Please be patient, this is my first time…

No, this is not Steph. I am Dennis aka the Viking aka Flash’s husband. As some of you have heard, I was in a pretty serious motorcycle accident about 3 weeks ago and it has temporarily limited my mobility. The accident has also created a situation that causes Steph to have to do more outside  of the house. Steph has asked me to help her out with her web page and keeping her friends, fans, and family up to date with the latest information and what books are out or coming out soon. This is my first time doing anything like this, so I am asking everyone to be a little patient.  Thanks!
First, we have “Broken Wings” part 1 which is currently scheduled to come out November 11th
Next, we have “Razor’s Edge: A Halloween Tale” coming out in late October. According to Stephanie’s line editor, this book is deliciously twisted.
Another story coming soon is “Rookery Cove Collection, Vol. 2″
“I loved this story…. This is a very sensual, kinky story that I would recommend to anyone looking for a scorching read.”    5 Hearts! — Sandra, The Romance Studio
Finally, keep a look out for “Broken Wings” part 2, as well as her Christmas take in which Jack Frost is a sadistic bastard!

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