It's time for you HUMP DAY HUMP!!!! Unedited and rated R, from Tyger Burning Bright. Amur… shoe shopping! LOL Poor Judy!

“No, Amur sniffed in disdain. Theses boots…all wrong.” He sniffed once before waving away the ankle boots the bootblack rushed to bring him. Then he sat his large frame on the couch right between Blake and Judy, making room for himself and turning his head to stare at each of them before turning back to the boot black. “Wrong sir?” the small man in the black suit asked, blinking as if coming out of a Amur centered daze. Judy com empathize. Just with the man squeezing between her and Blake she could feel herself slipping into the sensual haze that always settled on her when she was around the large man. “Too short,” his gruff accented voice returned. “Bring…” he eyed Judy before wrinkling his nose in that cute kitty cat way of his and gesturing with his hands. “…longer.” “Longer, sir?” The man’s eyes were staring at the long muscular length of Amur’s legs, something that even the proper cut of his Armani pants couldn’t hide. “Da,” he nodded once before dropping his arms along the back of the couch, right behind Blake and… Judy whimpered softly to herself as one of those massive hands settled on her shoulder. “…longer.” “Longer,” the man repeated before rising to his feet, his expression almost hypnotized as he turned and moved towards the back of the store. “Longer,” Blake nodded, a wicked grin on his face. “Definitely longer.” Then he turned to stare at Judy. Before she could even attempt to swallow past the huge lump in her throat and answer, the bootblack returned, bearing a larger box. He pulled out a pair of knee high suede boots that screamed of sex and masculinity. “Sir?” he hand out trembling arms draped in the supple leather. “Neyt,” Amur shook his head. “Too short.” The man withdrew his offering, looking distressed as if he had just displeased his monarch. “Too short?” “Da. Too short.” The man fled and Blake surged at Judy, who was now examining the length of Amur’s right leg. How tall did he want the things? She raised one hand, pointer finger extended as if she was in class trying to get the teachers attention. “How long are…” She never got to finish her question because the bootblack returned, his eyes glazed as he handed over a long tube of shiny leather. “Yes,” Amur rose to his feet, and just as casually as he disrobed at the clothing shop, dropped trou after kicking off his low dress boots. Judy looked around and was suddenly glad that they had led them back into this private alcove. The man had no shame. And speaking of no shame, Blake was blatantly eyeballing his mans ass in the sheer white briefs the man was so shamelessly showing half the mall. She heard a choked back sound and looked up to see the bootblack had acquired at least three assistants who were doing their best to appear unobtrusive while ogling the man’s obvious and admittedly spectacular wears. Whatever happened t customer service, Judy mused. They were supposed t at least pretend not to notice what was going on. And since when did she feel protective over Amur? Well, she quickly decided, she had to be feeling protective on behalf of her new friends boyfriend with the body that was going to end up on all kinds of manga if she had her way. That was it and there wasn’t anymore to it. Really. But then Amur was doing something and all thoughts of contemplation of her place in this situation went out the door, along with dignity as her mouth dropped open for the second time that shopping trip. Amur had retrieved a boot from the bootblack and had bent over at the waist, all of his muscular cuts and definition popping out in stark relief as he poked his perfect ass in her direction and eased the boots up. It was a tight fit and he reached for some powder the bootblack held out and lightly dusted his pale flesh before tugging the tight leather up to the thighs, rising slowly as the adjusted the fit. “Hmm,” he mused, bending once more, causing such a mass inhalation that Judy felt shocked that bits of paper didn’t go flying out of the room with most of the air, and ran his nails up the leather, raking them over tight material and hot thick man flesh. “You like?” he turned abruptly to Judy and dropped a booted leg on the couch, right between her and Blake, right on the spot he has so generously spread his boy out upon. “Um…” she struggled to get past her suddenly tight throat. Yeah, she was going to have to go and find a bathroom to wipe if he kept this up. “Nice,” Blake commented, running a finger up the leg that looked like it was made of shiny latex. “Judy? Feel.” Before she cold protest, Blake, that bastard, grabbed her hand and slapped it on the side of Amur’s calf. “Nice,” she choked out, blinking as her heart beat ramped up from sixty to somewhere approaching a thousand. She looked out and the bootblack was casting her such a heated look she had to check to see if her ears and hair had been singed off. But insets of pulling her hand back in embarrassment, she gave him a wicked smirk and ran her hand over the bulging muscles. The bootblack sniffed and quelled his envious look with obvious effort before turning admiring gaze to Amur’s barely covered ass. “Neyt,” Amur decided abruptly, everyone’s attention going to his face finally. He tossed his thick braid over his shoulder to dangle behind his back, teasing the cheeks of his ass before shaking his head. “Too shiny.” The removed his foot from the couch and turned to drop down in that spot. And now Judy had half naked man flesh encroaching in on her personal space. Not that it bothered her much. She shot the bootblack a smirk before settling back to see what would happen next. “Shiny?” “Shiny, da.” Amur nodded before poking his shod foot into eh bootblack’s direction. There was almost a stampede as the assistants all rushed in to help remove the boot, but were soundly beat back but the original one, who defended his commission and his right to unshod the hot Russian dude with the stubbornness of an attack dog defending its territory. The swinging unused boot helped to this effect as