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Blast from the Past….Space Opera!!!!!

Unedited Excerpt

Chapter 1
“Bonded, let down my braid?”
The question was asked politely as the silver haired man gracefully dropped to his knees beside his beloved.
Javen looked up at his Torajin thought silver lashes, his purple eyes gleaming in anticipation as he licked full pouty lips.
His lithe body was covered in an odd type of silk wrap, the weave plainly visible, but the material was soft as air. Several colorful strands made up a pattern, the colors of blue and purple, strands of hair from the fallen ones interwoven as a sigh of victory with the remains of the enemy.
His long pale fingers resting on his slim things, his poise perfect as he awaited the response.
“Shall I unbind you, my mate?” The question was asked in a low gravely voice, the desire and intent clear.
Gara the Red, High Lord Chancellor of this particular space station far above New Earth Sphere observed his mate, his cock swelling, his blood running hot. “Shall I release you to take what pleasures I can off of that pale body of yours?”
Javen seemed to shiver, thought is body remained perfectly still. He inhaled deeply, breathing in the scent of his bonded, trilling a soft vibrating song of desire as he felt his own erection grow.
“Unbind me bonded, if you dare…if you have a need of the pleasures this pale flesh can bring you.”
Javen tilted his head to the side, shifted his shoulders, and allowed his robe to slide from one shoulder, exposing a chest decorated with what appeared to be very elaborate pale and purple tattoos.
Javen’s scales were beautiful, strong, soft and iridescent against his pale skin. They outlined his hairline at his forehead, trailed down along his neck to the backs of each arm. They overran the backs of his hands, giving him the look of an exotic jeweled statue. They continued around his chest, across his lower abdomen, ad down his outer thighs,
Naked, he was a thing of grace and style, of beauty that no one human being could dare possesses. But…he was not human. He wiggled his toes, his five talon tipped toes in excitement, his eyes burning with desire.
“Oh, I have a need,” Gara chuckled, reaching down and cupping his cock, running the hardness with the flat of his hand. Javen could almost feel the heat wafting off of his beloved body and thrummed louder.
Gara threw back his head and moaned, his own touch stoking his desires higher as he observed the signs if need in his usually reserved mate.
Javen was one of the most polite perfectly posed ryuujin who had ever been created. To see him react to wildly to his own heat cycle…Magnificent.
Gara ripped his tunic from his body, ruffling is wild mane of red hair and exposing his broad scarred chest in the process, tossing the shreds of material aside.
“Come,” he purred, reaching out thigh both hands, tangling his fingers in his mate’s hair. “Come ease my need.”
He reached out with both hands, his fingers tangling in the myriad of silver spun syn-silk to grip the bands of ribbons that liberally twined thought his mate’s braid, a braid that he himself placed in his hair earlier that morning.
Javen tossed his head back, his trill growing deeper in his throat as he exposed his neck, his most vulnerable point to his beloved.
Gara wasted no time in bending over and running his own clawed fingers over Javen’s neck, caressing the soft firm skin and the raised scales that he so loved to touch, to lick, to nibble and suck.
Javen nestled into the palm, his trill softening as Gara’s hands, his strong scared hands pushed the robe form his body, allowing it to fall around his waist.
“Do you have any idea how hard you make me?” Gara growled. He moved closer, inhaling at the flesh of his mate’s neck, closing his eyes and pulling in the spicy scent of his flesh, the heat of his desire so at odds with his cook skin.
“I can…” Javen reached up, pressing his hands to the heat between his bonded’s thighs, feeling the rigid column of flesh that throbbed at his caress. “…feel,” he hissed, his other hand joining the first, tugging at the tie in the waist, wanting the material that separated him from what he wanted the wanted gone.
He lifted his head again, leaning forward to nuzzle into his bonded’s groin, bathing his head of his cock wit his cook breathe.
Throwing back his head, Gara purred as he gripped his beloved’s head, pushing him deeper into his crotch.
“That is what you want?” Gara demanded, his fingers tangled in his Javen’s hair.
“Yes,” Javen snarled, his eyes near glowing as he rose up to his full height, towering over his lover by more than a few inches.
“Then come and take it.”
Javen hissed, narrowing his eyes and moving closer to his bonded, his trill becoming a growl as Gara stepped backwards, leading his mate towards the bed.
Javen twisted his hips, letting the robe pike around his feet as he stepped forward stalking his lover.
“Mine,” Javen moved closer, becoming more aggressive as his lover led him across the chambers
“Yours,” Gara agreed, a smirk spreading across his lips. “Come and get me, Moon Dragon.”
