It's the Hump Day Hump! How not to Date an Alien…NC 17!!!

Chapter 4
If push comes to shove you would do well to give the alien exactly what he desire.  It may open up an opportunity to escape at a later time. Never feel guilty about giving in if it buys you some time.
His hair exploded from his braid, and like a living thing it began to rub and caress at her body.
She stared in wide-eyed amazement as the alien loomed over her, his mouth spread in a wide grin.
She slammed her eyes closed not wanting to see her death coming, but instead, he began to whisper to her.
“This will not hurt,” he assured her as he moved closer. She could feel his heat; feel his presence and that only seemed to frighten her more.
“None of that,” he whispered, and she squeezed her eyes shut as she felt a finger touch her cheek.
He could be checking for tenderness, a cynical part of her screamed, but he did noting more.
She very carefully opened her eyes to see his solid black ones starting into hers.
He smiled a little, and she whimpered as she felt his hair began to move.
The silken tendrils carried his heat and his scent as they began to slowly trace the muscles of her body from neck to toe.
“You feel divine,” he bent forward and sniffed at her, his antenna shooting straight up. His breath smelled of lemons and she worded if that would be the last thing she smelled before her life was snuffed out.
But he was correct; he was not harming her in any way.  In fact, the caresses of his hair were quite pleasant. It almost hut her to admit that o herself, but she was deriving more pleasure from the caresses of his hair than she had from her last competed and full sexual encounter with her ex.
“There,” he was nearly purring “relax and let me see if what I studied about human anatomy is true.”
He slid back, taking away his delicious musky scent and some of his heat, but he didn’t move far.
He moved far enough away to spread her legs and settled his lanky frame between them.
“Nice,” he assured her. “I like the coloration on your skin. It is not as common as mine.”
And his fingers were running over the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs, making goose bump pop up on her skin, making her legs twitch.
“So different than the females and males of my acquaintance,” he informed her. “So much nicer. You body speaks to me.”
And he went on slowly rubbing circles on her skin, his fingers going higher and higher until they encountered the elastic barrier of her panties.
“All this beauty and still you insist on covering it up.”
He shook his head as his hair rolled up her thighs, making her gasp at the new sensation before the tendrils slid underneath the cotton of her panties.
His hair tugged, and as if they were miniature blades, the material parting and fell around her body like a very tiny decorative draping.
“You have hair here as well,” Valan pointed out, running his finger thought her trimmed pubic patch. “It is not as soft as the hair on your head and it seems to serve no further purpose than ornamentation. I understand the protective aspects of it in your primitive ancestors, but now it is not necessary. Yet you do not remove it. My hair is a secondary protective device and I have complete control of its movements and its sensory absorption. My hair has evolved along with my species into a useful appendage for protection and defense. Yours do not even share this component.”
She could have said something funny about seventies porn bush, but decided to hold her peace until she discovered what he was going to do. It would not do to piss off the alien with the razor hair.
“Uttery fascinating,” he breathed, his eyes almost glowing as he leaned in closer, his fingers now parting her hair and examining her groin closely.
“Labia majora,” he muttered and Killana gasped as his hair wrapped around her things and lifted them into the air as bar as her bindings would allow.
Looking down, he tisked at the impediment to his explorations and two tendrils slashed across t he bindings, severing them from the foot board so that he could heft her legs higher and spread then further.
Killana moaned at this show of violence, but other than closing her eyes, she did nothing.
“Your clitoris should be hidden here,” his words were saoft, almost as soft as the finger that now spread apart her labia and exposed her clit and her vagina to his clear view.
She bit her lip as the cook air caressed her here, right before the heat of his body signaled to her that he was moving closer.
“Fascinating,” he muttered, his warn breath against this sensitive flesh making her whole body shudder, and damn if it didn’t shudder in arousal. “Such wonderful colors, pinks, browns, creams…. Your mate was a fool to give up such a wonderful place to play.”
Then his fingers were caressing her, gently running over her opening before he pulled back. She opened her eyes to see him rubbing the moister of her goring arousal between his fingers, a fascinated look on his face.
“Self lubricating,” he grinned looking up to see her eyes open. “You have a wonderful design,” he informed her. “Most of our organs are internal and are so plain compared to this!”
Like an eager child, he dove down again, his time his fingers paring her labia to fully expose her clitoris in its hidden cowl. He laced the tip of one finger there an ginned up at her.
“If what I have read in your books and viewed in your pornography is true, you will really enjoy this.”
And then his finger began to vibrate.

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  1. I read the Alien excerpt & I hope the six typos I found in this short piece does not mean this is an unedited story. Typos are confusing & slows the flow of my reading. I think I’ll wait & get something else.

    1. Why thank you for the notice, but the snippits I posted from Alien was from the original manuscript, not the edited version. Why? Because I was not at home on the computer with my PDF files of my completed works and I wanted to get the Hump day Hump out.
      How Not to Date an Alien is edited in its entirety and was up for a few awards.
      A lot of Humps that I post here will be from stories that I am working on or are unedited, or are in edits. As a severely dyslexic woman, I have a team of editors that endure so that the finished product is about as error free as humanly possible.
      Sorry if my snippet messed up your reading flow. I will endeavor to post on the subject line if a snippit is unedited in the future.

  2. Thanks for swift reply. Knowing the piece was from the rough draft is reassuring. I’ll buy it now & read it this weekend.
    Thanks again…Wynthea

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