Here is your NC 17 rated M/M Hump Day Hump… From the LRC Best Paranormal of 2011 Nominated How Now to Date a Fae….. Here’s Cailte and Ario! *g*

“Shower,” Cailte purred. “Oh, I liked that.” He stared, still utterly fascinated, at the cascade of water flowing from the wide, round head that hung suspended above them in the tiny glass room. “I thought you would,” Ario chucked, his body still tingling. With a stupid grin on his face, he shut off the water and reached for a large towel sitting on his bathroom counter. “Even the Romans could not produce such wonders as this.” “Hmm,” Ario murmured, making motions for the giant to move toward him. “I am teaching you, young one.” Cailte chuckled, wrapping his arms around his lover’s waist and pulling him to his wet body, ignoring the towel Ario held. “You should pay attention.” “I am paying attention, old, dusty one.” Ario smiled. He felt relaxed, truly relaxed, for the first time in years. “Well, I have been paying attention as well, lover.” Cailte gently pulled the towel from Ario’s hands and began to pat his lover dry. “Is it a custom to remove the body hair here?” His hands moved over Ario’s groin, soaking away tiny silver drips of water while touching the still bloated base of Ario’s hairless cock and gently cupping the equally denuded balls while his free hand ran over Ario’s face. “A habit from my youth.” Ario blushed, staring down at Cailte’s body, partially denuded of hair by his hand. “And you decided to share?” “I am not used to red hair.” Ario repeated his comment from earlier before reaching for a second towel. He reached up and wrapped the towel around Cailte’s head. “So you removed it?” “Yes.” He shook his head and looked down. “I apologize for my actions.” “Growing back is going to itch like a son of a bitch,” Cailte complained. Ario could not help the smile that filled his face. His Cailte was so accommodating, he thought, stepping back and briskly drying off the man. “One grows used to it or one continues to shave.” Ario sounded smug, he knew. In response, Cailte spun him around and swatted his full ass, just once. “Respect your elders.” Cailte chuckled, watching as Ario twisted around to look down at the light pink mark that rose on his ass before fading away. “If they do something that warrants respect.” Ario snorted, using the towel he had dried Cailte off with to dry his long hair, a wicked grin pulling at his lips. “I thought that I earned that respect, lad.” Cailte laughed outright. “In that pallet on the floor and in this shower.” “Mmm.” Ario nodded as he strode from the room, a still-dripping Cailte on his heels. “Perhaps.” “Perhaps, he says,” Cailte muttered as they bypassed the guest room and entered the master bedroom. “Oh, hey!” He stopped at the door and just looked around. Ario’s bedroom was an indulgence for him, the only place where he chose to drop his Japanese minimalist design scheme and just go with what felt right. What felt right was the huge, cast-iron head- and footboard on his California king-sized bed. The bed was heaped with so many pillows they spilled off and onto the dark, carpeted floor. Instead of a dresser, there was a huge walk-in closet. “Nice room,” Cailte breathed, and Ario turned to watch him walk over to the huge bed and press down on the mattress. Cailte’s eyes took in the ceremonial katana sets on the walls and the low bench that sat against the far wall across from the bed. “Thank you.” Ario dived into his closet and emerged quickly, wearing a loose pair of boxer shorts and a button-up cotton shirt. “Now if you are done dripping on my floor…” He walked over and grabbed the towel that was still around Cailte’s head and began to dry his massive body once more. “I like it that you’ve dressed, lover,” Cailte purred, reaching around Ario and pulling him up against his still nude body. “One of the best things in the world is to be undressed by your lover.” Cailte ran his hands through Ario’s damp hair as Ario’s motions with the towel slowed, then stopped completely. “I have never been undressed by a lover.” Cailte paused in the unbuttoning of Ario’s shirt to stare in open-mouthed amazement at his longhaired lover. “Never?” “Never.” Ario blew out a breath that ruffled the strands of hair hanging in his face. “Why?” Cailte tilted his head to the side, his purple eyes curious. He pressed the palms of his hands to his lover’s chest, feeling his warm skin and the beating of his mending heart beneath his hands. “I guess they thought I wasn’t worth it.” His eyes closed, and he leaned into Cailte’s touch, enjoying the press of skin against him. “Then they were fools,” Cailte snarled, his eyes narrowing at the thought of Ario’s previous consorts. “How dare they…?” “Hey!” The warm palm caressing the rough stubble on his face stopped Cailte’s tirade before it could really begin. “Hey,” Ario repeated, a small smile spreading across his lips as he stared up at his new lover. “I never really complained.” He sighed, looking a bit sheepish. “I mean, I did what I had to do, and you know…” He blushed. “That is no excuse!” “But I really didn’t care about them,” Ario insisted. “So it didn’t matter to me who stripped who so long as the job was done.” “You truly cared for none of them?” Cailte asked, running