Hump Day just went into The Red Zone…

From Total E bound comes a foot ball anthology like no other…. and its Football season so… LOL
In the Red Zone, my interracial football romp from Total E Bound Anthology Out of Bounds ! Purrr! NC 17 M/M… Meet Dolton and Dean…
“Beautiful place,” Dean murmured as they walked into his house.
“Thank you.” Dolton smiled as they entered his two-storey house about a mile away from the campus. “It’s a place I can hang my hat.”
They stepped across the stone hallway and into the sunken living room and Dean’s mouth dropped open. Dolton was proud of his home and he had filled it with the treasures he had discovered as he travelled the world. He loved Dean’s reaction to the things he held most dear.
He watched as Dean stepped down the five stairs and walked across the marble floor towards a display case that held his precious artifacts from Japan.
“One of my favorite places to travel is Asia, Japan in particular.”
“You are an anthropologist, I understand,” Dean murmured before his eyes caught a mounted katana, the katana, the wakizashi, and the tanto’s sheaths covered in the most beautiful red leather he had ever seen.
“Among other things,” Dolton answered, taking in his prey. Dean was wearing a loose pair of track pants that beautifully caressed that perfect bubble butt he loved to flaunt. His muscular upper body was covered in a loose white t-shirt that was so old and thin he might as well be naked. On his feet was a pair of black slides he wore in place of his cleats. His sport bag was slung over his shoulder and his hair was pulled back into a loose tail at the base of his neck and trailed over his shoulder in dark blond waves.
He was so asking to get fucked.
“You wanted my opinion, Pride?” he asked, his bright blue eyes darkening to almost navy as they trailed over his body. “From what I can see, you don’t need electric help.”
Oh yeah, this boy was down.
“Yeah.” Dolton gathered his courage and stepped over into Dean’s personal space. “I need help”—he leaned down and smirked as Dean sucked in a deep breath, his pupils dilating—“in the attic.”
He spun on his heel and began to walk away, expecting Dean to follow. A quick peek over his shoulder showed that Dean was, his eyes traveling over his décor that ran from strange to outright exotic.
“You’ve been all over the world,” he murmured as they made their way to the spiral staircase that led to the upper floors.
“Pretty much.” Dolton paused to look over his shoulder, noting that Dean jerked his eyes up from where they had been examining his ass. “And I always bring back souvenirs.”
He watched as Dean blushed and swore he would be balls deep in the quiet man soon.
“The attic is through the bedroom,” he added and adjusted himself where Dean could get an eyeful of what he was packing.
The other man swallowed hard and nodded, his own pants beginning to tent in the front.
True to his word, Dolton led the blond through his bedroom, grinning when Dean paused at the huge California king-sized bed draped in while silk and the matching fluttering curtains at the huge sliding glass doors that led to a deck.
“Through here.” Dolton drew his attention to a large doorway that held another set of wide spiraling stairs.
The attic was a huge room with vaulted ceilings and a glowing redwood floor. In the centre of the room was a large circular bed covered in white fur. There were two large windows tinted in dark glass that allowed in the sunlight but prevented anyone from the outside looking in. There was a huge circular chandelier hanging over the bed and bookcases framed in recessed lighting lined the walls.
“You want to add more light?” Dean asked, unable to tear his eyes away from the fur-covered bed. “This den is perfect.”
“It’s more of a play room…” Dolton trailed off as Dean jerked his eyes up to his.
“You didn’t bring me here for my opinion, did you?” Dolton noted that Dean’s voice dropped an octave when he grew aroused.
“Oh, I do need your opinion.” Swift as a hunting cat, Dolton made his move. Before the other man could blink, he was in his face, one hand going to his hair tie to free his hair, the other gripping his chin and forcing him to look down at him. Dean was maybe an inch taller than him, but that wouldn’t matter when he was flat on his back with his legs in the air. “When I fuck you, do you want to be on your knees or on your back? Think carefully ’cause that is the only decision you get.”
“I don’t have a choice?” Dean arched his eyebrow at him and Dolton felt his erection jump in his pants.
“You knew what you were getting into when you walked into my house.”
