A NC 17 bit of How Not to Date a Skunk…Changeling Press!!! Because I was dared on Writerspace! LOL

“So much perfection, mate.” He purred, burying his face in her neck and licking at the sensitive skin there. Bilana threw back her head, her hands tangling in Chaska’s long, white hair as she tried to pull his head lower. She spread her legs and made a place for his hot, hard body between them. “Mmm,” she moaned as she felt the press of his cock against her stomach, before he began to slither lower. “Ohhh, God.” Bilana moaned as his tongue traveled down. He lapped at her navel, nipped at her sides, and finally inhaled her deeply. “You smell so good…”He trailed off, nuzzling the crease where hip met thigh. “I bet I taste better.” She wasn’t quite at the demanding mark, but it was getting to be a close thing. “Let’s find out.” His voice was dark and husky as he gripped her thighs and spread them wider. “God, yes.” He purred, observing her for a moment before he dropped his head and nuzzled her pussy. “Chaska.” She moaned, demanding, closing her eyes as anticipation built. Then, before she could think to say something else, he was there. His broad tongue laved her clit. Instinctively, she closed her thighs around his head, holding him in place. He moaned his appreciation of the act. His hair was a thick, cool, white mass that slithered around her thighs, adding sensation to her already throbbing pussy. She could feel her juices slipping down to moisten the crease of her ass and couldn’t care. Maybe he would lap that up, too! It had been so long since she had been rimmed. But then thoughts fled as he latched onto her clit and sucked the swollen nub hard, his tongue flicking under the hood. She was moaning uncontrollably when he changed his grip on her thighs and pushed them back and out, making more room for himself as he settled down to eat. And eat he did. He abandoned her clit and dipped lower to nibble lightly at her labia, lapping at the fluids that slicked up her pussy lips. Bilana could feel her inner walls tightening, begging, and weeping with joy. Her stomach clenched as waves of pleasure washed over her. God, this felt so good! Her hands went to his hair, pulling and tugging until he eased his slurping and raised his head enough to reclaim her clit. “So good –” She panted, her head twisting from side to side as he grunted in agreement. He lifted his head, his lips glistening with her juices, and gave her a slow, wicked smile. As she watched, he slowly licked his bottom lip, cleaning her away before he dove down for more. “That — Oh, God, so hot –” She dropped her head back, and a long, whining moan rolled from her throat. Her toes were curling and her clit was itching and burning, a sure sign that she was about to… “Chaska!” She screamed as her thighs again slammed around his head, her hips ground up and she rode her first orgasm to completion on his face. She was still panting and huffing, her nipples so hard they hurt, her body sheened in sweat when she reached for him again. She was so empty! She needed to be filled. “Mine!” She all but roared as gripped his hair and pulled. This time, Chaska went with her direction and allowed himself to be rolled onto the couch as she switched positions with him. “So hard.” She moaned, running her hands over the solid planes of his chest and stomach. His hair surrounded his head like a pale nimbus, giving him an otherworldly beauty that stole her breath. But it did nothing to ease her growing addiction to his skin. She had to touch him. She lowered her head and nipped at his hard nipples, laving the pain away as he hissed and arched his chest up toward her. “More!” he demanded and she dropped low, resting her ass on his hard cock. She sucked his nipple back into her mouth before nipping at it again. “Yes,” he breathed, tossing his head back, his hands gripping her sides possessively. This was heaven, Bilana decided, sucking on his flesh, relishing the taste of him. He was salty and oddly sweet, almost like some edible flowers she’d once had in a restaurant in France. He was not an acquired taste — more like a necessary one. And then she was off, licking at his pecs, attacking the other nipple with fervor, smiling as he hissed when she pinched the one she’d so recently claimed. And through it all he encouraged her, gripped her hips, slapped her ass, and growled his pleasure out loud. She slid down lower, breaking his grip on her body as she finally came face-to-face with his cock. It was beautiful, thick and pale, a little darker than his golden skin and topped with a heart-shaped head peeking from a short foreskin. She had seen and had been with uncut men before, but it was always a thrill, as they seemed a tad more sensitive than their cut brothers. She reached out and gripped his base with her right hand, her left going to the wet knob of his head, her finger tracing his slit, spreading the leaking fluid around. Then she looked up at him and froze, as those black eyes seemed to stare right into her soul. He was beautiful. He was sexy. He was waiting for her to make the next move. And she was not one to keep him waiting for long. Still holding his gaze with her own, she lowered her head and lapped around his crown. Powerful flavors exploded on her tongue. He was slightly salty, but the sweetness of him overwhelmed the other flavors. She licked him again, almost like lapping melting ice cream from the cone before it made a mess of your hands. And she did it again and again until his hips were thrusting up. But his eyes stayed locked to hers. It was exciting, thrilling, being watched like this. Bilana felt her pussy grow even wetter, the inner muscles clenching around nothing, feeling so empty. She wanted to be filled, but first she wanted her fill of him. She wanted more of his pre-cum in her mouth; she wanted to roll the flavors around and then kiss him to see what he tasted like mixed with her. So she closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and sucked him down as deep as she could get him. He spat something in a language she couldn’t understand, but the hand tugging at her hair made his pleasure known. He had fistfuls of her hair in his hands and was shallowly thrusting his hips upwards, like he didn’t want to hurt or choke her. And Bilana appreciated the sentiment, but she wanted it rough. She brought her hands down and gripped his ass, pulling him forward until he began to slowly fuck her face, and she moaned her joy in the act. He slid across her tongue, sweet and thick and hot, like candy apples and other sweet, sticky things. She could feel every ridge and bump of his cock, felt the rounded head and used her tongue to tease under his foreskin, all the while sucking for all that she was worth. “Bilana.” He was panting, chanting her name as his hips and her mouth worked rhythmically. She could feel his balls on her chin, their softness making her want to suck his cock all the harder. She freed one hand from his ass to cup them, to tug them, to feel them rolling in their soft sac. Yes, this was good for him, but it was making her ever so horny!