It's the Rated NC 17 feel good Hermaphrodite Hump day Hump of the week! This is from my upcoming release Unus, From Loose- ID Press, of course! *g*

Before she could draw her next breath, the silken bedding was caressing her face and she found herself pulled to her knees.
“Mine!” he snarled, his eyes flashing as she felt his hands, one on her neck holding her down and one on her lower back, holding her steady.
She gasped as she felt his heat behind her, his cock hard and slick with his release, moist against her opening.
“Mine!” he insisted, leaning over her, pressing down on her with what seemed to be all his weight.
“Gahhh!” Cyprus screamed, bucking up against him, struggling, tearing at the silks with her hands, trying to reach him.
She was the Coven Master! She was in control! She—was really getting aroused by this.
Already, she could feel the return of her erection, as he pressed hard against her ass. Her blood was rushing downward again as that deep tingling feeling she had during her last massive orgasm was beginning to flood her system once more.
She tossed her head as much as she could, struggling to knock her hair out of the way so that she could see him.
Yeah, she wanted to see him being the dominant one. There was something about a male who could take control when the moment offered—
“Mine!” he insisted again, leaning over, pressing against her back with his body.
Then he was sinking his teeth into her shoulder. And—
There were screams filling the room, high pitched screams of shock and delight and it took a moment for Cyprus to realize that they were coming from her own throat.
The moment he bit down, the connection she was feeling with him snapped into place.
Before when she took him there was awareness of him and there was a shallow sharing on her part. She allowed him inside her mind to feel and see what she was. She allowed him to view her childhood and her past struggles here and on Earth.
Now he was not asking, he was demanding. He was battering down her barriers and he was seeing all of her secrets. She had nothing left to hide, and suddenly she didn’t want to hide at all.
And with that realization came a true melding.
She moaned as bright lights flashed in her mind’s eye, as she caught snippets of him and willingly gave up all of herself. Suddenly she could see herself through his eyes and the vision of her form, the absolute beauty, the love he held for her, it humbled her.
She was not this perfect creature! She was scared and confused and—
“This is how I see you.”
Cyprus jerked upward as his voice invaded her mind. She—she could hear him? Was this—this part—?
“I am one with you.”
His voice sounded amused.
“Yes,” he purred, his teeth retreating as he began to lick at her wound.
Somehow she knew it would scar just as her own bite on him permanently marked him as belonging to her. And that was very fine.
His renewed arousal became her arousal. The fire flowing through his veins became hers.
Suddenly she could see through his eyes, see her back arched high, the cheeks of her rounded ass quivering, the position of the broad head of his cock at her vagina before he slammed inside deep.