his hands over Ario’s chest. “Truly?” “Not all of them…” Ario paused in his speaking, his eyes going a bit hazy as if he was lost momentarily in thoughts of the past. “But the ones I… I endured for, they were the ones that frightened me the most.” “Because you cared,” Cailte divined. “You… you frighten me.” “Because you care?” The grin that spread across Cailte’s face was too big to be hidden. “You care about me, little Ario.” “I am willing to have sex with you,” Ario began, but the kiss that was pressed to his lips stopped any more words from spilling forth. And Cailte took advantage, thrusting his tongue deep into his lover’s sweet mouth, diving his tongue along his back teeth and tickling the roof of his mouth. “I want to feel…” Ario didn’t realize he had spoken out loud until Cailte drew back, just a little, his eyes sparking with hope. He moaned as Cailte bent low and paused, breathing him in, his lips barely touching those of his lover. “I — I —” Ario stammered, shuddering at each soft press of lips, his heart racing, his palms sweating, his knees growing weak. And hope — horrific, beautiful, derisive hope — was once more building rainbows in his mind and pressure in his chest. “Ario?” Panting from their near kiss, Cailte breathed his name. His hand surrounded that most precious face, holding it so their gazes locked. “So you feel me?” he demanded, pressing against Ario’s growing erection, tearing a moan from his throat. “Do you feel me, Ario?” he all but growled. “Yes.” The word was muffled as Ario buried his face in Cailte’s neck, inhaling the rich scents of soap and musk. “I feel you. Kami-sama, do I feel you.” And then there was no stopping Ario. He leaned back as Cailte pushed his shirt from his body to flutter to the floor at their feet, and then he reached out and took his lover — his lover — into his arms. He moved backwards, Cailte following closely as they moved to the bed. “Here.” Ario shivered as he tugged Cailte. “I need you here.” “Gods, take what you need, lover,” Cailte growled, reaching out and lifting Ario completely off the ground, surprising him by his show of strength. Cailte deposited him on his back on the bed. Ario’s boxers were torn from his body and tossed aside as he scrambled to his knees. “I want this,” he breathed as Cailte joined him, getting so close that Cailte’s cock pressed high above his navel while his own pressed against Cailte’s warm thigh. His arms went around the taller man’s neck, and he pulled his lover’s mouth to his. “I will have this.” “Without pain or fear,” Cailte whispered in his ear before suckling at the lobe, drawing a growling moan from Ario. Then it was all about exploration. Ario’s hands
roamed over the pale flesh set before him like a present, and he treated Cailte like the gift he was perceived to be. He squeezed the hard, rounded shoulders and arms of a man who had wielded a sword for years. His chest was a feast of hills and valleys that were warm and firm to the touch. Cailte’s pink nipples responded to his touch, growing even harder as he lowered his head and sucked at them. “Whatever you want, lover mine,” Cailte gasped, moaning as his head dropped back, leaving himself open and vulnerable to whatever ministrations Ario wished to visit upon him. “Lay down.” The command in Ario’s voice was clear as his green eyes dilated, his lashes at half-mast. “I want to see what my diligence has awarded me.” Chuckling, Cailte allowed himself to fall back on the bed, his hair fanning damply around his head. He spread his arms wide and thrust his hips up, the glistening tip of his pink cock waving gently as he moved. “Hopefully, I’ll get more than a rub-off. That was nice in the shower, lover, but now I am hungry for something more substantial.” “The warm-up,” Ario promised as he closed his eyes and let his magic flow to the surface of his skin. He had not done this in so long just because he wanted to — he was almost giddy just from gathering the power. He felt his skin tingle as he leaned over Cailte, noting that his lover’s breathing had hitched when he called upon his magic. It seemed that whatever force existed within his lover was compatible with his, and that would make this loving all the more special. He started by running his magically armed hands up Cailte’s thighs, watching as the man moaned and spread his legs further, giving Ario access to all his most vulnerable spots. “Perfect.” Ario paused to toss his hair behind his shoulders so that it would not hamper his movements as he again ran his hands over his lover’s corded thighs. “You are perfect, Cailte mac Ronan.” “Not so much, love.” Cailte’s voice was reedy as he answered. “Not perfect. Just perfect for you right now.” “Yes,” Ario agreed, lowering his head to breathe on Cailte’s cock, his erection throbbing in sympathy as it jerked and a thin, clear spurt of precum rolled down his length. “Just perfect.” “Well?” Cailte lifted his head to glare down into Ario’s eyes. “Are you gonna suck it or talk to it?” “Both.” And Ario just sucked the whole thing down his throat… without gagging. “Taranis’ left nut!” Cailte cried out, eyes wide in amazement, and Ario had to pull off his cock with his laughter. When was the last time he had laughed in bed? “I’m not