An NC 17 M/M bit of How Not to Date a Fae

“When — when I was cast out,” Ario whimpered. “Please stop touching me.”
“Oh, you don’t want me to stop. Your body does not want me to stop, Ario.”
“Please?” he whined, almost beyond caring. All of this felt so good, and because it felt so good now, later it would be so very, very bad.
“But I want to touch you,” Cailte whispered, licking the ear before transferring his kisses to Ario’s neck. “And as a good host, you will strive to give me what I want.”
Ario writhed in indecision, but his conditioning was winning out over his common sense. He could feel his body begin to make itself ready to receive and give anything, lips, cock, or any information that the man lying over him wanted.
“And now, I want some answers, you windy bit of allure.” Cailte’s words were given with a soft kiss to his neck. “So when you were cast out, they cursed you?”
“My cousin.” Ario turned his head to the side, giving in to his earlier training and opening up all that he was for possession. “My cousin cursed me before Grandfather cast me away.”
“This cousin does not sound like a gentleman, no?” Cailte’s hand on Ario’s chin moved his head back to Cailte’s intense scrutiny so that the purple eyes bored deeply into his.
“No,” Ario agreed. “Not a gentleman.”
“And this curse…” Cailte nipped at the side of his neck.
“Causes me pain,” Ario gasped.
“By touching? ’Cause, lover, you don’t look to be in pain right now.”
“Sex,” Ario moaned, closing his eyes as shame gripped him. “I cannot experience orgasm without pain.”
“Now that is a right arsed thing to do.” Cailte reached down under Ario’s shorts and cupped Ario’s swollen cock.
“No!” Ario bit back his scream as the hot roughness of a hand not belonging to him gripped his cock.
But Cailte silenced him with his mouth. He lowered his head, pressed their lips together and swallowed down Ario’s cry, giving him his tongue in exchange. And, helplessly, Ario sucked at that appendage, spreading his legs as waves of white fire washed over his body.
“Yes,” Cailte murmured, reluctantly breaking the kiss. “I can break curses, Ario, m’love. Any curses.”
Ario opened his mouth to comment, when those purple eyes closed and Ario felt a warm rush of magic roll through his body.
“Mmm, a big one, Ario.” Cailte pulled away from the kiss, licking his bottom lip. “You are well built, lover. Feels good in my hand, in my mouth… in my ass.”
Ario moaned, his hips rocking helplessly as he felt magic the likes of which he had never felt run from Cailte’s fingers through his body.
“Cailte!” he struggled to say but his body arched even higher, a moan tearing from his throat as he felt his magic rise to meet that of his would-be lover.
It was a heady thing, the way the two magics melded and combined, twisting around each other, warming his whole being until Ario could feel a sliver of cold deep in his abdomen.
“The curse.” Cailte was speaking as he gripped Ario’s dick harder, the heat almost scalding. “That cold spot is the curse. I can feel it. Nasty bugger.”
Ario could not answer because as Cailte spoke he could feel his magic surrounding the cold spot and pushing at it.
“Together, lover,” Cailte whispered, his free hand reaching up to pull one of Ario’s hands from his waist. He twined their fingers together as Ario felt him give a magical push, and their magic combined once more. “Together,” he whispered, and suddenly Ario felt it damn easy to take that combined stream of heat and slash at the cold spot deep within his soul.
There was a pinch and then a painful explosion as the cold burst into shards that the combined magic melted before they could do more harm. But with the disappearance of that spot, Ario’s eyes widened, and his mouth dropped open.
“Ah!” he growled, his whole body stiffening. Fire raced down his spine as his balls rose high against the base of his dick. Odd noises and uncontrollable sounds were pouring from his mouth as his toes curled and his cock swelled to its hardest.
“Gods, yes,” Cailte breathed, pressing his palm against Ario’s cock, tightening his fingers around the shaft, pressing and rubbing that hardness faster and faster. “Give it up, lover. Give it up!” he urged, his hand tightening around Ario’s. “Come for me!”
“Can’t!” he whimpered, fear holding back the force of the release he had just fought to achieve. He’d felt the cold spot disappear, but dare he trust it? “I cannot!”
“You can!” Cailte groaned, leaning down and biting one nipple, the pain shooting straight down his chest to Ario’s balls. “You can do this, Ario! Take this, Ario! Take it! Trust me, lover. It’ll be so good… so good. Come for me, lover. Come for me!”
“Ca — Cailte, Cailte! Cailte!”
As if the commands were the final force to push him over, Ario’s eyes snapped shut, and his roar nearly shattered the window glass as his hips thrust up against Cailte’s hand. His cock began to spurt as his release tore through his body, his seed wetting Cailte’s fingers and dampening his shorts.
For the first time in years, Ario climaxed without the painful, tearing sensation that had prevented him from getting close to anyone. For the first time in years he climaxed, and the tears were not from loneliness and loss. For the first time the tears were for ecstasy, pleasure and triumph. For the first time… it seemed like the first time.