In a flash of movement, Javen was upon his shorter bonded knocking him back on the huge bed, tearing at the material that kept him from the cock he so coveted.
“Mine,” Javen growled again, licking his lips at the sight of his mate’s stiff thick shaft and rolling balls.
“Yours Javen,” Gara agreed as his mate hungrily lowered his face, muzzling at his pubic hair, breathing in his earth musky scent.
“You smell so good,” Javen batted his eyes, stroking the swollen shaft with his eyelashes even as he nuzzled his nose further back to the sensitive area behind Gara’s balls.
“I taste even better,” Gara purred, spreading his legs wider, giving Javen room to operate.
Murmuring in agreement Javen ran his tongue over the wrinkled ball sac, teasing the sparse red hairs that grew there before nosing his way up again to the heat of his cock. At the base he rose up enough to tickle the base, drawing the breath form his lover as he arched his hips upwards. Clear pearls of precum freely flowed, telling of his growing desire. Gaea lowered his head and gripped handfuls of his mate’s hair, urging him closer.
“As nice as this is,” he growled, “I really want to see you put that pretty mouth to good use.”
“Mmm,” Javen purred, his tongue lapping up the shaft, leaving a glistening wet trail behind as his tongue forked, the split tip nearly wrapping around the shaft.
“Javen,” Gara moaned, his eyes closing his chest heaving, his balls tingling as more clear precum dripped form his sensitive cock’s head. “Suck me now!”
Cupping his balls in one hand, Javen pulled them down from Gara’s cock, pulling a moan of pain and pleasure from his bonded, before allowed his tongue to lave the tip of his head.
“Javen, Javen, sweet fire, Javen!” Gara panted, his passions rising as his tail lashed out, wrapping around his mate’s arm. “Come on!”
“As you command,” Javen chuckled, lowering his head and enveloping Gara’s cock in his wet hot heat.
“Kami-sama, Moon Dragon!” he roared, his back arching his hips slamming upwards as his dick seemed to be imprisoned by liquid heat.
Javen’s split tongue circle the head, smearing around the precum that freely flowed, sucking in the flavor of his mate, rolling the bitter sweetness of him around his mouth.
“Mmm,” he purred, savoring the nectar of his lover.
His free hand gripped the shaft, holding it upright as his other hand rolled the tight full balls, tugging to send an erotic shaft of pained pleasure thought his body.
“Keep doing that and I will explode,” Hara hissed, his head twisting form side to side on the bed furs, sweat beading his body.
Javen giggled, the vibrations sending fire and cool sparks thought Gara’s groin as he inhaled twice and then let his throat open.
“Oh Sweet Creator!” Gara cried out, his whole body tensing as his lover began to slowly swallow him whole.
“So good,” he praised, his eyes closed to better experience this pleasure that only his Moon Dragon could deliver. “Keep going!”
Javen moaned, releasing his cock, his free hand pulling at his robe until he was naked and free of all materials, a glittering pale-jeweled statue of perfection.
Gara lifted his head and opened his eyes, purring deem in his chest as he watched Javen’s lips began to redden, wrapped tightly around the base of his cock. Javen’s tongue caressed the head as his fangs gently ran along the shaft.
He watched as inch after inch of his cock was exposed as Javen bobbed his head upwards, only to slam himself back down, taking him into the deep vibrating tunnel of his throat.
It was almost enough to make him explode.
But he was High Lord. He had better control.
“Turn around!” Gara growled. “Swing that beautiful body around, My Mate. I want to taste you on my tongue.
Javen quickly complied, climbing up on the bed and swinging around, never pilling his mats throbbing cock form his hungry mouth.
“Yes,” Gara moaned as he felt the coolness of his mates body pass over home.
Javen hovered, on his knees, just above his mate, his taller height making blowing his lover while placing his own cock at his mouth level easy.
He felt Gara take his hips in his hand to position him perfectly, then the downward pull before he sank into the most perfect heat.
His moan vibrated the length of Gara’s deep-throated shaft, casing Gara to suck him hard.
When Gara ran a dry finger over his hole Javen’s world exploded in overwhelming pleasure. Rarely used nerves were awakened and it was so good, to hot, so perfect that he nearly forgot how to breathe.
He pulled off Gara’s dick with a small popping sound, threw his head back, and squealed.
“Oh I love that sound,” Gara pulled off enough to say as his mate’s long silver hair cascaded around his body, causing minute tremors to travel along his skin. “Lets see if I can make more.”