complaining, lad,” Cailte urged. “I am not complaining. It was a compliment to your skill!” This time Ario rested his head on his lover’s thigh as his laughter overcame him. Every time he looked up into that pleading face, he had to chuckle just a little bit more. “Ario, m’love?” “Mmm, yes?” Ario giggled, looking over at his lover’s extremely large, swollen balls. They looked like fun… “If I ask nicely would you… Never mind!” Cailte paused in his imploring as Ario leaned over and sucked first one and then the other ball into his mouth, laving the wrinkled skin of his sac with his wet, rough tongue. “You keep on doing what feels good.” Cailte’s head dropped back to the pillows as Ario rose up on his knees, his ass waggling in the air as he set out to pleasure his lover. He sucked and nipped at the balls, bring his hands into play to push Cailte’s thighs wider and to heft the mass of his scrotum in his palms. Ario worshiped his lover’s most vulnerable spots, caressing them, teasing him, and giving them just enough roughness to cause an ache and not true pain. Soon he had to hold Cailte’s hips still as the man began to writhe on the bed. “Mine!” Ario intercepted him as Cailte’s hands went to his leaking cock, stopping the man before he could get more than one good stroke in. “I’m dying here, lad,” Cailte whined, lifting his head to stare down at him again. “Please?” “You only had to ask.” Ario’s voice was husky in his desire, and he used that as a sexual weapon as well. It worked, because Cailte’s eyes all but rolled in their sockets as he closed them worshipfully. He gripped his lover’s cock by the base, and after giving it a teasing lick, swallowed the whole thing down. Cailte moaned, his hips thrusting upwards shallowly. His hands went to Ario’s hair, gently rubbing at his scalp, showing his appreciation with his caresses. “So beautiful, m’lover,” he drawled, and Ario had to agree. He looked up the long line of Cailte’s pale body, noted the closed eyes, the lips barely parted in his passion, the way he seemed to give his whole being up to this act. Slowly he lifted his head, his tongue playing with the length of his lover’s cock, nibbling at the foreskin with his teeth before he swallowed it deeply again. As he did this, he slid his fingers inside his mouth, collecting the slick mixture of his saliva and his lover’s seminal fluids before he lowered his fingers below his lover’s jerking balls to his tight, puckered opening. He circled his finger around Cailte’s anus, looking for a positive reaction. And when his lover only moaned louder and spread his legs farther, Ario took that as permission to continue. He slid his finger into his lover up to the first knuckle and watched as the man jerked and began to curse in some language Ario could not understand. He recognized his name, and as he searched out and pressed on his lover’s prostate, Cailte began chanting his name louder and louder. “Right there, lover,” Cailte was gasping as Ario swallowed him to the hilt and began to play with his gland. “Mmm, right there. Keep doing that.” So Ario played with him, swallowing around his thick shaft as he fucked him slowly with his finger. Soon one finger became two, and when Cailte demanded more, Ario pulled away. “Ario?” Cailte asked, sitting up a bit as Ario slid his fingers free. “Just getting something.” Ario smiled, watching as Cailte’s gaze moved to his red cock, the tip glistening with his precum. “Hurry back.” He dropped his head back to the pillows and began to fist his cock, running his fingers under the foreskin as he lifted one foot to rest flat on the bed, spreading himself even further open before Ario’s stunned gaze. Ario all but ran to his closet to pull out a bottle of massage oil and a condom. He considered the condom for a second, then tossed it back into the dresser. He was clean, and he doubted that a man as old as his Cailte, not to mention magical, would have any diseases to pass on. He returned to see Cailte getting into his jerk-off session, his hips thrusting up into his fist as his free hand ran over his chest, tugging at his nipples. “Keep going,” Ario all but panted as he moved to the bed, popping open the bottle of oil as he drew closer. “I like to watch.” And he watched as Cailte arched his hips into each pump, as his silvery, slick precum slid down his shaft and fingers. A cherry-red flush began to flow up from his shoulders and neck until his whole face was nearly glowing in heat. Cailte licked his lips and tilted his head toward Ario. “Come… here.” And Ario was on him in a flash, spreading oil over his fingers before dropping the bottle beside Cailte’s hip. He brushed Cailte’s hands away and held his lover down as he slid two fingers in deep. “I — I take this… oh, gods, Ario… to mean… Uhh, to mean that… you… gonna fuck me?” he ended in a rush, both his hands tangling in Ario’s hair and pulling him down for a kiss. Cailte ate at his mouth. He nipped, licked, and suckled and did everything he could to convey the pleasure he was feeling to Ario. “For a little while.” Ario pulled back far enough to say before lowering his head and latching onto a nipple, biting and sucking as two fingers became three. Soon, Ario was slicking up his dick and pulling back to line himself up with Cailte’s reddened hole. “Easy, now.” Cailte soothed both of them, wrapping one leg ar