Dolton liked that—honesty was important to him. He reached out and pulled Dean’s bag from his shoulder and dropped it to the floor. “There is a shower in the corner.” He leaned in and lapped at Dean’s lips, feeling his lust rise as Dean closed his eyes and leaned into him. “We are going over there and I am going to peel you and wash you. Then I am laying you face first on that fur and eating your ass until you beg me to fuck you.”
Dean practically pulled him to the shower.
The small bedroom was more serviceable than anything else, a white glass shower stall large enough for two, a sink, and a toilet.
Once inside the door, Dean threw his arms around Dolton and began to devour his mouth. Dolton relaxed and let him, pushing back with his tongue and taking over the kiss after a moment. Dean moaned into his mouth, so delicious, but Dolton pulled away.
“Before this goes any further, there are some things you need to know about me.” He looked down at Dean, at his passion-swollen lips, his glittering eyes, his heaving chest, and had to take a step back before he just jumped him—to hell with proprieties.
“Things?” Dean panted, his eyes intent on him. “Things like I don’t bareback, I never fuck without condoms, I am a pushy bottom, and I don’t have a gag reflex?”
“Damn, boy.” Dolton had to grab his dick and squeeze. Dean was going to have him popping off before he touched him. “That is good to know, but I was talking about me.” He stepped closer, inhaling the rich smells of sweat and man that poured from Dean, making his hunger worse. “I am a demanding top in bed but I will put out for the right man. I never fuck without condoms either, that’s just stupid, and I have a huge dominant streak.”
“God, fuck me,” Dean moaned reaching out and caressing Dolton’s chest. Fire travelled in the wake of his touch and Dolton growled.
“Soon, boy. But I need to know if this is what you want? I am not a sadist though if you need pain to get off, I can do that. What I want is to have you and your pleasure completely in my control. Do you want that, Dean? Because I have been fantasizing about laying you out over my furs, holding your legs over your head and breeding your ass good.”
“Damn, I want that, sir,” Dean breathed. “I have a submissive streak, if you can tell,” he chuckled.
“Like I didn’t notice you jumping to when I told you to get in here.”
“Then I want that, sir.” Dean moved in closer, whipping his shirt over his head, facing Dolton, pride and submission in his stance. “You have my consent.”
“And I am hung like a horse.”
“Even better.”
There was nothing left to say. Dolton practically ripped the remaining clothing off of Dean and tossed his own somewhere behind him.
Damn, Dean was built. Broad shoulders, a firm muscled chest, slim hips and thick thighs—plus he had not been left behind when thick pretty cocks were handed out. His was pale at the base with a fat purple plum-shaped head. His body hair was nearly invisible save for the neatly trimmed patch surrounding the base of his dick.
Dolton paused in his efforts to catalogue every part of the man to let Dean run his appreciative eyes over his body. It had been a while since he had allowed anyone such close scrutiny of his body and he found that he enjoyed the attention.
“May I?” Dean questioned, moving in closer, his dick so swollen it was flat against his stomach and dripping like a faucet. Dolton looked down at his own body and knew that Dean was speaking of the tattoos that were etched into his body. “They are so beautiful…”
Dolton nodded and spread his arms wide, his own dick hanging low against his thigh. Dean ran his fingers over the tribal band of triangles and intricate spirals that encircled his left bicep.
“Huaorani tribe in the Amazon,” Dolton explained, his voice going darker as Dean brushed gentle fingers over his skin. Dean’s hand travelled across his shoulder to his chest and down to one dark nipple pierced through with a golden hoop. “Africa, a Maasai tribesman gave it to me after I helped round up his cows after a lion attack.”
Dean’s eyes jerked to his and he bit his lower lip. “I can almost imagine you in beads and a kilt, chasing cows away from stalking lions.”
“I was young and stupid,” Dolton explained. “Invincible.”
“And the scar?” Dean asked, touching a bit of raised skin on his left shoulder.
“Misunderstanding with a man holding a knife.” Dean looked startled, but Dolton shook his head. “You should see what the other guy looked like.”
After that, Dean made a game of guessing where the tat or body ornamentation came from. But when Dolton spun around, Dean was struck mute.
Across the skin of his back and down to the top of his ass, in beautiful black and gray with red accents, rested a fierce scaled dragon blowing fire down his side while he shadowed a warrior figure dressed in black.