Gara again lapped at his mate’s long slender cock, relishing the coolness of his flesh before rooting further backwards to nuzzle at his balls.
Javen let out a shrill trill that vibrated his whole body as Gara drew closer to his hungry hole.
And then he was there, his tongue lapping at the pale puckered opening, teasing the skin by creating small wet circles around his anus.
“So sweet,” Gara moaned, breathing on his hole, watching the lips pucker as Javen paused back for more,…more pressure, more contact…just more.
“Pretty baby,” he breathed, “And all for me.”
Then he licked at his opening, apply pressure until the muscle opened and he found himself sinking in the tight muscle at clenched at his tongue.
“Gara!” Javen wailed, his body freezing in place. “My Lord!”
“Mmm,” Gara purred, the vibrations traveling up through his chest and mouth to Javen’s ass.
Javen felt his body soften, felt his whole being start to shiver as his body began to produce a natural lubricant that eased his muscle and slicked the way for Gara’s further explorations.
Tasting the sweet slick essence of his mate, Gara pressed a finger in beside his tongue, stretching him out, stimulating nerves and making his Moon wail out his need.
“Perfect,” Gara gasped, pulling his mouth away to add another finger and slowly began to scissor them. Now open for me, Sweet One. Open wide for your Tora.”
“Ga—Gara!” Javen shudder as his body felt wracked with pleasure, as his bonded’s heat permeated thought his body, warming him form the inside as he once again enslaved his soul. “Pl—please!”
“Soon,” Gara soothed, stroking his mate’s side with his free hand, caressing the softly scaled skin of his back and legs. “Soon I will fill you to overflowing.”
Groaning his agreement, Javen again lowered his head, his forked tongue licking and lapping, rapidly stroking the hot hard column of flesh he still held in his hands. He wanted this piece of meat deep inside him. His whole being felt empty, starving for the heat of his bonded.
In retaliation, a grinning Gara added a third finger as he took his lovers balls into his mouth, gently nipping at the hairless flesh, soothing the loose skin around with his tongue.
Javen whimpered, then opened his throat and swallowed him hole again, the thick cock feeling at home in his throat. Orally pleasing his mate did something to him, sent his desires spiraling higher. It was Gara’s special taste, and the scent… and knowing that no one else would ever have his bonded this way. He reared his lover to be the perfect bed companion, the perfect commander and leader, the perfect Torajin. And now he reveled in the fruits of his labor.
“Now, Gara!” he pulled off long enough to cry.
“Soon!” Gara returned, relishing the feel of the tight velvety soft muscles clenching around his driving fingers, feeling the cool flesh absorb his heat and soften to make ready for his driving cock.
“Now!” Javen demanded to which Gara replied by slowly beginning to finger fuck his ass
Javen’s body arched, a scream tearing form his throat as his beloved touched several spots, prostrate spots, in his anal walls and sent fire and flame flying thought his being.
“Gara!” he screamed, tears welling up in his eyes and lights flashed and exploded behind his closed lids. “High Lord!”
“Soon!” Gara laughed again, sinking back to suck Javen’s cock deep into his mouth, not stopping until his tongue could caress the hairless base of his shaft.
Javen dove back on his beloved’s cock, swallowing him as deep as he could, until his nose rested on his balls, then he began to trill.
That did it.
“Kami-sama!” Gara roared, ripping his fingers out of his mate’s ass and shifting back far enough to pull out of that sweet mouth and throw Javen onto his back.
“Now!” he groaned, ignoring the triumphant look in Javen’s eyes as he spread his legs wide and welcoming.
“Now!” he agreed, lying there like a jeweled demi-god on a fall of pale hair, glowing purple eyes, and a voracious desire.
In a flash, Gara covered his mate, his hands fisting in that silver silken hair, his teeth going to his neck and the twin punctures that made Javen arch up and fist the furs, their binding mark.
Gara’s hips forged a path between Javen’s spread thighs, forcing them wider as the heated hardness of his cock thrust between his pale rounded cheeks.
It was one of Javen’s hands that reached down and gripped his bonded’s cock, positioning it at his flowing wet opening, urging him to spear the thick head deep inside his willing body.
“To whom do you belong?” Gara growled, tossing his head back sending hair and sweat flying out of his eyes as those red orbs bore into his mates. “To whom do you belong?”
“the High lord!” Javen screamed, arcing up trying to force Gara where he needed him the most.
