Good Not So Great Morning…

Morning, My Loves.
Man, ever wake up tired? I woke up tired as hell and depressed to boot. Ny night time dose of meds always knocks me out blank… sometimes I open my eyes to se things dancing around my room, last night the meca from Tiger and Bunny was on my pillow shooting me a salute. I rarely dream now, I blame the drugs, but last night was different. I kept seeing the video of that child being tossed across the room like garbage. Maybe it’s because I had to homeschool my son for a year because the teacher kept calling him ‘the freak amongst the freaks’, or maybe it was because I spent so much time in the school board building, the people started knowing me by face and name. Or maybe it’s because I started thinking of all the times adults disrespected me or discounted me when I was a teen. Whatever it was, I spent the night watching this child be tossed across the room like garbage. If someone did that to an animal, it would be a federal offense. If a mother did that to a child, CPS would have been there taking that child away from you and burying you under a jail cell and set you up for some prison justice, perhaps. Not saying that she was right in not turning over her phone, but from the beginning it struck me odd that the teacher would call an administrator for a child apologizing and saying no. When I was college taking some early childhood development classes, our prof told us that if we had a non violent child like that who was not listing to our requests, to hold the child after class and discover what was wrong. As so many people pointed out, this girl os reeling from the loss of her mother and grandmother. Don’t tell me that they didn’t know, because I find it hard to believe. When a new student gets transferred to a school, the teacher is almost always made aware of their circumstances. Her parent didn’t enroll her, her foster mother did, so the admin had to be aware of her circumstances. She should have been punished with detention, or the teacher could have asked her what she was doing. She may have been looking at photos of her mom and grandma… That no one even tried to find out why, I find really disturbing. The punishment didn’t fit the crime. Maybe she needed to go off my herself and have a good cry. Everyone has off days, maddening days, days when they want to walk in traffic or scream into a pillow or tear up a room because you have no other release. But to here all the people commenting, angry that the Deputy Fields got fired… they make me ill. Most of these people never had kids or maybe they forgot the crap they did in high school. Everyone is so quick to judge things that frankly aren’t none of their business. And if you think the punishment fit the crime than you are a monster and an animal. Sometimes I think blacks and poor people have PTSD. I don’t think this was racially motivated, but I could be wrong. Maybe Deputy Fields was having a bad day and took it out on her, but again, I can be wrong. All I know is that a child who is more than likely suffering a lot of depression and maybe PTSD was treated worse than we would treat a stray dog and a great portion of America cheered. Now that is one sobering thought. They cheered.
Good Morning.