Hump Day Hump…Get it while its humpy!

Because I am bruised on the knees for some strange reason (Stop that) here is you Hump Day Hump, you dirt minded individuals! LOL
“Yeah, you are a great warrior, wee one,” Miz snorted, rolling her eyes at the small blue man. Who did he think he was? He was some small alien thing that had hit her with some type of curse and she wanted it lifted! A woman could not go through life masturbating every ten minutes. This had to stop!
Wee one? Closing his eyes Kell centered his energies, imagined his life force glowing around him. He pictured his form shimmering, glowing, changing. And then…
“Holy shit!” Miz squealed as a bright flash of light impaired her vision. So bright was it she fell back, landing on her butt amidst a pile of sex toys and artificial lubrication. Stunned, she sat on her bottom, something vibrating under her left cheek, as her eyes settled on the creature who stood before her.
He was blue. He had wings. From where she was sitting, and from the looks of the knot in the loincloth, he was hung like a whale! He was definitely not a fairy.
Scrambling to her feet, she grimaced as her heel stepped down on a tube of gel and shot a cold stream of the slick stuff across the other foot, and sent her back flat on her ass. But that, and the crunch of something soft and plastic under her butt did nothing to take her attention away from the creature who scowled down at her, wings partially spread, hands on his hips, a smug look on his face.
But Miznari sat there, eyes wide and a shocked expression on her face
As I was saying, female, I am a warrior of Lorndale and you will treat me with respect!
But Miz’s mind was too busy to actually formulate an answer, let alone take in the fact that he was speaking in her mind again. It was too busy taking in all of the warrior who stood arrogantly before her. Okay! So Tink was about seven feet tall. And he had a body straight out of her fantasies!
His chest was a broad slab of muscle with two darker blue nipples that just hung at the bottom of his pecs. That led to the tightest eight-pack she had ever seen. Cobblestone did not do it justice. It was just this rigid wall of strength!
His loincloth thing hung just below his navel and stretched from trim hip to trim hip and did absolutely nothing to hide the huge swinging bulge it strained to contain. But she tore her eyes away from that mouth-watering sight to trail down toward those massive pillars that made up his thighs. They were thick and corded, and so very sexy. That led to his calves that were not too high, not too low, diamond cut, and looked hard enough to bounce quarters off of!
His feet were large, but that was expected of a creature who looked like he had to duck to get into and out of rooms. But they matched the rest of his body and weren’t too bony or fat. Even his toenails were perfect! She would consider it a disgusting display of masculine perfection…if she didn’t have to bite her knuckles to keep herself from throwing that large body to the ground and riding him like a trick pony until her head exploded and walking was not an option.
But just the thought of having that delicious stud riding between her thighs started her juices flowing, so to speak. Did she have condoms big enough to fit him? But then she had to shake her head to try and clear the sexual haze from her eyes.
“What…did…you…do…to… me?” she gasped between deep breaths.
Kell stood there as the woman examined him and he found himself staring in return. The female was wearing some sort of tunic that stopped just below her plump bottom cheeks. And sitting sprawled as she was, he could see that she wore nothing else. There was nothing there to separate her swollen wet flesh from his penetrating gaze. And she was the most perfection he’d seen in a long time. Her eyes were a deep chocolate brown, heavily lashed and large in her heart-shaped face. Her nose was turned up a bit at the end, cute really.
And her full lips were parted and glistening. He watched as her so very pink tongue lashed out to lap at the bottom, her eyes wholly fixed on… Was she looking up his loincloth? She was! How dare she? He was a warrior! He was a creation of several generations of battle-hardly soldiers, protectors, dominators!
He was…
Growing strangely aroused as the alien female licked at those lips and all but drooled at the sight beneath his cloth. He felt the blood rush low, hot and thick as his shaft began to pulse and fill with heat. The smell of her was tantalizing. It made him want to lift that shirt and see what secrets hid beneath, to inhale more of her special scent! Maybe the drug was…
The drug! It had to be the aphro! She had touched him when he was trying to expel it from his corporeal form, so it was easy to believe she possessed an energy source that could absorb it. He had to touch her and find out.
Almost afraid of what he would find, Kell leaned over the female and slowly reached out one hand to touch the most innocuous place he could find, her arm. Gods, the smell of her! But as his fingers touched her bare skin, she gasped and the strangest words spewed from her mouth.
“Yes, big daddy!” she hissed, her eyes turning feral as they narrowed in raging lust. “Get over here and do me right!”
Before he could even begin to grasp her meaning, his hand was grabbed with an almost super-Lorndale strength, and he felt his body collapse on top of hers. It was a reversal of what happened earlier as his muscular body pressed her softer one into the mess of devices on the floor, but the softness of her body and her aggressive actions spoke to the dominating warrior within him.
