It;s the Hump Day Hump! Ninja vs Pirate 6 NC 17 F/M/F…

I missed you all last week… Hospital and all. But here is your Hump Day Hump! Opal and Liza are not done toying, snicker, with Jay. He was a bad boy, but did he deserve this?! Well, maybe he wasn’t good enough to deserve this either….. LOL
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Part the sixth

The words tore from Jay’s mouth, and Liza let a low nasty cuckle roll form her throat.
He was bucking like a stallion, flopping like a fish, and Liza was very amused.
Her finger was burrined up to the sexond knuckle in his ass, pressing agasint his hot button, and he was powerless to do anything about it.
Opal was doing her job, holding him in place, muffling most of his protests with her hot sweet pussy…
Oh yeah, Liza thought. I went there. It was probably one of the reasons she and Opal were trying to beat the shit out of each other.
Their love affair, while hot and sweet, was not enough to stop the backstabbing that went on for want of a good job.
Money trumps sex any day.
And now, here she was, this bad little boy dancing on her finger like a meat puppet, his hard cock swaying in the breeze, and her favorite female fuck riding his face like he was a bucking bronco.
Life might not always be good, but it was good now.
“Poor bad little boy,” she muttered, jabbing her finger hard against his hot button, surprised when he didn’t just explode right then and there. Most men did, it you hit their prostrate just right the first time it was touched…. Or maybe it wasn’t the first time.
“Oh, he tongues harder when you do that,” Opal nodded in approval. “DO it again.”
Disregarding the fact that it was an order, Liza indeed again applied direct pressure to his prostrate.
Opal squealed in delight and Liza’s eyes were drawn to the thick erection, purpling in its delayed release, and dripping long strands of clear pre cum.
“Cowper’s fluid,” Liza whispered, leaning over and speaking so that the soft wisps of her breath caressed his aching cock, cooling he heated fluid that flowed from the head. “It means you are starting to have a really good time, boy.”
Her tongue lashed out and ran along the sides of his cock, tasting his salty sweetness combined with the taste of the flavored condom she had been using.
“Mmm,” he purred, then sucked the head into her mouth.
“Fuuuuuck,” he growled, his voice muffled by Opal’s body, but the word was easy to understand.
“Is he good?”
Liza looked up, the head of his cock still in her mouth, and examined the sweating face of Opal.
The bitch was damn near glowing. She probably came a few times, but the stoic bitch would never let on. She was all about controlling her emotion, even to the point of not giving much to her lovers.
But she was hot for cock.
Liza pulled off enough to whisper, “Like strawberries, Opal.”
Eyes narrowing, Opal licked her bottom lips, leaving a sheen of slick wetness there.
Then she began to crawl forward, her supple body bending down, her small firm breasts with her hard nipples running down Jay’s chest as she drew closer to her goal.
From where she was sitting, Liza could see Opal’s small pert ass rise up as she kept her pussy settled firmly over Jay’s face.
But giving an enticing view was not her goal. She wanted to taste some dick.
“Share,” she whispered and Liza took her free hand to the base of Jay’s cock, holding it upright and steady.
Their tongues tangled as they began to lick together, lapping up his sweet precum, their tinges tangling against one another as they shared the state of passion they drew from the prone man.
Jay as moaning and gasping, the room was filled with their lapping and sucking as they chased the head of his cock from mouth to mouth, painting it with licks and laps, and tiny little bites.
“He is good,” Opal agreed, pulling back, before she dove down again, this time shoving her tongue directly into Liza’s mouth. “Better with the taste of you.”
Liza grunted her agreement, taking over the kiss, slamming her own tongue deep into Opal’s mouth, dancing along her teeth, tickling the roof of her mouth until she submitted to the kiss.
Then Jay was jerking, his cock swelling further as he prepared to unload.
But Liza pulled back.
“Oh I don’t think so, you bad, bad boy. You have to pay for making our fight your one-man peep show. You haven’t been fucked yet,” she slid another finger into his ass and Jay squealed, bucking up at her actions. His thighs were trembling, sweat was pouring off of him, and he was turning his head to the side gasp for breath.
He was almost ready.
Liza groped for her bag, thankful that it was near her on the floor. Still working his ass open with two fingers, she dumped the contents on the floor groping for something.
“Here it is,” she muttered and Opal began to chuckle.
Jay had turned his head to the side enough to was Liza was holding, and both women laughed as he jerked in fear.
In Liza’s hand was a cherry red, textured, five inch, four finger’s thick, osculating vibrator…with a tiny kitty on top.