ound Ario’s waist and spreading the other out to the side. “I havena done this for some time.” “You will feel no pain at my hands,” Ario assured him, flexing his magic to the loosened hole, ensuring that Cailte would feel nothing but growing desire from this taking. And then he was sliding in, cursing softly under his breath as the tight, silken heat of his lover’s ass enveloped him. “Cailte!” he moaned as his lover’s leg tightening around his waist, drawing him closer. He forced his eyes to remain on his lover’s face, noting the flush had gotten deep and that he was panting and open-mouthed, but there was no pain painted across his face. He pulled out shallowly and then slid back in, gritting his teeth to resist the urge to just slam deep into Cailte’s heat. But he moved slowly, pulling out and sliding in, inches at a time until his full length was buried in his lover’s ass. “Gods, big dick.” Cailte opened his eyes to smile up at his lover. “Stretching me out, lover. Filling me up.” Ario’s answer was to grip Cailte’s cock, which had softened a bit during his entry, and stroke it hard. Cailte’s erection came back with a vengeance, and he was soon grinding down on Ario’s hard dick. Ario tried not to hold his breath as wave after wave of intense ecstasy ran through his body. He rocked his hips, trying to keep a comfortable tempo, but his lover was blowing his control with his expressive face showing nothing but bliss, with the way he sweetly submitted to him. The way he left his body open and vulnerable to his erotic attack, the way he openly showed his pleasure in loud grunts… it was all too much for Ario. Sooner than he wanted, he found himself increasing his tempo, and he slammed rapidly in and out of his lover’s body. “Harder, lover!” Cailte was groaning, his head pushing back deep into the pillows. “So deep, so good!” Moaning, Ario rose enough to move one hand to grope for the bottle of oil. He managed to pop open the top again and spray oil over his fingers. He bent over and pressed his fingers to his ass, sinking them deep. “Gods, I felt that,” Cailte gasped, his eyes opening wide as he lifted his head to see behind his lover. “Ario, what are you doing?” In answer, Ario pulled out of his lover and moved to straddle his chest. “Need… I — I — so empty!” he gasped, dropping his head so that his nearly dry hair flowed free, hiding his face. “Want you inside…” Before he could say any more, Ario found his world spinning as Cailte rose and put him on his back. Then his fingers were being pulled from his body and replaced with Cailte’s much longer ones. “Kami!” Ario all but screeched, his magic flaring as fire flowed up from his ass, to his cock, and through his body. “Yes! Hii! Hii! Yes!” “Fuck me,” Cailte moaned before twisting his fingers deep. “From top to bottom, love! I love a versatile man!” And before Ario could say more, he felt the broad head of his lover’s cock at his ass. He flexed his muscles, making his hole kiss his lover’s head before Cailte gave a shove that got the head through the ring of guardian muscles. Instead of pain, Ario felt nothing but a deep, growing hunger and an emptiness that demanded filling. He wrapped his legs around his lover’s waist and pulled. He felt his body open for the hard invader and could only scream his gratitude. He clenched down and felt the hardness that would not give as Cailte moved steadily inside of him. Finally, after a small, brilliant bit of eternity, Cailte’s full length rested deep within him. “Fuck me!” Ario moaned, his head going from side to side on the pillows. Shivers wracked his body. “Fuck me now!” “I’ll fuck ya, boyo.” Cailte began to grind his hips from side to side, caressing the nerve-rich walls as well as brushing his length against Ario’s prostate. Ario was beyond words. All he could do was feel — feel the thick cock sliding through his body, the excited nerves sparking off fire with each slide of that throbbing dick, his body flushing hot and then shivering as bright lights filled his eyes. This was magic, he was magic, and as long as his lover’s cock was moving inside of him, he could do anything! He was screaming and crying and laughing, and it all felt so damn good! He felt the pressure build, an unencumbered tension that tightened each muscle of his body. But there was no pain. It was just pleasure, pleasure, pleasure. Cailte!” he called to his lover, his nails scraping across his back as Cailte pulled out and slammed his full length home. And then Ario was gone, crying out as the tension in him broke, as his hard cock began to shoot forth his hot seed, as his ass clenched on the hardness that had given him so much joy and delight. He was coming! He could feel a gush of wet heat as Cailte exploded as well, but that was only an addition to his satisfaction. He was coming, and there was no pain, there were no tears, there was only heat and ecstasy, and… and… and his heart was melting. And at the center of this emotional storm that had taken him over was the purple-eyed, red-headed lover he had found. In the middle of it all, holding him together and spreading him across the universe with his loving, was Cailte.