From the Upcoming How Not to Date a Bear…

Comes a NC 17 M/M Romp with my boys RIchard and Theo…
“I can’t be yours,” Theo snarled. “Lady, I don’t even know you,” Damn crazy cougar shifter, he thought.
“But you will, fuzzy,” she snapped back, digging her claws in,
Just as Theo decided that enough was enough and the pain from her caw like hands was getting to the point where he was going to swat her just for self preservation, a deep gravely voice intervened.
“Release him, madam, and do it right now.”
Theo looked over to see the man he was frankly not going a good version of hiding behind, bend low to speak to the woman.
“Why should I?” she snapped back. “Finders keepers—“
“Because I belong to him,” Theo snapped as the woman froze in shock long enough for him her jerk his arm free and fling it around his savior.”
“I belong to him as long as he wants me,” Theo all but climbed up on the tall man as he glared at the red head.
“You—the scent—“
“On line dating,” he grinned as she frowned hard and stepped back. “We met on line and now we are going back to his place to fuck.”
“What?” the man gasped and Theo gave him a kick to the back of his leg, his motion undetected because the crazy woman was too busy staring at their faces in displeasure to notice anything.
“Would you prefer to go to my place?” he asked, all wide-eyed and innocent as he could make himself. “There is protection in either place—“
“You and him?” she sniffed intently, the frown still on her face.
“What’s not to love?” Theo snipped, reaching up to caress the strangers strong face before leaning in close to nibble his ear. “Play along,” he whispered softly. “Please-“
Before he could beg and plead his case more, a strong arm came up and around his waist, pulling him closer to the whipcord lean body.
The man was built, his internal lothario roared. Those strong arms were made to hold him down and plow his ass. Those thick thighs he felt against this were going to provide maximum thrusting power. The strong back under his hands would—and then all thoughts fled as a very large hand cupped his very happy ass. Fuck the crazy lady, the bar, his favorite bartender—the perfect form of human masculinity was cupping… and squeezing his ass.
As all the blood rushed to his very interested cock, his thoughts took a turn for the hazy.
Getting fucked would be so good now… But that was not what he needed at this point. It was sad to say but escape was more important than sex… almost.
“I don’t believe it,” she sniffed, moving in closer.
“You have something against gay sex?” Theo quipped, looking smug as the perfect mass of humanity gripped him tighter.
“This is Canada,” he informed the red head. “We believe in personal freedoms here.”
“I never said—“
“So you understand my unavailability and will respect my boundaries,” Theo growled, his accent making its way into his voice.
The stranger smiled down at him and raised a hand to toy with his long hair. “Love the accent,” he all but purred and Theo felt something deep in his stomach twist. He was two seconds from coming in his pants and didn’t really care who knew.
“So, go away,” he motioned absently to the woman. “Busy here.”
“But I found him first!” she was so angry her face was now the color of her hair and she was stamping hard. How she didn’t break a heel was a complete mystery, but Theo only noticed in passing. Mr. perfect was into him big time.
“Stop infringing on my rights to exist,” Theo had no trouble playing damsel in distress if it got her to go away.
“I would never—“
“Then have a nice life,” He shivered as Mr. Perfect ran a long calloused finer over his jaw before teasing his ear.
Then there was a mouth on his, a warm wet mouth… and that was a slick hot tongue… and Theo closed his eyes and stopped thinking.
This kiss was unlike anything he had ever experienced. Mr. Perfect’s lips were full and soft, a hint of his five-o’clock shadow gently abrading his skin. He tasted of mint candy and lemonade, a strange combo that worked perfectly with his natural taste.
He didn’t know exactly when his right leg lifted, or when it wrapped around Mr. Perfect’s waist, but before he could even contemplate what that meant, he felt two broad strong hands cupping his ass, a boost, and then he had a new perch on the bar.
Somewhere in the back of his mind, he heard a disgruntled hey, a loud hiss, and some good-natured cheers as the ginger cougar left, but all of that was washed away in the wake of that kiss.