“Again!” he growled, his body vibrating with eh need to pierce the coolness of his mate’s body, to use friction and heat and his thick meat to warm his Javen form the inside out. “Tell me!”
“To you, Gara!” Javen shrieked, his legs wrapping around his bonded’s waist, using the strong muscles to pull him in closer. He hissed as the head barely breached his opening. “To you, High Lord, Gara, My Bonded, My Own!”
“Yes!” Gara roared and slammed his hips forward.
They both froze, time stopped and restarted in a rush as Javen let out a high trill of joy and triumph!
His bonded was home, where he belonged, deep inside his body, heating him like no one or nothing ever could.
“Gara!” he trilled, heat and joy filling his body, making his muscle weak and trembly while his cock hardened even further.
Pressed against the rippling muscles of his bonded’s stomach and his own firm form, Javen’s cock began to tremble and leak a white precum, a cool contrast to the heat his Gara was generating.
“My Moon Dragon,” Gara gasped, pulling back inch by luscious inch until only the head remained in his cook body.
He closed his eyes and trust forward again, slamming himself deep and fast, making his lover writhe and arch beneath him.
He felt his beloved’s claws rake his back and he roared in pleasure at the marking.
He pulled out and thrust again, grunting with effort as he felt his loves body slowly began to absorb his heat, taking it for his own.
Faster he moved, faster and harder, ignoring the clawed feet that dug in his ass, ignoring the slash and burn pain of his lovers claws on his back and side, ignoring the whole world that surrounded him. Javen was his all, his everything, and he stove to prove it with tongue, and with cock, with his whole being and the heat of his soul.
“Gara!” Javen began to chant, trilling like mad as his lover advanced and retreated from his body. “Gara! Gara! Garagaragara…Gara!”
Javen threw back his head as he felt his body open deeper, accepting the give of heat and life that he mate delivered. He arched his bad his head whipping for side to side as he felt his beloved cock swell deep inside him, stretching his sensitive walls, striking each and every prostrate point in his body.
No one could ever full him this way! No one could ever fulfill all his needs and desires. No one but Gara!
“Going to explode!” Gara gasped, pressing down to get more friction on his beloved mate’s cock, feeling the cool shaft turn blazing hot with contact with his body. “going to fill you up!”
Yes!” Javen screamed, vocal in his pleasures. “Yes, Gara! Yes!”
Gara gripped his thighs, bending Javen almost double as he began to power fuck his mate, slamming his hips as deep as he could, wanting to crawl into his mates body where it was safe and warm and noting could ever hurt him. But he wanted more. He wanted his mate screaming and clawing, giving his whole soul over to him. And he never wanted it o ever end.
“Come with me,” he gasped, sweat stinging his eyes, his hands fighting to hold his mate’s body in the perfect position to draw out those cries and screams. “Follow me, Javen! Come with me!”
Then he was twisting, grinding his hips and Javen was trilling, shrieking. There was an explosion of cool wetness striking his stomach, coating his clenching muscles, and the most delicious clenching of his mate’s anal muscles.
“Yes!” he growled as Javen arched, stiffened and screamed out his climax. “Kami-sama, yes!”
He closed his eyes, humming in pleasure as his mats anal muscles clenched around him, milking him, pulling his orgasm from his passion drenched body.
He hissed, and then slammed himself as deep inside Javen as he could get, wanting to plant his seed as deep and as far as he could, wanting some part of him to remain with his lover even when they were parted.
His back burned, his tail whipped in wild circles, his balls drew up and then his cock pulsed, sending shot after shot of fiery hot seed deep into his mate.
“Kami-sama, Javen!” he groaned, shuddering as his seed filled his beloved, as his cock was bathed in his own heat, and his world exploded and reformed in the image of his Moon Dragon. “Beloved! Javen!”
Then those now warm arms were reaching out for him, the silky legs sliding down as his rapidly deflating cock slid from its snug berth.
“My Bonded,” Javen purred, a trill of contentment leaving his throat as he snuggled close to the fiery body that blanked him. My High Lord.”
Later, he would see to the new battle wounds that stretched across his mate’s chest and arms. He could kiss and caress each sting mark and each bit of skin rough form space exposure. He would heal and count each mark on his beloved’s body, then he would rejoice to see that they survived to see another heat cycle.
But for now, Javen was relaxed and at peace, filled with heat and content to bask in the glory of his Torajin bonded.
Home’ a soft feminine voice whispered in the back of his mind, and Javen whole-heartedly agreed. Wherever his bonded traveled, no matter where he found himself, Javen knew that within his arms lay home.