So…. A lot has been happening…. *g*

Nope… still still… still not dead. LOL
But man, have I been hopping these past few months. Bad news first…
My Dad is dealing with lung cancer. We have had weeks and weeks and weeks of doctors visits… and we are looking at weeks and weeks more before this is all over with. At 80 he is hanging in there, feeling a lot better, but I am still worried. I am not ready to give up me dad. *g*
Me? Why I am so glad you asked. I am going to have a new doctor… Mine is leaving.. sniffle.. so I am going to have to do the med train all over again as the worst possible outcome. Sniffle… Cause it’s getting cold… and an arthritic hooch like me don’t deal with the winter. I gained about 20 pounds, but I need a lot more before I can deal with the cold weather. Man, this weather is going to have me crying while I watch reruns of Hawaii 5-0.
I am serious as a heart attack… Cold hurts. I guess I am officially handicapped. Talk about getting with the brick or reality. Let me explain… Dev, my lovely daughter, bought me a ticket for Otakon. Oh you know I had to go. Connie Creech, my niece, and her drawing partner, Yoh Asuka came up from the 305 and attended with me. It was there that I realized I couldn’t do some things on my own… like walk. LOL No lie, someone stomped on my cloak and damn near choked me out. I mean I was standing nine feet away from everyone!!! I did that on purpose, standing AWAY from everyone… and this jack-wagon still damn near killed me with my own cloak. Sigh. Then not twenty minuets later, some chick ran past me and took my cane right out from underneath me. I hopped around on one leg trying to catch my balance… watching everyone watch me…. screaming CATH ME!!!! I recovered on my own and I was handed my cane while the idiot child who damn near dropped me on my ass, stood there with stammering, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry.” And I was thinking, bitch watch where you are walking… but I think I growled at her until she went away. Suddenly, I understand why a lot of people I’ve met who were in wheel chairs and walking with canes are so pissed off. UGH.
I got more of my education into my new world at Drragon Con! *g* OMG It was AWESOME!!! D Renee Bagby and I stayed with The Pimp My Author ladies, Angela and Audrey. *g* Those women know how to party! And they have the make up kit to die for… really, I almost jacked them for it! LOL Not to mention everything they broguht with them! Those ladies know HOW to PAr-TAY! But they saw Flash-Curse in action. Not only did some hooch pulling a huge-assed wagon with a kid inside of it, ran straight into my bad knee. WTF?! Then later that night, some 300 pound dill-weed in a motorized wheelchair hit my bad left knee and ran across my left foot… twice… then ran over the right foot to almost ensure that I would be crippled for life. I mean we were all hitting him and screaming and he he parked it on my foot! After that there was security, and paramedics, and a wheelchair ride to our room… Yeah. I am never going to forget that pain and stupidity! Sheesh…
But on a positive note, I now get to have to say that having a handicapped sticker on my badge allows me to sit when everyone else has to stand. *g* And I get a Minion… that’s D Renee Bagby’s new nick name. LOL
What did you all miss when I was trying to pull myself together..? Hmm Balticon, Lori Foster’s Reader Author Get Together, Otakon, and Dragon con. I have a lot of photos to post! *g*
Now… on to the good news. Not only am I free of EC and that insanity, Keeper of the Flame has a new home! Loose Id Publishing is going to publish my baby. I have reedited and modernized it…. man, a lot can happen in about 15 years. So YEAH!!! Flame has a new home! WOrking hard on reediting the Spark’s story and the three books that go along with it. *g* WOO HOO!
Keeper of the Flame as dropped just in time to hear up your fall! *g*
Well, that’s all from me right now. Going to try to get myself back up to once a week postings! *g*
Love you all