It's Your Hump Day Hump… Here's an unedited NC 17 M/F snippit of the soon to be released, March 26th people… How Not to Date a Bear! Hey Gillian and Declan? What are you guys up to now?

“Sensitivity has some bonuses,” she pointed out before she began to sink down in his hardness.
Declan’s eyes fluttered shut as she rested both hands n his chest for balance.
“You like that, yes?”
Declan refused to answer so Gillian took matters into her own hands.
She gently raked her nails over his chest, being sure to graze his nipples. Declan hissed and arched beneath her, his eyes slamming shut as shuddered.
“Oh yeah,” she purred.
“Shut up and fuck me,” he snapped back and with a smile, Gillian did just that.
She leaned down, letting her hair run over his sensitized chest as she rocked back and forwards, not up and down, grinding him inside of her, sending tingles through her pussy as she teased.
“Gillian!” he whined, opening desperate green eyes to her. “Please, baby?”
His pleading tone went straight to her groin. She leaned over further, pressing her swinging breasts into the hot skin of his chest as she rose up a little and slammed down.
“Uris, yes!” he hissed. “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me good and hard!”
Guilt behind her, Gillian began to ride her lover, closing her eyes the relishing the feel of his fat cock filling her to the brim. Her clit was pressed into his smooth groin by her position and her breasts were pressed against his hard nipples. She inhaled, taking in the scents of sex and vanilla that always seemed to cover him. Ohh, so good, she thought her body quivering over his. It felt so good to be on top, to hold him down, to take her pleasure from his willing body.
Her eyes popped open as his hands dropped to her ass, clenching the soft cheeks and squeezing in time to her thrusts.
She moaned loudly, pulling up enough to nuzzle into his neck, feeling his heat wash over her.
“Got to get deeper,” he breathed, arching up suddenly, sliding backwards onto the bed, his feet flat to the mattress.
“Oh, a back rest,” Gillian panted, moving faster, as she sat up and sank fully down on him again. They both groaned at the feeling and Declan’s hands slid form her ass, around her front to cup her bobbing breasts. He pinched her nipples, tugging them into hard peaks as Gillian leaned back against his knees, her eyes closing as he thrust up.
“Declan!” she gasped, her hands pressing his harder against her breasts. “I like that.”
“Good,” he panted, thrusting again. “I’m going to do it again.”
Declan circled his hips, making his cock hit every spot deep within her before he pulled back and thrust up sharply again.
Gillian was lost in her moaning now, riding her man slowly, letting the erotic feelings fill her.
She was on display, she knew, and it only made her wilder. Declan loved to watch her, loved to touch her. He loved to feel her getting off on him. She would give him what he wanted.
She opened her eyes and leaned into his touch, one of her hands sliding down between them to tease her clit while the other ran thought her hair, tugging as he began to match him thrust for thrust.
She pressed the hand between them down, rising up s that she could feel him slide deep inside. She panted; fire trailing thought her labia as she pressed on the stretched skin, collecting the moisture the flowed freely from her.
“Taste me,” she demanded, pulling her fingers free and pressing them to his lips.
Growling, she sucked them in deep, his green eyes going black as he laved her fingers with his tongue, sucking every bit of her juices form them.
He rocked up harder and she pressed down, fire shooting up her spine as he sucked her fingers gently.
Then her world was spinning and she found herself flat on her back, her legs over his shoulders and Declan began to pound into her.
“Mine,” he growled, burring his face in her neck inhaling her scent. “Mine!”