His hands were buried in long silky hair, his head tilted almost submissively, and his mouth giving way under the assault of tongue and teeth. Nothing else truly mattered at that moment.
“I am a bear, you know,” Theo informed him, even as he discovered new ways of sucking on a dusky nipple and speaking at the same time.
“Oh I know,” Richard moaned, throwing his head back as Theo’s hand cupped his denim-clad ass. “That’s why I am in this club.”
“I don’t mean hairy,” Theo explained stepping back from him to stare up into his eyes. It was odd, having to look up, as he was not a small man by any stretch of the imagination.
“Oh I know,” Richard repeated, one of his massive hands tangling in Theo’s hair, pulling his head back as he bent low to lick up the side of his neck. “I recognized you were when the red head came after you.”
Theo pulled back and narrowed his eyes at him. “Recognized?”
“This is the second time I am saving your skin, boy. I sent her packing earlier and it looks like she’s intent on stalking you.”
“You were the mountie?” Theo asked, eyes widening as he stepped back and recalled the tantalizing picture Richard in the traditional red and black uniform on horseback… not that he noticed at the time… really… Oh yeah… thick thighs. His dick started drooling in response. Oh yeah, he could get with that.
“I am,” Richard smiled, his hand tightening in Theo’s hair, pulling a moan from the suddenly smirking man. “Constable Robert Bear, please never call me Robbie or Dick. Robert will do nicely.”
“But you would not have known if it wasn’t for the pissed off ginger.”
“Nope,” Richard agreed. But I was aiming to have Archer introduce us anyway. He knows what type of man I go for and you are definitely it. “Wrong season for polar bears to be down this far and you are not exactly the size of the average bear we get around here when shifted. What shall I call you besides hot as fuck?”
“Theodore Bazanov,” Theo grinned. “Call me Theo or the best fuck you will ever have… whichever you prefer. Just never call me Teddy. I hate that fucking name.”
“Understood,” he snickered. “Do I look like a fucking Robbie?”
“No,” Theo growled, his eyes flashing form black to gold then back again. “You look fucking delicious.”
“Than have a bite,” Robbie purred, tilting his head back and allowing Theo access to his vulnerable neck.
“You do know how to show a man a good time,” Theo hissed before he leaned up and licked at the mountie’s neck. He closed his eyes at the taste of herbal aftershave, sweat, smoke, and pure healthy male.
The flavors mingled so well on his tongue that he licked again and again, sucking a soft bit of flesh into his mouth, worrying at it with his teeth.
Above him, the bug guy moaned, his body stiffening up before his hands dug into his shoulders.
Theo didn’t care. He was riding a high he hadn’t felt in years. His instincts were screaming at him to mark this man and who was he to deny his instincts? He set teeth to neck with purpose, biting and sucking hard, feeling the man’s dick swell in his pants against his stomach.
“Fuck,” Robert hissed, both hands going to Theo’s hair and pulling him away from his prize. “I am going to have to take you someplace and fuck you hard.”
“Who says that I won’t be fucking you?” Theo snarled, his own hands going to Robert’s hair and getting a grip on the long silken mass.
“I don’t bottom,” Robert moaned into the pull. “But I love being bitten, scratched, and having my hair pulled. Boy, you are hitting all my buttons hard.”
“And—“ Theo choked. This man was so fucking alpha without even trying. “And what makes you think I’m gonna bend over for you?”
“The fact that you’ve been grinding your dick against my thigh the whole time we’ve been talking?”
“I find you interesting,” he hissed, jerking hard on Robert’s hair, yanking his head back to he could return to marking up all that red gold skin.
“I think you are begging for a spanking,” Robbie growled, but closed his eyes and leaned into the pull.
“Fuck,” Theo gasped as Robert balefully glazed at him though eyelids dropped at half-mast. The sensuality of this man was nearly overwhelming. His body was hot and hard, his cock felt substantial and his scent… Theo inhaled deeply, pulling in mating pheromones and hunger. There was the faint tinge of excitement in his scent pile, and enough confidence to choke a bear.