“Come to momma,” she growled as her legs slid under his wings and locked around his waist.
Kellhissed at the first touch of her flesh and that was quickly given to amazement as he felt the hot wet heat pressed against his lower stomach. She was more than ready. But this was not right.
Listen to me, he whispered mentally as she raised her head and latched onto the side of his neck, licking and biting at the vulnerable point. Female! he hissed as her teeth snapped down, adding a delightful pain soothed with the languid laps of her tongue.
“Miz,” she gasped as her hands traveled up the smooth skin of his chest, pressing in against his ribs, her thumb rolling around his pecs to his hardened nipple.
“Miznari. My name is Miznari.”
Miznari, he mentally gasped as her fingers moved on to his back, her nails scraping below the base of his wings.
Miz was lost in a dream that couldn’t possibly be real. Yet there it was, his weight pushing her into the broken toys and gadgets of false intimacy which lay scattered around her. Their pressing discomfort was lost in the heated touch to the body gyrating above her.
Is this real? she asked herself as she felt the surging heat of his erection growing against her stomach. Did she even deserve such a tempting fantasy? Her eyes half-mast, she stared at the man poised above her, his weight resting on his elbows as his hands ran slowly through her hair, stimulating yet another erotic point on her body.
He was perfection in blue. She felt his wings slowly flex and shudder as she caressed his back. By all rights, she should have gone running and screaming out of the room, the sight of a man so alien and speaking in her head was just so unnatural, so wrong.
But she lay willing beneath him, urging him to sexual depravity that she could have only imagined, and she had one hell of an imagination. In the back of her mind, a tiny voice whispered caution, but the overwhelming heat coursing through her body washed that voice away with nary a whimper.
Her body wanted. Her body needed. She would fulfill its desires and then maybe she could sort out the rest later. Arching up sharply, she felt him take in a deep breath, before his control seemed to splinter.
His lips pulled back, a slow snarl vibrating up from his chest emerged a low deep sound, as he exposed a set of very sharp fangs in his mouth.
Some part of Miz screamed caution and wanted to fight to get away from the foreign thing, but the greater part of her mind trembled, almost in submission. The low throaty sound seemed to reach right through her, plucking at the strings that held her sensuality in check, releasing some animalistic desire to roll over and demand that he master her.
Miznari! his voice sounded breathy and deep inside her mind. This is not you, this is not me. This is a drug that I think you absorbed. His voice expressed his struggle for control as he closed his eyes so tight, tears formed in their corners. We cannot do this. I must get away before they come to find me.
“So,” Miz whispered as her hips arched uncontrollably against the hardness of his body. “You dope me up with some fairy ecstasy and now you are going to leave me like this?” Her voice was dreamy, lost in a haze of passion as her hands dropped to pull at his loincloth, all that separated him from her wet throbbing flesh.
What is fairy?
“You are fairy. And I don’t care about a drug, you overgrown puffed-up Smurf! I want you to fix this! And even better, I just plain want you!”
No! Kell insisted, struggling through the desire that fogged his brain. What you have is a synthetic aphro, Miz. It is designed to mimic a mate-bond! It is not real! When the drug wears off, this desire you feel will too pass.
“I don’t care!” Miz whimpered. “And you don’t care either! I can feel it!” She arched against his hardness, proof of his desire for her.
I must still carry some of the drugs, Kell insisted, trying to ignore the feel of her lush body writhing beneath him. I did not expel them all.
“But you are ready to expel something,” she giggled as her hands reached down and felt the heat of his cock. Her fingers explored his hardness, felt the raised veins, and ran her fingers over the wetness that appeared at the tip. Curiosity moved her to lift her finger and inhaled his masculine scent. Masculine and rich and…fruity?
He groaned in her mind as he watched puzzlement bloom in her eyes and her hand lifted toward her face.
What she expected, she didn’t know. Maybe blue pre-come? But his fluids were clear as any healthy man and there was the most intriguing scent. Was that strawberries?
Miz? He had so much to tell her! But she was reacting like a female in the throes of a mate-bond.
But Miz’s mind was not on what he was trying to tell her or what she was doing. Her senses were filled with the scent of his body! It was strawberries! Quivering, she brought her finger to her mouth, her pink tongue lashing out to sample a taste of his essence. It was! It was strawberries and…and something richer, creamier!
Strawberry cheesecake! He tasted like strawberry cheesecake!
But she was not listening! Two of her most favorite things in one large well-formed body! Sex and cheesecake! With a roar, she reared up and rolled Kell until he was on his back, his wings retracted tightly to his body. She wanted dessert!

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  1. What book is this in please? I hav’nt read all your books,but I’m working on it. I enjoyed this one. Thanks Terry

    1. Ah! This one is from an old anthology that was at Ellora’s Cave, Things that Go Bump in the Night 3. *G* Boy that was a fun romp! LOL

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