This Thursday is Fae Day! Are you prepared?

As you all know, Thursday is Book release Day! WOO HOO! And this Thursday, Changeling Press is going to be dropping Gray, the long awaited continuation of Pink.
So I thought I would take this time to talk about male fairies.

Uh no…. More like…

Yeah, that’s the ticket I want to punch! I mean, just look at him! He sparkles in all the right ways! LOL

But there are more to the male fae than good looks, killer abs, and a need to run around half dressed. Well, they do in my world anyway!  Alright! I admit it! I can be a tiny bit of a perv when it comes to them, but really, there are many schools of thought about the male fae.
In some cases, it is believed that we don’t see a lot of male fae, not because I locked them all up in my basement, but because opposite of male animals in nature, the male fae disdains ostentatious displays. They prefer camouflage, and to blend in with their surroundings. They make a perfect weapon and distraction that way. Really, let the females go out and draw the attention with their bright colorful displays. While everyone gaping in awe, they are free to get up to whatever mischief they desire. And what better bodyguard is that than one who can’t be readily seen? Its sheer genius! And it adds to the legend that it is the females who like to exercise their curiosity by invading the mortal world. The males are content to watch and shake their heads at the insanity. Kind of like taking a man show shopping. He may stand back and watch the women fight over the seventy five percent off designer shoes, but he just ain’t wading into that fray, no matter how many sexual tricks you offer them as an enticement. Voice of experience, here. So they are seen as the more cautious gender.
And there are cases where what humanity considers grotesque, the male fae takes pride in. Oh, you grew another wart on the end of your nose. And you like it? Mold spots are a sign of virility? Oh! You grew a third eye in the back of your head! How… cute! It seems the fae have that content of your character and not your appearance down cold. They believe really that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and if your soul is ugly, no amount of fancy dress wings you grow is going to change that. As my Mom used to say, Beauty is only skin deep, Ugly is to the bone. When the beauty fades away, the ugly lingers on. True words.
But what about our Celtic fae? I have to mention them. My last name is Burke after all! So lets start with the Granddaddy, and I do mean Grand Daddy of them all, The Green Man. Eternally old, eternally youthful, he is celebrated at Beltane and his images can be found in churches, in public buildings all over Europe. He is a traveling man, as shown by how many times his image pops up in Borneo, Thailand, and a lot of Pacific Islands. He gets around.
But what does he do?
Well he is considered to be the representation of the wilder more elemental sides hidden within us all. He is considered the embodiment of god, the perfect consort to the goddess. He is the bridge between our conscious minds and our unconscious desires. And he is one hell of a gardener too, as he is associated with the cultivation of healing herbs. This guy has a serious green thumb. He is also considered a major part of death and rebirth. He is also a partying guy. They hold winter festivals to him all over Europe and the US where he is called to rest for the season so he can come back stronger and greener in the spring. See? Not all fae come with wings.
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Celtic Legends and SIGH… Finn McCool!
Now those beloved often-misunderstood Celtics had a lot of fae in their lives. The aforementioned Green Man comes to mind first. They had fairies for their house, fairies for their gardens, fae to predict life and death, fae for the harvest, fae for the woods… you see where I am going with this, right? There was a lot of Fae Life in the old Celtic lands. But they also had a warrior class known as the Fianna, a fierce army named after and belonging to, you guessed it, Fin MaCool. They are immortal, they are rough and ready, they kick the crap out of giants, and they are sleeping until a time that they are needed again.
Some people say that Finn McCool and his Finneian Army are warriors without measure because they are fae. I like this idea. I love my men…big, buff, warrior type men all ready for action. Sure they would probably outlive me, but I always wanted a May December romance… and Den tells me that just because he is one year older than me, our relationship doesn’t count. So I can dream of the Finneian Fae!
Hey Aisa? Time to step up with the magical beautiful Tennin. You may have to climb to the top of a mountain to find one, but it is more than worth the tri. As with all fare, the Asian fae can be good or bad, they can trick you into doing something that you will regret later or they can assist you when you want. Tennin is but one classification. You have to check out the Oni, the Tengu, the Yokai… Like the Celts, Asia has come up with a whole crop of fae for every occasion. There are almost too many of them to try and classify! That would just take up too much time.Let’s just sit back and gaze at the Bishonen Beauty (Bishonen, Japanese for a very pretty boy) instead.
I love a fae in red! And in green. An in bluish whitish purple!

I could go on and on some more, but lets just gaze at the pretty pictures. 

When all is said and done, the Fae world is pretty fascinating. Every culture has them, they come in a wondrous variety, and some of them are hot as fire!  Not to mention you can spend hours checking out their legends and tales. Everyone loves a fairy.Oh! And I almost forgot! How could I forget the Gamer Fae?! Link, I finally am in love with you again! Ditch Zelda and come with me! ROTFLMAO