The Race to Lori Foster… part Tuesday- Wednesday

The photo place didn’t print my photos.
It was all I could do not to scream as I stood in line in my sweat pants, traveling clothes, and stared at her in shock.
So… I had a scarf on my head, hair needed to be dyed, I had a bad attitude, (Den was driving me out to Dana’s after work and he wasn’t happy about the heat or stupid drivers), and I was working on a three day headache.
Compounded was the fact that there was a mix up with the rental car that necessitated last minute arrangements that cost us more than we expected…. not to mention gathering all the stuff together for the Caffeine Addicted Authors Continental Breakfast, I was more than done in. But I was the only thing done… as the photos were floating somewhere in cyberspace 24 hours after they were supposed to be ready.
But I didn’t scream or cry… I waked across the street to the nearest hair supply store… in Baltimore there are like three on every corner, and bought the bleach to get my hair some color close to white again. I like white hair on dark skin…. blame Drizzit, that tempting dark elf, and went to explain to Den.
He grunted and then we took the long way to the interstate… hoping to avoid traffic… and ran straight into it.
Oh man, that man can fuss. It was fuss fuss fuss…. rain sprinkles…. fuss fuss fuss… more rain showers… fuss fuss fusss…….
His motorcycles both need new tires that we can’t afford right now, so he is stuck with my gas guzzling truck and he is not happy.
Not to mention the windows only go down when the doors are opened wide…. yeah, my truck is dying slowly.
We pull into Dana’s new house… yeah for Waze GPS program… and the yes… there are Tardis Blue shutters. LOL
I was squealing happy to see Dana and the boys. Den was happy to see Dusty… who was male and thus an escape from my estrogen induced staring. Everyone was happy.
We got the tour… where Dana hides the coffee and the bodies… the shoe closet that scared Den… (Be Very Afraid… I want one!!!) and the basement he wants… probably to work on his motorcycle in the coolness that is not his un air-conditioned garage. LOL
But soon the man was off and I caught the Bell’s playing… gasp and swoon…Borderlands 2!!!!! OMG I love that game. I was biting my tongue. But I was hoping to get a piece of elf. That didn’t happen cause the laptop wouldn’t act right. Sniffle. FENRIS!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!

Then it was gossip time until PJ arrived!!!
Then it was talking Dusty’s ear off, picking with PJ, teasing Dana and the boys and loving life until we had pizza and bed cause we had an early drive.
I awoke around three o’clock with cat butt in my face. I have no idea how, but I am quite ure PJ kicked all the pets out of the shard guest room. I saw her do it. But somehow Ninja Kitty Struck with the swiftness. I thought I was dreaming him. I went back to sleep. Around 6 am I was up and checking out the ipad and yes, there was an orange Ninja Kitty demanding to be pet… with prickling claws that told me it would go bad for me if I didn’t comply. I like my skin so I was petting kitty until PJ awoke… then it was cat butt all in my face again! LOL Still have no idea how he got in there. The room was pet free, I swear!
Then we got to watch the Dana Marie Show… where she tried to pretend to attempt to be human before coffee? Slotted spoon, short woman, high shelf with her coffee cup of choice. Too funny! She kind of looked like Gollum… Precious… my Precious… but much prettier… and scarier…. I’m ducking now… LOL
coffee saves lives just ask my children
We pulled it together and was running off at the mouth when Dusty proved why he is amazing… out of nowhere, he strikes… shoving chocolate into our mouths and reminding us we needed to get the rental! Mmmmm Chocolate.
We made it out to retrieve the rental and I got a wonderful view of Frustrated Dana stuck behind a school bus…. It was so fanny! Tiny little fingers flailing in the air… LOL
We got back, more chocolate was consumed, and then Dusty and Dana’s oldest played Tetris to get all the mugs, trunks, and cases inside the minivan with enough room for PJ to roost in the back.
Like I said, the man is good. Soon, I was in the back and PJ was in the drivers seat, Dana was riddin’ shotgun, and we were on our way to terrorize Ohio!
One annual trip to Cracker Barrel… its tradition people!!!! Where food was consumed and much laughter was had by all. It was great. I love catching up with my friends face to face. We use social media, but nothing is like person to person interaction. Soon we were away… PJ and the Giant box of moon pie… check her photos… fat and sated. Sigh. I love comfort food.
Then it was me in the Drivers seat, PJ was exhausted from work, so Dana and I drive through the mountains of PA and discovered that PJ is a liquid. She can conform to any shape. How she does this, I do not know. But she did wake up a few times so we could sing a few songs… and realize that not one of our group had a filter. Can you say the non politically correct minivan? LOL
WE drove through rain and sun and the cold of the AC… I get cold easily… Don’t Judge me! LOL And then after 8 hours on the road, we pulled into West Chester Ohio and the Marriott that would be hosting the Lori Foster reader Author Get Together!
PJ single handedly unloaded the magic scooter and we checked in only to run into….
Angela and Audrey… the Pimp My Author Ladies! WOO HOO!!!!
We had a small gathering in their room where I saw all the basket making in progress, saw the books… OMG SO MANY BOOKS!!!! WE talked into the wee hours of the night and then I had to move the van. Forgot and left it in the front! LOL That was done and then I went to share a room with Dana for the night…. where I lost my bank card! WHY? Sniffle! Save Us Poor Writers, WHY!!!! LOL Then I decided to put off complaining about it and sleep. I was there to party… and if I had to pimp Dana to get gas money for the trip home, so be it! LOL
One note, Dana, she giggles in her sleep and has impossibly small feet! LOL Never going to forget those tiny feet rubbing against each other like she was three years old! LOL
Then I fell into the land of nod and didn’t wake until….