Trapped in the ER

The ER is hte most ghetto place I know. And that is saying something! My high school class could not eve get their act together enough to haveĀ  year book! But here I am again, third trip to the ER this month, twice for me, once for Malani, and I want to cry.
I think my UTI came back with a vengeance. I think its trying to kill me. And this is after my court date for my traffic violation. Of course, i get RObo-cob or the state trooper who watched a little too much chips in his childhood. He had 104 tickets written, and most of hte violators were a no show. Evn the Judge asked him if he volunteered for extra traffic duty! I got PBJ and a reduced fine, Good judge, and then it was right to the er.
You have not experienced pain until you have had a miscarriage, given birth, or had a bad UTI. I was almost crying in the courtroom! But after some run around (Me looking for a ban because they don’t take VIsa or certain banks debt cards, I was out of there and straight to the ER.
ANd I have been sitting here for three hours. There is a influx of complaining kids that really don’t have anything better to do but to curse and swear and abuse the English language with profane language (and its bad if I am complaining about the amount of cursing going on) and make sure that everone in earshot can hear.
Check out the highlights!!
Getting beat up by their boyfriends-check
cheating live in lovers- check
I;m hungry-check
Oh addedum on the hungry, I;m hungry for a chicken box- check.
They taking too long- (Direct quote) check
I;m going to church after my live in lover cheats on me and I had to cures hi sstupid ass out, Help me Jesus!- check
And let us not forget random drug use references, I’m gonna stab you and cut off your dick if you bruise me again, will you go the the bathroom with me to give this urine sample? No? You are a bastard and an asshole, he stole my car, He needs to go with the chick he;s fucking….and many more.
And let us not forget the classics. I don;t know where that knot came from? Are you going to call teh cops? and You people are full of shit! An hor for blood tests? They trippin’. yo!
I want to get out of here so damn bad! I wish I could walk out, but walking is difficult and I am in too much pain to go anywhere. I hate going to the ER alone, makes it hard to whine and not look stupid.
So I am going to sit here and write until they are done wiht my tests and get me the hell out of here! God, help me! They are turning up the TV on some cable judge show! WHY, God!? What did I do to deserve this? Waaaaa!!!!!
Flash, in pain and almost in tears, and I want to go the hell home!

Have You Been Flashed?
Stephanie Burke