The Birthday Roast of Stephanie Burke


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  1. (Looking around…. Hey Bad Barb, get some of that -stuff- out of your closet! What else.. shopping expedition time, to a fetish faire or two. Some copies of Ancient Grecian pottery from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and holograms from the Art Museum in Philadelphia of the rooms which the brochure explains “what does this south Asian artwork seem pornographic to westerners?”…)

  2. I’d love to read some of your “Greatest Flash Moments”, I know Katherine Schlem has a great Vegas story I want to re-live. It was HILARIOUS.
    Here’s my quick story:
    It was a warm summer night. Stephanie and I decided to go out on the balcony and have a little “fun”. Now even though our balcony faced the street, there were tons of big, thick oak trees blocking the view, so we felt safe. We were going at it like bunnies (the advantages of youth). Stephanie was leaning over the guard rail as I was behind her, just going at it. Then, suddenly, we hear this woman’s voice. Just beyond the trees, she yells,”YEAH!! You get it girl!!!!!”
    Stephanie’s pants were back up before I could even pull out and she flew back into the apartment in 2 seconds flat.
    Needless to say it was difficult to convince her to do it outside after that.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stephanie!! I Luv U and miss U! Can’t wait for you to get home. Give every1 a kiss for me and be safe!!!!

    1. Beats me, hon. Sigh. Not what I expected, but I am going to leave this up for the rest of the month. *g*

  3. Are there any rules or off limit topics? Stephanie wearing high heels while working on the roof? Our girl fixing the clothes of those waiting in line at a book-signing? Picking on short people? bwahhhh

  4. The year was 2008 and it was the DH and mines first Lori Foster RAG. We sat down at a table and were Flashed shortly after. Flash and D Renee Bagby joined us and then Stephanie learned her DH and mine had the same first name. Bonds were formed and after squeals of delight we were introduced to cat ears, a stuffed panther, stripper heels, winged cat puppets, the many exotic costume changes of Flash, and Shelby the sheep. For a couple from a small Ohio town this was an eye opener, we still have that first picture of us and Shelby on our wall. Now years later, we’ve learned the benefits of wearing stripper shoes, feather boas are our friends, were-sheep are great crime fighters, and my DH dressing as a pirate and owning his own purple dragon puppet is okay. We have two fantastic author friends who we communicate with almost daily sharing clips of nakkid men and star-crossed M/M super heroes. I started out writing sweet romance and Flash has dragged me into, ah, I mean introduced me to the wonderful world of writing erotica, with M/M characters and ménage. Yep, this small town woman (and her DH) have been Flashed and are better for it. Happy Birthday Stephanie, may you have many more and may we continue to be friends.

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