“When I get you out of here,” Robert promised. “You would like that, wouldn’t you baby? Don’t you want to pull me out,” his hands drifted to Theo’s neck, gripping the back of it with calloused hands and gently kneading the skin. “You want to pull me out and taste me, don’t you? I got something for you to lick and tease. You want to taste me, don’t you? You want me to slide my dick down your throat and fuck you that way? It’s okay, baby,” he purred. “I know you want to choke me down. It’ll taste so good… I’m so hard for you, Angel. It’s yours if you want it. You want it?”
“Stop fucking talking,” Theo hissed, his whole body wracked with shivers. His dick was a painful blood filled mass behind his tight jeans. I ached and throbbed with every word Robert spoke. And he was right. He wanted to choke on that dock, to swallow him down, to feel those thigh thighs shifting under his hands. He wanted this man so badly.
“Then I’ll open you up,” Robert whispered, jerking his hair free of Theo’s desperate grasp. He bent and began to purr into Theo’s ear, making promise that man was determined to keep. “I’ll open you up with my fingers, Theo. I’ll slide them one at a time into your tight little hole—split you open for me. I’ll stretch you so good, baby. You’ll love the burn, just the right amount to make you feel it. And when you are soft and trembling on my fingers, begging for me, I’m going to slide in so deep and slow—It’ll feel like forever but I’m going to fill you like you’ve never been. Gonna stretch you on my hot cock, Theo. And when you can’t breath, cant think, can’t do anything but lie beneath me whimpering, I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll feel it next week.”
“Great Uris,” Theo moaned as his balls tightened and he could feel the leaking head of his cock soak his denim.
“Great Uris is right,” a voice cut in and Theo blinked bleary eyes to stare up at Archer. “That sounds so damn good I’m tempted to join you. But as I know you both aren’t into threesomes, why don’t you take it out of here before you cause a riot, huh? The pheromones you two are kicking up are going to cause me a big fucking problem if an orgy breaks out in this place. And I promised when I started managing this place, that there won’t be any orgies or live sex acts.”
Theo looked around and froze as he noticed almost every pair of eyes were on them.
A low growl rumbled form his throat and those who were his flavor of shifter immediately looked away. Other shifters backed off, and the human suddenly found their drinks or their partners much more interesting than before.
“My place, now.” Theo snapped, reaching out to grip Roberts arm, dragging him to the exit.
“You don’t want a safety?” Archer called after them, laugher in his eyes and voice.
“Fuck you, constable!” Theo called back as Robert allowed himself to be pulled out of the club.
“MY truck is there,” Robert interrupted their rapid escape and pointed to a huge beast of a vehicle. Usually, Theo would take time to appreciate such a monstrosity, but he was not in the mood just now.
“My bike is there,” he pointed to his sleek black chopper as he made moves in its direction. “You got two choices, ride bitch or try to keep up.”
“Keeping up,” Robert purred, gripping Theo’s and to spin him around. “Don’t fuck up my goodies, Theo. I hand’ gotten a chance to sample them yet.”
Theo opened his mouth to comment, but a slick hot tongue forced its way inside and he found himself holding on to Robert’s shoulders as he suckled his tongue, as he teased and tormented it with his own, sucking down the flavor of his soon to be lover like a starving man.
He broke of the kiss when his thighs started getting shaky and his claws inadvertently slid from his fingertips.
“Fuck,” he gaped, pulling back several steps.
Robert smiled down at him and Theo had to grip his dick to keep from coming on the spot. It was going to be an uncomfortable trip home on the bike, but he needed the cool down, he figured.
Nodding, he turned to his bike, revisiting the urge to look back over his shoulder at Robert, as he climbed on and bright the engine to life.
The sound of the truck’s engine flaring up behind him made him want to hurry, to make Robert chase him to prove he was worthy.
So he gunned the engine and took off, the warm night air enveloping him like a blanket as he raced the moon. And all the time, Robert stayed on his tail. His instincts were scramming, his dick the throbbing, and he knew when they made it to his home, for the first time in several years, he was going to get fucked so good—