Its the Hump Day Hump NC 17 m/m

In honor of Absolute Perfection from Loose Id Press and released yesterday, here an an Absolutely perfect example of sex between a Seahorse and a Nana. And boy it was hard getting in there to take notes to prove that this is an absolutely perfect example of a mating right! Ain’t they beauts? LOL
“You are never topping!”
The enraged shriek was quickly followed by a small blue-green ball of hair who thought that it would be fine and dandy to pounce on his back.
Astika turned, eyes slitting, forked tongue lashing out as he dropped his cup of orange juice and glared at his mate.
“You are a fertility…thing!”
The little sea horse reached around to brandish a book and glared up at him.
“You and your kind make lots of babies! I didn’t leave my home to escape that fate only to become a broodmare on dry land!”
Taza was so angry that his sea foam was slipping, and the way the sea horse was clawing at his tail was amusing but not too comfortable.
“Have lots of babies, you penis-shaped…snake!”
At his words, a slow smile spread across Astika’s face.
Maybe mating would provide him with what he wanted after all. He had almost forgotten that.
“Oh no you don’t!” Taza began, only to be cut off as the tail he was squashing quickly looped around his waist, pulling him closer to his mate’s body. “What are you doing, Nāga?”
“You can make babiessss for me?” Astika’s smile was almost wolfish for a snake as he exposed his fangs, his eyes shimmering with delight.
“I said I wouldn’t become your broodmare!”
“But…you can make babiessss.” That was said with a bit of finality that made Taza pale.
“I don’t want—”
“All my life, I have always sssstrove for certain thingssss.”
Astika reached out and ran his fingers softly over his mate’s face, making the shorter man’s protests stutter to a halt.
“I have always wanted peace for my people, and now with the might of your people added to my own, I am assssured that we have peace that will be lasting for a great long while.”
Astika ran his fingers through Taza’s hair. “I am amazed that something that looks so soft can be so stiff at the same time. It grows, only along the top and back, the sides bare but for this very faint scale pattern that matches the colors of a rainbow when you move. Very unique and quite pretty my mate.”
“We have more important things to discuss, Nāga,” Taza snipped.
“Well, if you insis—”
“Damn right I do!”
“I have wanted peace for my family, and I have been told that I am damaging them by playing mediator between my grandfather and his twelve concubinessss.”
“Yessss, each one more fecund than the last. I have plentiful unclessss and auntssss, and they themsssselvessss have been quite fertile.”
Taza’s eyes widened as he grew paler, his breathing increasing rapidly as his eyes dilated into huge pools of turquoise.
“Sssso I have done enough for my family, or at leasssst I have been asssssured by my mother that this issss sssso.”
He rolled his eyes at that.
“And I have fulfilled my duties to my people by ending generationssss of pain and fear by sssstopping the ritual ssssacrifices that Janamejaya demanded without bloodsssshed or lossss of life. I have acted as mediator between my mother, Manassssa, and my grandfather’ssss first wife, Chandi, though at timessss it sssseemssss that it would be better to let my mother and that woman take their rage out on my grandfather.”
He closed his eyes, shaking his head sadly.
“So if they have their valued peace,” Taza asked, running his fingers over his mate’s chest, “why do they argue and fight so? To me it seems counterproductive.”
“Asssss my mate, there are a few thingssss you need to know about my family.”
Sighing, he looked up and loosed the coils that held Taza fast, but not so loose as to allow the small sea horse to wiggle his way to freedom.
He shifted his body, easily moving about the kitchen with the rear end of his tail holding his mate, until he was facing a large window.
For a moment it seemed as if Astika had forgotten about his diminutive mate, but then he turned to stare at him again, his black eyes filled with pain as his tongue darted out to taste the air around Taza.
“My father left my mother ssssoon after I wassss born.” He sounded matter-of-fact, but when discussing royalty he was filled with pain he could not hide.
“What?” Taza narrowed his eyes in anger. “This is a great offense and a devastating insult to your lady mother.”
“Thissss is maybe sssshocking to you?” he asked and smiled a little when Taza’s head bobbed in agreement.
“Yessss, well my grandfather’ssss first wife had a lot to do with that. Sssshe terrorized my mother out of jealoussssy and sssspite, and my grandfather was too enamored of her to do anything to sssstop her. Sssshe cost my mother an eye and refused to relent even when my mother ssssaved her own father’s life when he was poissssoned. So finally my grandfather Sssshiva abandoned my mother on earth.”
Taza sucked in a breath, but he didn’t interrupt.
“Oh, he left her with sssservants and a protector, her brother Vassssuki, but he sssstill abandoned his daughter. I guessss it doessssn’t help that sssshe was a basssstard child that he begot, but her blood wassss jusssst asssss royal as Chandi’ssss. Sssstill, he abandoned her. He left her without a great ssssense of worth. Mom is what they call a half-breed, and apparently an inssssult to Chandi’ssss delicate ssssensibilities.”
Astika rolled his eyes and snorted at that.