“Japan.” Dolton laughed as Dean tried to stammer his questions. “I was young and stupid and picked a bar fight with a young Yakuza. Luckily for me his father was rather high-placed and wanted to teach his son a lesson in humility. When the gaijin darkie with the worst accent he had ever heard handed him his ass and apologized to the barkeep for destroying property, the man introduced himself. He was my sponsor for the short time on my first trip to Japan on my own. The man admired my intelligence and when I left he offered this tattoo as a remembrance.”
“And you took it?”
“No one says no to the kumicho, the patriarch, when he offers an gift. It would be a grave insult.” He turned back around and chuckled as Dean’s eyes ran over his body once more. “You are beautiful, you know,” he said in a matter-of-fact voice. “I am damn lucky to have you in my bed.”
Dean didn’t blush but his look turned so hungry that Dolton leaned in to press a soft kiss to his mouth, nibbling at his full lip before pulling back.
“You hit the genetic lottery, sir, and you know it.” Dean snorted, shaking his head at him. “And you get the dick of death too.”
“So how about we put it to good use?”
Nothing more needed to be said as they took to the shower.
As the hot water cascaded over Dean, darkening his hair to a deep brown, Dolton ran his hands over his new lover’s body, grinning when Dean’s nipples hardened into peaks as he pinched them.
“Harder,” Dean demanded, leaning back against him. “I want to feel this next week.”
“When I say so, boy.” Dolton left his nipples alone to reach down and grip his dick. Dean gave a mewling hiss as he tightened his grip almost painfully. He backed off when Dean lolled against him in submission, at least for now.
He reached for his body wash and worked up a good lather before barking, “Face the wall,” to Dean, his dick lurching as Dean readily complied. “So damn eager for what I got.”
“Been wanting you for a long time, sir,” Dean panted, his voice sounding harsh with arousal.
“We’ll get there,” Dolton offered as he began to thoroughly wash his lover down.
Dean’s ass quivered, those two bubbles trembling when Dolton ran soapy thumbs down his trench to his hole. He then played with the soft globes of his ass, giving his flesh a firm squeeze just to hear Dean moan.
“You like having your ass played with?”
“I fucking love it,” Dean panted, looking over his shoulder at him, his mouth slack, and his eyes at half-mast. “Can’t wait to get you in there.”
“Fuck,” Dolton growled and then began to swiftly clean his boy.
He dropped to his knees, spinning Dean around and taking the plump head of his cock into his mouth for a few quick slurps, getting his flavor before letting him go with a wet plop. Dean nearly screamed as his bright pink balls drew up, ready to unload. But Dolton gripped them, pulling them down as he rose to his feet.
From a shower rack, he pulled a small bottle of shampoo and lathered Dean’s hair, running his finger thought the thick silk.
“I am going to have so much fun playing with this,” he intoned, as he pushed Dean under the warm cascading water before he swiftly washed his own body. “Almost as much fun as I’m going to have playing with your pretty pink dick.”
Dean was pulled out onto the shower mat and carefully dried with a thick towel. Then Dolton was leading him towards that round bed and the warm furs that waited for them. He pushed his lover down and couldn’t help but give his dick a few strokes as Dean settled back in the furs.
“Fuck you are beautiful,” he groaned when Dean pressed his feet flat to the bed and spread his legs wide, exposing his hungry hole and his seeping cock to his gaze. “Turn over.”
Dean scrambled to go face down on the furs, gasping a soft, “Fuck,” as he began working his dick through the softness there. Dolton watched his bubble butt flex and quiver as he worked his dick into the fur before leaning over and delivering a sharp slap, feeling a rush of possession flow thought him as his hand print blossomed bright red before fading into a sweet pink. “Stop that. That dick is for my pleasure.”
“Sorry, sir.” Dean looked up at him from beneath his long damp hair, looking as seductive as hell while waggling his ass at him. “Is this better?”
“Submissive my ass,” Dolton snorted before crawling across the bed to loom over him.
“I told you I was demanding.”
“And I told you I would make you beg—” He broke off as he parted those perfect buns and exposed his pink winking hole. “So fucking pretty,” Dolton moaned before he dove in.
Dean let out a squeal as Dolton hungrily began to tongue his hole.
“Damn, baby,” Dolton moaned, pulling back and running his tongue over the soft smooth skin. “Easy there.”