he used it like a bola to fend off the greedy hands of the others. Finally peace reigned as he scared the others away and almost reverently dropped to his knees before Amur. The boot was caressed as he almost lovingly ran his hands up from Amur’s ankles to his knees. He was reaching up past his knees when suddenly Judy found herself gripping the tops of the ling thing. She jerked as the backs of her fingers grazed his soft skin, but she gripped the boot and pulled it downwards, separating it form Amur’s leg before the bootblack could get that far. “You are taking to long,” she sneered as the man looked like he was going to cry. Yeah, she destroyed his attempt at copping a free feel and that was no guilt in doing so. Bastard had no right to… She realized what she had done the same time Blake stared snickering. She looked over to her friend, over the relaxed mound of his boyfriend, and offered him a small smile. Blake was snickering at the man’s expression and paying no attention to her possessive maneuvering. “Well, you were,” Blake pointed out, not even hiding his amusement. The bootblack tugged the boot off of Amur’s foot and retreating high dungeon. He returned swiftly with another pair, this one a muted rich black leather that seemed almost alive in his hands. Amur rose to his feet, accepting the boot and carefully sliding it onto his silk sock clad foot. This boot has a zipper and after he tapped his toe gently on the carpeted ground to settle it properly, he lifted his foot to he couch and bent low, his back and ass pointing to his fan club, and pulled the zipper slowly up. For a moment, the room was filled with the sounds of sucked in breaths and a low metallic growl as the zipper slid into place. Amur gracefully rose to his feet and with hands on his slim waist, his thubs resting just below the cuts in his lower abdomen, not that Jud was paying that much attention she mused, and took one step. “I like,” he nodded, ricking back on
the small one inch heel before sliding his foot forward, almost as if testing something. “But…” “But?” the bootblack all but wailed. “This are made from the finest Corinthian leather!” He flushed as Judy snorted and Amur raised one silver/white eyebrow. “To slippery,” Amur decided. “Slipp—Slippery?” the bootblack stuttered. “What are you planning on doing in these things anyway?” Apparently, he was of the opinion that Amur’s legs cast in black leather was perfection that had no other duty than being in a place where the world could watch at their leisure. “For fucking,” At Amur’s blunt statement, two of the lingering assistant gave into low squeals of delight and their bootblack’s mouth dropped open in shock, as if he had not expected that answer. Really, Judy thought. Just what the hell did he think the man was going to do with a few feet of leather encasing his legs? Fight a mystical war with the mages of middle earth? “F-ff-ffor…” he sounded like an outboard motor. “Fucking, da,” Amur said without a bit of guile. “And get some without zippers.” “I like the zippers,” Blake felt obliged to point out that point, Judy decided. Just to add to the confused sexual odyssey she was suddenly in the middle of. “But they would tear into your shoulders when you nibble on my balls, yes?” Someone screamed and there was a sound of a body hitting the round, but Judy was more interested in Blake’s answer than what the dweebs masquerading as help were doing. “Hmm,” Black reached up and rubbed at his own impressive shoulders. “I suppose you are right.” At his statement, pandemonium broke out, pandemonium in the form of their bootblack rising to his feet and running out of their alcove while the assistants hugged eachother and snapped pictures with their cell phones. Judy knew the feeling. But she had something better. She had a back window that overlooked their sexual playground. Her photos were better. Amur removed the boot and the before he could sit, the bootblack returned carrying another pair of black leather boots. These were a leather and suede miracle that put her in mind of nearly naked warriors wielding swords and riding horses over a battlefield. She was as bad as the help, she realized, but nodded in agreement when Amur looked in her direction. He slid the boot onto his right foot, ran his hands up over his calves to fit the boot’s leather upper correctly. He dropped his foot onto the space he evacuated and began the slow process of lacing the thigh high leather. Once laced properly, he dropped his leg to the ground and took a experimental step. “Da,” he nodded to himself before looking to Blake and Judy. Blake was already petting the supple leather where the suede ended at crotch height. “Soft,” he muttered his approval. “I like.” Those green eyes seemed to laser in her direction and Judy gulped. “Yeah,” she tried to play suave, and nearly succeeded cause the bootblack was shooting her an evil look as if she were intruding on his testosterone laden fantasy. Emboldened and slightly offended by his reaction, she reached out and began to pet the leather at his thighs. “I like them very much. But you should see if they have them in silver white, like your hair.” “I like brown,” Blake nodded, smiling in her direction. “Black is such a harsh color for his skin tone. In fact, I would like to see him in a rich orange brown and a bright blue as well as the silver white.” His words were calm, but the wicked grin he tossed in Judy’s direction let her know that he was on to her little game with the bootblack and approved of her actions. “What do you think?” Blake asked Amur. Shaking his at the both of them like they were wayward children, he nevertheless nodded. “No black. The orange brown, the white, and the blue.” “Right,” the bootblack almost tripped over his own feet as he raced out of the alcove to retrieve the order. Amur pulled the laces free and undid the boot lacings before removing the boot and reaching for his pants. “Unless you want I try them on..?” He arched an eyebrow at Judy. “That’s fine,” she coughed softly, covering her blushing cheeks with her hands. “Um, I’m an artist. I have an eye for color.”