“Anyway,” he continued, “my mother met my father and fell deeply in love. My father issss a ssssage, a wise man”—he snorted again—“but he wassss introduced to her by my uncle Vassssuki and decided that sssshe was the woman he would sssspend the rest of his life with no matter the circumsssstances behind her birth. Nothing that anyone could ssssay or do would change Father’ssss mind. But after Chandi loosed ssssnakes into their rooms on their wedding night, it issss amazing that he returned and sssstayed long enough to create me. But then I believe that had to do with Grandfather Sssshiva needing ssssomeone to take care of Janamejaya and his ssssnake-killing philossssophy.”
“You were born to create…what? A way to stop snake sacrifices?”
“Generally.” Astika nodded, releasing his mate now that he was sure he had engaged his attention and it seemed that the little sea horse would not run away.
“So you are… a disposable child?” Taza sounded appalled. “Was your whole existence merely created just to fulfill a need within your kingdom?”
“In a way.” Astika nodded. “Ussssually I am kept quiet and in the background unlesssss Grandfather needssss me.”
“But…but that is wrong!”
“No more wrong than what my mother had to endure. My father left her, Taza. He shows up when he thinkssss he needs more power. I mean his father-in-law is Sssshiva! How much more power does one man need? He never saw the sssstruggles my mother had when he abandoned us. She had to prove herself time and time again, had to run and hide with me, her unnatural Nāga child, when my royal family offered no hope and no help. Sssshe had to rain so much destruction on people, had to kill so many, had to fight so hard that even Chandi is wary of her now. Yet my mother is fiercely proud and protective. She helps with fertility, even though she only hassss one child—me. Father refuses to dissssolve the match, thussss my mother is sssstuck with him and his infrequent visitssss, and she cannot do what she has alwayssss longed to do, and that is to have a large family for her to love and to have them love her in return. I am all that sssshe hassss.”
“And your grandfather? Does he not do anything to assist her?”
“With eleven mates and Chandi?” Astika rolled his eyes. “I find it fortunate that he even allowed me to enter the palace, but as I ssssaid, I believe my birth was by hissss design, so he had to have his creation nearby to train and to dissssplay. Mother allowed it, but just barely. She wanted me to know Grandfather’s other wives, and they are kind and generoussss, just afraid of Chandi’ssss wrath.”
“So you really are just a pawn, huh?” Taza’s face took on a compassionate cast. “I am so sorry for that.”
“Yessss, a pawn,” Astika agreed. “And now with insissssting that your rightful place issss at my side as my mate, my father and grandfather ssssee another avenue for power through our joining. So again, I am being dusted off and ssssacrificed to the gods of their greed.”
“I…I… Damn.” Taza shook his head as he turned his face toward the floor. “I didn’t… I am sorr—”
Astika’s voice was sharp and it forced Taza to look up at his face.
“No, what is done is done. There will be no regretssss. We have to make the best of this ssssituation… Well, I know I intend to make the best of this ssssituation.”
“Meaning that you jusssst confirmed for me that you can bear children.”
“So…?” Taza began to pale again.
“Sssso.” The coils tightened around him once more, lifting him up to the level of his mate’s eyes. “Sssso it means that out of this ssssituation, I will get ssssomething that I really want.”
“A mate who will assist you in your daily endeavors?”
Taza’s laughter sounded forced and nervous as he started squirming, seemingly looking for a way out. It was apparent to Astika that Taza didn’t want to hear what he had to say next.
“No, though that would be a blesssssing all in its own right.” Astika smiled.
Taza frowned.
“No, my mate.” Astika framed his face between both of his hands. “What I want—what you will give me—issss…lotssss and lotssss of children.”
Taza opened his mouth to protest but was unable to make a peep as Astika descended upon him, the long forked tongue flicking and flittering along the sea horse’s.
Then he had Taza moaning, kissing Astika back, forcing his tongue to invade the Nāga’s mouth, shuddering as the intensity of the kiss increased.
“I am damned.” Taza pulled back to whimper before Astika gripped his body tighter and pulled Taza closer, the spade of his tail caressing his back. “But what a way to go.”
Astika threw his head back, cascades of his hair trailing over his arms, cool and slick as Taza’s tongue began to explore his body.
“Th-this,” Taza stammered, “is amazing.” His eyelids fell closed and a light rolling trill emerged from his throat.
“Mmm,” Astika agreed as he hefted his mate even higher, his hands gripping the tiny waist tightly as his wicked tongue traveled down his neck to tease at his left nipple.
“St-stop.” Taza tried to call a halt to Astika’s sensual exploration, but he ignored him. Instead of stopping, Astika’s hands lifted, slid him up farther, and forced his mouth closer to the smaller body. And then with a moan of surrender, Taza gave in to the inevitable.
“Harder!” he demanded, tightening his fingers in Astika’s hair. “Harder! Do it now!”
Astika’s amusement was clear. “I can feel that,” Taza griped, and Astika could not help the smile spreading across his face even as he pressed his lips against Taza’s rapidly sensitizing chest. “And”—a moan escaped Taza’s throat—“I don’t care! More suction!”
Astika felt his mate’s cock harden and press against the soft scales of his belly.
