Still not Dead yet… LOL

Hey all! Still hanging in there… Ugh… still have to take meds… And what’s worse, I just proved that the meds I am taking now don’t do diddly squat when I have to walk outside of the house. Sniffle! All this and the pain meds are only good for when I am sitting in the house. So I guess this means I have to contact my doctor and try something new. Grumble. I am still going to have the acupuncture soon… I’ll be sure to get photos of that! LOL
In good news, the Bears are back… and they are sexy as hell!
How Not to Date a Bear and How Not to Date a Bear, Too are  back with awesome new covers!
Check it out…2412a-1801  2115
I love my bears and I have been persuaded to start this series again! *g*
I had only two books left in the Angel Falls series… but reader Jina Lin has requested a story for the lonely Vampire Doctor in town. So… coming sometime this year, Angel Falls: Wicked Grace… still working out the details, but when I get them done, I will post more and excerpts! *g*
Due to publishing house issues… meaning a few of mine have bent me over backwards and f*cked me up the *ss raw, I am entering the world of self publishing. Man, who knew it cost so much? So don’t kill me over Dragon’s Clutch just yet. I am learning the business end of this in between playing with the worlds you like to read about. *g* Cross your fingers folks.
Keeper of the Flame is nearly mine again! Another month or so. Then I will find a new home for Flame and his crew and release Tales of the Fire Tribe as well and Cold Burn. WOO HOO! Progress.
Okay, that is about all that is new, unless you want to hear me whine about crap I can’t change, about how meds and stupidity make me cry a little now… one of my besties says that I am a real girl now with emotions and feelings and tears over small stuff….(I really don’t like the crying) and the weather. What? Now again? I think mother nature is on my meds… LOL
Later My Loves! See you all soon!

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  1. They took me off the prednisone two weeks ago and my body is still adjusting to losing it. I was on it for I don’t remember how long. Not quite a year? Anyway, I feel your pain with “Let’s try this/Nope, try that” when it comes to your lovely cocktail of pharmaceuticals. Good luck with it!

    1. I am dreading it already. They were talking about prednisone, but I persuaded her to hold off for a bit. The last time I was on it, I felt like I was going to die. I have never felt the moisture leave my head before then… This crap is not much better… fiber is now my friend! LOL So… I’ll see what she wants me to do next weel… Hugs Doll! Good luck with your end of the med rainbow.

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