But Dean was pushing back, whimpering as he tried to fuck himself on his tongue. Dolton gave his ass another slap, making Dean cry out sharply before he stilled.
“Better,” Dolton praised, rubbing at the red handprint. He knew he would place more of them on his ass before this session was done. He loomed over Dean, pressing his chest to his back, letting him feel the heat and length of his muscles before pushing him face first into the furs. “Now stay there,” he breathed into Dean’s ear, feeling his body straining to remain still. “Let me enjoy this fine ass.”
This time he shoved Dean’s long hair off to the side and began to bite and lick at his neck.
“Please,” Dean begged, as he buried his face in the furs. “Fuck, Sir!”
Dolton pressed a quick kiss to his neck before making his way down his boy’s tender flesh.
Dean felt hot and firm beneath his hands, a perfect body to carry around the ass he so admired. When he reached it, he took his time, kneading it, playing with it before he spread those tempting cheeks wide. Dean’s pink hole beckoned.
“Oh fuck!” Dean gasped as Dolton carefully lapped at the outer ring of muscle before taking a gentle bite. “Fuck, Dolton!”
“Hush,” Dolton admonished, “I’m trying to enjoy my meal.”
Dean tasted of soap and the heavier musk of man. It was a flavour he knew he was going to crave. He wanted to reach down and stroke his own dick, but he still wanted easy access to Dean’s ass. So he would do the logical thing. “Reach back and spread them, boy.”
Dan looked back at him, his face flushed with pleasure, his full lips redder than usual.
“That’s right. Spread it open for me.”
Eagerly Dean reached back and opened his own ass for Dolton.
“So pretty, baby,” he complimented as he gripped his own dark dick in his hands and began leisurely to stroke himself. He lowered his head again and nipped at Dean’s fingers before he began to lick him out in earnest.
“Sir—oh, sir,” Dean moaned, writhing all over the bed but holding his own ass open for his sir’s pleasure. “Fuck—I’m going to come.”
“Not unless you can get it up again real fast,” Dolton growled and shoved his tongue inside the tight muscle to caress the soft pink walls inside.
Dean wailed, his hips arching up sharply, and Dolton fought the urge to just shove his way inside.
Instead he pulled away—“Sir!”
“Just hold it open for me,” Dolton ordered. “I want to see that hungry little hole winking at me.” He kept his eyes on his lover, watching as his spit-wet asshole pulsed as Dolton moved to a shelf to remove condoms and some lube. “When was the last time you got good and fucked?”
His words made Dean visibly jump in anticipation as he rose up on his knees, still holding his cheeks apart for his sir’s enjoyment.
“Years,” he gritted out. “And I’m so hungry for it. Please, sir—fill me.”
Dolton stalked back to the bed, tossing the lube and strip of condoms beside Dean’s hips.
“You never answered my question,” he reminded him. “On your knees or on your back?”
“Knees, sir,” Dean answered, “But please, sir, please, can I touch you?”
Dolton’s cock almost exploded as he imagined those hard callused hands caressing his body.
This was a body that routinely ploughed into men twice his size, knocking them on their asses and flattening the hell out of them. And now it was spread out for his pleasure, obeying his every command and wanting to service him. Dolton was blessed.
“Touch me, boy,” he ordered, lying back on the bed, crossing his arms behind his head.
In a flash, Dean was on him, his lips biting at his nipple ring, tugging his left nipple until he hissed pleasure, his chest arching towards the pleasure/pain.
Dean clamored on top of him, his strong hand testing his strength as they tried to push him back into the furs. But Dolton reached up and gripped a handful of his hair, pulling him down to devour his mouth, their tongues dueling in a powerful wet kiss. He let him go when they both were breathless, sweating and straining against one another. “It’s not going to suck itself.” Dolton pointed to his cock that rose from his groin hot and hard.
In an instant Dean was on him, his cool damp hair caressing over Dolton’s heated skin as he gripped the base of his cock.
“Fucking monster,” Dean panted, looking dazed as he began to lap at the tip.
Dolton groaned and lay back as his lover’s rough tongue slid over the throbbing head of his dick, lapping up the clear precum.
“Yeah,” he breathed, closing his eyes. “Keep going, baby. You know you want to.”
One of Dean’s hands went to his own cock as he gently sucked the head into his mouth