Dragon Star (Dragonish Book One)

Dragon Star (Dragonish Book One)Title: Dragon Star
Series: Dragonish #01
Genre: ,
Pages: 60
Release Date: June 01, 2020
Published by: Self

Left to die in the searing heat of the desert, the nameless female struggles to save her own life. She is a foundling who dared to turn down the son of the leader of her village and found herself cast to the vicious scabs and their never-ending hunger. But then, something comes to her aid—a large talking lizard with more attitude than brains is there, carrying her off to a strange new world inhabited by the Dragonish.

Future mate for a strange shifter male, she is a desired and treasured female, meant to be submissive for breeding purposes and the fourth in an all-male family quad that just doesn’t make sense to her. When instincts take over and mating fever burns bright, who can resist being the Dragon’s Star?

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Cover Art: D. Reneé Bagby