“Oh Astika,” his sea horse moaned, his hips thrusting forward almost against his will. “Keep doing that!”
“Frottage,” Astika mumbled then released his nipple with a pop and lapped at the hard nubbin of flesh.
“Whatever,” Taza screamed. Exquisite was the only way to describe the perfect hip thrust and full-body wiggle that his mate performed. Taza’s eyes closed, and he clamped his teeth down on his bottom lip to prevent the scream that was building up in his chest from escaping. “Just keep doing it.”
So as Taza’s mate lowered his head to his neglected nipple, a loud thrum exploded from Taza’s mouth as his body exploded into action.
“Don’t stop,” he said between pants, arching his chest farther into Astika’s mouth.
Taza wrapped his legs around the trunk of his mate’s body, his balls and his cock sliding deliciously along his delectable skin. And he wiggled and rubbed and humped until he had to close his eyes.
“Yessss,” Astika hissed, his hands leaving Taza’s waist and wrapping around him. “Take what you need.”
And Taza did.
His thighs tightened around Astika’s form, and his toes curled.
His head dropped back, and the sounds of his moans and gasps filled the air, driving his sexual tension high.
“Sssso hot.” Astika breathed into his ear, his tongue lapping at it and his neck before his sharp teeth nipped at them. “Sssso hot for me, are you not?”
Taza didn’t answer. It was apparent that his mind was awash in this pleasure.
Astika found himself in the enviable position of being awash in the feeling of being possessed and being able to concentrate on his own pleasure as Taza’s body began to move on its own without his guidance, seeking what it most desired.
With his mate’s body cradled to him protectively as he moaned from this delicious friction that made his heart race and his mind blank, Astika began to relish the thoughts of having this particular mate.
“Ah—Astika,” Taza demanded, “Don’t you stop! Don’t you dare stop!”
In response, Astika sent the spade of his tail up and around the cheeks of Taza’s ass that his straddling position on his tail conveniently held spread, just teasing at the puckered opening, pressing and hinting at the penetration that he found himself desiring more and more with each second.
This sex act was lewd and rough and hard and fast and everything he needed from his mate at this very moment.
He wanted to be the only one to ever make Taza feel this good; the only one to drive his senses so high; the only one to ever care enough to make him want to lose all his control and just explode!
“Are you going to come for me?” Astika was whispering in his ear now. “Are you going to mate me, little one?”
“Oh yeah,” Taza moaned. “It burns…feeling… Oh yeah, so good.”
“Sssso good?” Astika repeated, tugging Taza’s head back by a handful of hair, his sharp teeth prickling the skin of his neck. “Sssso good?”
“Yes,” Taza cried out, his balls pulling upward as his cock swelled rock hard, the shaft sliding through the moisture that was leaking from the head of his cock. “Astika, yes.”
And then he was freezing in place, his cock pressed hard against the soft yet rough scales of his mate’s torso. Taza was whining and panting, his arms wrapped around him, his whole body one tight quivering mass in Astika’s arms.
“Hmmm,” he mused; one of his hands slid down Taza’s sweat-dampened back, squeezing the widely spread cheeks of his ass, and then one finger slid down his cleft. “Yessss,” he hissed again, and then that single finger was sliding into Taza’s ass.
Astika stiffened as he felt the strong guardian muscles that ringed his mate’s ass part, and then white fire exploded in his brain at the heat and tightness his little one’s body held for him.
“Astika!” Taza bellowed. His toes pointed, and his head fell back as his hips slammed against his mate’s stomach.
Wave after wave of pure sensation poured through him, killing all thought, racking his body in an ecstasy so pure he thought he had died and gone to the great beyond.
“Oh Creator, oh Mother Ocean, oh Astika!” he whimpered, losing all control.
He was a panting, shaking mess, and through it all, his mate held him tight in arms and coils, his warm skin soothing and comforting him as his hearts slowed from their pounding rhythm to something calmer.
He had never felt anything like this before. It was so good, so hot, so powerful that he wanted to fall sobbing into his mate’s arms and never move again.
But he could not. He had to secure his position in this childbearing thing. He had to make his point known. He had to…
His mate hissed comfortingly in his ear and ran his broad hands over his back and sides. He felt his body being held tightly within his Nāga’s safe grasp and he began to let his mind float in the pleasure it had just received.
“Sssso nice, my mate,” Astika whispered in his ear, cuddling him as he moved toward the pillows in the library.
“What…?” Taza wanted to inquire about his mate’s need, but lethargy was pulling him under.
He felt like he had swum around the castle three times. He felt like he had run the whole of Fells Point. He felt…
“I am fine, for now,” Astika murmured. “Tired?”
“Tired.” Taza nodded in answer, resting his head against his mate’s shoulder.
“Then resssst,” Astika purred. “Resssst and all will be well.”
“Yes.” Taza snuggled deeper as his mate settled in among the pillows.
“We can give thosssse baby-making genes a break. But I can’t wait to fill you full with my sssseed.”
Taza’s eyes popped open even as his mate wrapped tightly around him.
Somehow, he didn’t think he would be napping anymore.