopped because someone injured my knee.”
Klintic’s hand traced down his legs to caress the scars that covered his left knee. After five surgeries to correct his problems, Angel knew that it wasn’t the most impressive part of his body.
“Scars like a warrior on a escoterics body. These are marks of honor, Angel. And your body has seen much damage. But it only strengths your character… body of a warrior, soul of a scholar, heart of a lover—“
“Shut up and put my dick in your mouth.”
As he spoke Klintic continued to rub his face across his groin, the head of his cock rolling across his smooth cheeks. It was driving him mad to look down and see the silvery trials of his precum slicking up the man’s face.
“You smell divine,” Klint continued while rolling his balls delicately in his palm. His other hand trailed over his legs, up the inside of his thighs then up to tease at the skin below his navel. “Maybe I will take you in to my mouth”
“Please,” Angel whimpered refusing to close his eyes as Klint leaned up and delicately lapped at his shaft.
HI]is legs begin to give way and he reached for Klintic’s shoulders, his fingers brushing his wings and he froze.
The last time he had touched them, he had been thrown back into a tree. But this time, he only felt a tiny spark of that static electricity before a thick rush of heat rolled thought his body.
“The fuck?” he snapped, them hissed as that heat seed to fine his ever erogenous zones and smooth over each and every one. “What was that?”
Even Klintic looked amazed for a moment, before a wicked grin spread across his face. “My magi. It seems to like you,” he purred before gripping the base of his cock and swallowing it down.
“Holy Shit!” Angel gasped, his fingers tightening on Klintic’s shoulders as lighting stuck his body.
His nipples hardened untouched beneath his t-shirt, his hips arced to get his dick deeper into that tight wet head, his knees would have given completely away of Klintic didn’t grip his hips to hold him in place.
“Sensitive,” Klintic chuckled after he pulling off with a slurp. “And you don’t have ridges… But your cock has left a pleasant taste in my mouth, my Angel. I would have more. May I have more?”
“You don’t even have to ask,”
Angel found himself shaking on the verge of exploding as again Klintic expertly swallowed his whole length. His throat muscles tightened down around him like nothing he had ever felt before. And then Klint used his tongue to bathe his balls.
He had to see. He looked down and nearly cried out at the sight. Those black eyes open, staring him in the face. He felt frozen as if Klintic was looking into his soul. Then he felt his fingers slide between his cheeks.
Angel cursed as he could not get his legs wider with his panes trapping his legs below the knees.
“You like this” he pulled off to ask.
“Just get a finger in there!” Angel demanded, reaching for Klintic’s head to shove his cock back into his moth. He wanted it all and Klintic was very wiling to deliver.
He hummed as he swallowed him down this time, making Angel go up on his knees and began to mentally recite Super Bowl stats just to stop from climaxing.
He felt Klintic’s finger slice of his anus, pressing firmly, giving him pressure but no penetration.
He heaved, pushing back, but then Klintic swallowed again and he was pushing forward trying to get deeper.
His body was confused, not knowing to push back to thrust down.
“Please,” he whined, feeling an empty ach in his ass. He loved to be filled, had a few dildos in his bedside table for that, but now there was warm living flesh playing with is ass and it was driving him crazy.
Smirking around his mouthful of cock, Klintic pressed in hard, his finger sliding in deep.
“Fuck!” he screamed, closing his eyes as his body trembled.
Then he was slowly being fucked with that long finger. He couldn’t remain silent.
“Please, Klintic,” he begged. “Harder! Do it harder! Fuck me with your finger and don’t you stop!”